If you’re a girl on Tinder, you might be wondering how many likes you can expect to get from the dating app. On average, girls on Tinder get around 5 to 10 likes per day, with some having much better luck than others. Finding the perfect match with just the right number of Tinder likes can be a challenge, but keep swiping and you’re sure to find a positive outcome.

Quick Summary

  Boost Average Tinder Likes for Girls: Proven Tips for Optimal Results

The way to maximize the amount of likes you receive in Tinder is to have a great profile. Be sure to post an attractive profile photo and have an interesting bio to draw people in. Write something fun and witty that displays your personality. Try different profile pictures; it is ok to have a few selfies, but don’t overdo it. Ask your friends for brutally honest feedback about what profile pics work.

Once you have a strong profile, you can start getting likes from other users! An important tip is to be active on Tinder. Try swiping right on a range of different people and including some thoughtful comments. Make sure to send messages that show your wit and charm, and don’t just stick to generic ‘hey!’ messages. Don’t take rejection personally – it’s just another part of the process. You’ll eventually receive plenty of likes!

Finally, don’t forget to be yourself. Don’t try too hard to be something you’re not and always be honest in your messaging. People will be more likely to appreciate your authenticity and will be more likely to like you in return. With these tips, you’re sure to significantly increase the amount of likes you get on Tinder!

Boost Average Tinder Likes for Girls: Proven Tips for Optimal Results

If you’re an active girl looking to boost your average tinder likes, you’ve come to the right place! With the right tools, you can become more active, draw more attention, and get more average tinder likes. Here are a few of our best tips that’ll help you get better results.

1. Show Your Best Self

When creating your profile and pics, make sure they accurately reflect you in the best way possible. Use quality pictures that show your style and use captions that match. You want to give an accurate impression of yourself that attracts the right kind of attention.

2. Make Your Profile Eye-Catching

Make sure your profile stands out from the crowd. Make sure to include enough information about yourself so that people can judge your personality, but not so much that it looks overwhelming. Make sure to showcase any hobbies or interests you’re passionate about.

3. Be Active

The key to boosting your average tinder likes is to be active. Make sure to interact with other profiles by complimenting them, engaging in conversation, and asking questions. This will help you get noticed, and in turn, help boost your likes.

4. Get Creative

You don’t have to just stick to the traditional forms of interaction. Get creative with your approach. You can post funny thoughts, play little mind games, or start thought-provoking conversations to help get people’s attention.

5. Be Patient

Boosting your average tinder likes won’t happen overnight. It can take some time to get your name out there, so make sure to be patient. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the number of likes you’re hoping for right away. Keep working on your profile and interacting with others, and eventually, your likes will start to go up.


These tips will help you boost your average tinder likes and get more attention. With the right tools and some patience, you can maximize your success. So get out there and start swiping!

Personal Experience

How many matches on Tinder is normal for a girl?

When it comes to popular dating apps like Tinder, girls often find their likes and matches to be lower than that of their male counterparts. On average, a girl generally gets around 10-15 likes on her profile a day. This is because women tend to get increasingly more views and interactions than men naturally, leading to a higher than average competition. Additionally, ***ier or attractive profiles stand out more, so if you have a much plainer or average looking profile, the chances of you receiving likes drop.

Personally, I have seen many of my friends on Tinder get a lower average than 15 a day, with some even getting around 2-5 likes a day. For me, I’ve found having good quality pictures, a catchy bio and good conversation starters tend to work best, as these components make the profile align with suitors expectations and interests. Don’t worry if you feel like you aren’t reaching that 10-15 likes level, you’re likely getting seen and noticed more often than you think! Tinder can be extremely overwhelming for women, but don’t let this fear persuade you from getting out there – you’ll be surprised at the amount of friendly people you can meet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many matches on Tinder is normal for a girl?

A normal number of matches on Tinder for a girl varies based on their relationship status. On average, women who reported being in a relationship had 122 matches, while users who are single had an average of 177 matches. Generally speaking, having anywhere between 30-150 matches is considered normal, so a girl can expect to have a good number of matches.

How many likes do people normally get on Tinder?

The average amount of likes people usually get on Tinder is usually around 100 Likes per 12 hours. However, recently, the amount appears to be lower than that. Tinder has decreased it from 120 Likes per 12 hours to 100 over the last few years.

Do girls get a lot of matches on Tinder?

Yes, girls get a lot of matches on Tinder. After 1,000 swipes, a female profile matched 70%, while a male profile only received 27% of matches. This indicates that girls get significantly more matches than boys on the dating app.

What percentage of girls on Tinder are looking for hookups?

The majority of girls on Tinder are looking for hookups. Approximately 22.22% of Tinder users surveyed answered that they are looking for a hookup while only 4.16% responded that they are looking for a relationship. Therefore, the percentage of girls on Tinder who are looking for hookups is approximately 26.38%.

Why am I getting Tinder likes from 5000 miles away?

The most likely explanation is that you are using a location-based feature such as ‘Passport’ on Tinder. This feature allows you to virtually ‘travel’ to other locations and look for potential matches. Additionally, if you have chosen to make your profile visible to users all around the world, it is also possible that you are receiving likes from users that are far away. Finally, Tinder may also be recommending profiles to you based on your profile and that of other users, regardless of location.

How many likes is a lot for a guy on Tinder?

The number of likes a guy receives on Tinder can vary greatly, depending on various factors such as profile quality, geographical location and attractiveness. However, a lot of likes for a guy is generally considered to be around 10 to 20 within a period of four months. Ultimately, the best way to find out is to create a great profile and see for yourself.

How many Tinder likes is normal for a guy?

The average number of Tinder likes for a guy is around 50 per 12 hours. However, this is dependent on the person’s profile and other factors such as their swiping behaviour. If a guy has been swiping right on everyone, their likes may be less due to Tinder’s algorithm.

What percentage of men get likes on Tinder?

On Tinder, the average man gets around 0.87% likes from females. So for every 115 females, one man would receive a ‘like’. However, men with an above average level of attractiveness may receive more ‘likes’, as attractiveness is an important factor in Tinder’s algorithm. Ultimately, the amount of likes a man receives on Tinder depends on many factors, like his level of attractiveness, his bio, and his education level.

Do average looking guys have a chance on Tinder?

Yes, average looking guys have a chance on Tinder. Taking good profile pictures, making sure your bio is interesting and engaging, and swiping right on potential matches are all good ways to increase one’s chances on Tinder. However, it is important to remember to be yourself and be confident in order to get the dates you want.

How many likes do you get per 12 hours on Tinder?

The number of likes you get on Tinder within a 12 hour period depends on your location and usage. Generally, you can get up to 25 right swipes within that time frame, although there are no guarantees. You can swipe left on an unlimited number of profiles without having to wait for another 12 hours.

Final Thoughts

Just like with anything worthwhile, finding success with your Tinder profile can take some effort. Average Tinder likes for a girl can depend on a variety of factors, including age, location, profile picture, and bio. Following the tips above can help ensure that your profile looks attractive to prospective matches and increases your chances of receving more likes. Even small changes, such as adding a few interesting facts about yourself in your bio, can make a big difference in your success rate. While it might take time and patience, taking the time to make sure your profile is attractive and accurately displays who you are can make all the difference in your Tinder experience.


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