Remember the energy of the ’90s anime eyes? They were wild, electric and full of possibility, setting hearts alight and entertaining generations of viewers with their artistry and creativity. Now, new generations are re-discovering these classic anime characters and designs, capturing the same enthusiasm and connection with these beloved characters from decades ago.

Quick Summary

  Uncover the Secrets of 90s Anime Eyes: Revealing Intense Gaze Styles

90s anime eyes feature a unique, captivating style unlike any other. Characterized by oversized, intense gazes that draw you in, it’s no wonder why these expressive eyes have become ubiquitous in modern anime art. But what makes these eyes so captivating? To unlock the secrets of the 90s anime eye, we’ll need to dive deep into the history of anime.

Rooted in the traditional Ukiyo-e wood block prints of Japan, early anime was heavily inspired by this style of art. Ukiyo-e often featured exaggerated and stylized eyes, which can be seen in the works of iconic artists such as Hokusai and Hiroshige. Consequently, these expressive eyes translated over to the anime of the 90s and beyond.

But this is only the beginning. The exaggerated eyes of the 90s weren’t just style choices – they were intentional attempts to convey emotion and create a connection to the audience. Through the use of shadows and thick lines, simple expressions could be conveyed without the need for dialogue. This made intense staring the go-to tool for conveying deep emotion in just one look.

90s anime eyes have since become a staple of the anime art style. But beyond visual appeal, these eyes continue to tell a greater story of emotion, history, and connection to viewers. With these secrets unveiled, it’s easy to understand why 90s anime eyes have become so iconic.

Uncover the Secrets of 90s Anime Eyes: Revealing Intense Gaze Styles

Throughout the decades, anime has been evolving, and the unique art style has been captivating audiences. From characters with bright hair colors, exaggerated physical features, and intense eyes, anime provides something different to viewers. One of the iconic elements of anime is the captivating anime eyes. Specifically, 90s anime eyes offer something unique and powerful to characters. In this article, you’ll uncover the secrets of and take a look at the intense gaze styles featured in 90s anime eyes.

The Art of Expressiveness

90s anime eyes have become iconic in the genre. So, what is it that makes them so special? From the outset, eyes are important for characters. They are often utilized to express emotion and set characters apart. 90s anime eyes became renowned for their expressiveness. Characters often have huge eyes that are almost magical in appearance. Through their bright colors and enlarged features, characters can show a wide range of emotions including joy, anger, surprise, or sadness.

Shapes and Sizes

The shapes of characters’ eyes can also say a lot. For example, characters may have pointy eyes to look ‘evil’ while other characters may have round eyes to look ‘cute.’ Within the genre, there is a lot of variety in shapes and sizes of eyes. 90s anime eyes also often had unparalleled attention to detail. For example, characters’ pupils may appear to shine in the dark or change shape depending on the character’s emotion. This is where the detail can bring characters to life.

Going Beyond Expressions

90s anime eyes are also used for more than just expressions. Staring contests are a common trope within the genre – characters may try to outstare one another with intense looks. Sometimes, characters’ eyes can also tell stories. For instance, characters may have dark eyes to show their sadness or intense glares to demonstrate their strength.

Examples of Iconic 90’s Anime Eyes

  • Sailor Moon
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Digimon
  • Naruto
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!

90s anime eyes are iconic and provide animated characters with an extra layer of depth. Whether they’re used to explore emotions or provide strength, they have become an essential component in storylines. Whether you’re a fan of Digimon, Naruto, or Yu-Gi-Oh!, you’ve most likely encountered some of the most iconic 90s anime eyes.

Personal Experience

Why do anime eyes look like that?

Growing up as an anime fan in the 90s, I was enthralled by the unique anime eyes I saw in each anime series. The eyes were often large, had bright colors, and often included elaborate designs featuring sparkles, stars, and shaped eyelids. 90s anime eyes were very different from traditional animation and had a distinct charm.

I remember watching shows like “Sailor Moon”, “Dragon Ball”, and “Mobile Suit Gundam” and being mesmerized by the eyes of the characters. It made the moments between the characters seem more meaningful and allowed the audience to better connect with the emotions of the characters.

In addition to being captivating, the 90s anime eyes were often used to convey a wide range of emotions. From anger to joy, sadness to excitement, these eyes were able to communicate more than simple dialogue could convey. This gave anime its unique style and made it especially appealing to viewers of all ages.

Seeing 90s anime eyes still brings back fond memories of my childhood. Even after all these years, this unique art style stands the test of time and continues to be enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do anime eyes look like that?

Anime eyes are typically drawn with exaggeratedly large eyes to help express different emotions. This technique was popularized by the famous Japanese manga writer, Osamu Tezuka, who was inspired by Disney cartoons. Large eyes can help convey feelings like surprise, fear, joy, and longing in a more dramatic way than smaller eyes.

How far apart should anime eyes be?

Anime eyes should be far enough apart so that a third eye can fit in between. The exact size and distance of the eyes is typically determined by the size of the character’s face. Generally, the eyes are around 1/6 to 1/4 the size of the face, with the distance between them being 1.5 to 2 times the width of one eye.

How do you make good anime eyes?

Excellent anime eyes are created by combining a variety of elements, such as contrasting colors, shapes, and outlining styles. Start by outlining the eyes with a black line, and create a shade of color to fill the circle. Finally, add depth to the eyes by adding highlights and shadows, and don’t forget to draw eyelashes. With a bit of practice and creativity, you can create amazing anime eyes.

What is the best eyes in anime?

The Sharingan is widely considered to be the best eyes in anime. It is a powerful ocular ability possessed by the members of the Uchiha clan in the popular Japanese manga/anime series Naruto. The powerful ability of the Sharingan allows the user to copy and predict the movements of their opponents in battle, allowing them to quickly gain an advantage. The Sharingan is considered to be one of the most iconic anime eyes, making it a must-see for any fan of the genre.

How do guys do anime eyes?

First, draw the nose and eyebrow shape. Start by drawing the brow bone in the middle of the face and draw the nose as a curved line. Extend the line outwards to connect with the eyebrow. Step 2 – Sketch the eyes. Start with the inner corners, which should be wider than the outer corners. Draw the eyelids, which should form two curves, higher on the inside and tapering downwards and outwards. Then draw the upper lash line by creating curved lines at the inner corner and angling outward. Step 3 – Add the highlights of the eyes. To create the shining effect for anime eyes, add a small oval near the inner corner of the eyes and a small wavy line near the outer corner. Step 4 – Shade the eyes. Using a pencil, shade the eyes using a cross-hatching technique and gradually darken the eyes. Keep in mind the direction of light when shading. Lastly, darken the lashes and the inner corner to finish the eyes.

What is the best eye in anime?

The best eye in anime is undoubtedly the Sharingan—the legendary eye ability of the Uchiha clan from the anime series Naruto. It grants the user incredible powers, such as the ability to copy any technique they’ve seen, the capability to track fast-moving objects and the skill to predict opponent moves. It is an incredible power, favored by many fans of the series and has become an iconic symbol of anime.

Are anime eyes realistic?

No, anime eyes are not realistic. Anime eyes are highly stylized and exaggerated to create life and expression to the characters within in anime. As an over-exaggeration of features such as eyelashes, eyebrows and coloring, anime eyes are artistic and stylized rather than being technically realistic.

How do people make anime eyes cute?

People make anime eyes cute by drawing them large, creating a distinctive outline with thicker outer edges, and using bright colors such as blue and purple to add contrast and emphasize features. The eyes can then be further personalized with the addition of sparkles and teardrops to give them character.

How do you make anime eyes pop?

To make anime eyes pop, use a gentle brush and an ADD GLOW layer to pick a bright light-blue color. Create soft brush strokes in the bottom corner of the eye to add light without being too much or too little. Add additional highlights with a lighter color to give the eyes depth and create more contrast.

Final Thoughts

The 90s anime eye style has become increasingly popular in recent years. From their use in manga and anime to their presence in fanart, pinterest boards and in cosplay, its evident that the iconic gaze of 90s Anime Eyes has stood the test of time. The intense, intricate and varied eyes continue to fascinate fans and artists, who have spent hours analyzing and studying the creative use of light, colour and shape to bring these characters to life. By looking into some of the most defining elements of this era of animation, this article has sought to uncover the secrets of these iconic gaze styles and the elements that make them so timeless.


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