Here’s a well-detailed article on the review of the rumored Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio.

After the advent of Managed WordPress Hosting, lots of people have engaged in the migration of their normal hosting to this package.

But, Why Managed WordPress hosting?

Most people are ignorant of the fact that the usual hosting they pay for is actually managed to some extent.

Because if they were not, creating a website would be way more difficult than it is today. 

Rather than focusing on content creation, social media marketing, SEO, and so on, you would have been spending time working on other technical aspects such as managing your website’s memory, processor, hard drive, ports that handle internet traffic, malware invasion, and a few others.

But thanks to this 21st Century Hosting Company we have now. All these are all covered.

If these are all covered in normal hosting, then why the need for a more advanced Managed WordPress Hosting?

Ever wanted to be stocked at home, resting day in day out, with servants at your service getting basic work done for you? – that’s the feeling Managed WordPress Hosting gives.

Managed WordPress Hosting is dedicated to providing WordPress users with a hassle-free experience.

This hosting format begins with a pre-installed WordPress Package followed by automatic maintenance for all technical WordPress indulgences. 

That means you don’t need to get your hands dirty during server update and WordPress update.

At registration, you’ll also be entitled to daily backups, high speed (regardless of the heavy traffic), top-notch security, scalability, guaranteed uptime as well as support from WordPress Expert.

There are tons of managed wordpress hosting out there like Convesio and Flywheel hosting

But what if I tell you that there’s a new hosting company in vogue that claims to do this and do it even better?

Convesio claims to be the game-changer for Managed WordPress Hosting. 

The debut of the company has led to the development of several unmatched features in the hosting space. 

Talk about their guaranteed 100% uptime, it’s overwhelming! The auto-scaling feature? It’s unmatched!

But, is Conversion actually worth it? Is it the best Managed WordPress Hosting in town?

Well, in this article we’ll be getting a deeper review and most importantly, a better overview of the rumored best managed WordPress hosting convesio.

Without further chatters, let’s get started 

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio Ultimate ReviewConvesio logo – managed WordPress hosting Convesio

Founded back in 2018 by Tom Fanelli, Convesio is a dedicated WordPress hosting provider that guarantees a seamless website experience for individuals, agencies, and enterprises. 

Their advanced systems powered by Docker containers allow you to create just any type of site you wish to. Be it a heavy website like an e-commerce site or a mere landing page, you’re all covered.

The company plays a major focus on the speed, uptime, and security of websites hosted in the company.

Their hosting packages come in varieties packaged with a whole lot of affirmed features.

All websites hosted on the platform are welcomed with several vital tools to increase page performance. Tools like the database cluster, expendable file system, and load balancer are a few of these tools.

To set it apart, Convesio is actually one of a few hosting companies to support the famous self-healing and auto-scaling features.

Alongside other managed WordPress hosting providers, Convesio offers an easy to use hassle-free server-side for users. So, by using their service, you’re freed from the technical aspect of managing WordPress. In other words, you no longer need a server administrator to handle and maintain your website performance.

In addition, Convesio accords all of its users, irrespective of the plan registered, a free domain name with the TLD of your choice.

Features Of Convesio

Convesio, apparently, is bagged up with lots of intriguing features. From its unmatched 100% uptime to the guaranteed light speed, from the built-in caching to the unique feature, automated scaling, Convesio is just a bag of goodies.

Let’s take a clearer look at some of convesio’s distinct features.

  1. 100% Guaranteed UptimeConvesio guarantees 100% uptime – managed WordPress hosting Convesio

Most Managed WordPress hosting providers are not what they seem to be. 

Most times they’d involve hosting users on shared hosting or VPS (virtual private server) rather than the initial deal they promised.

A bad side of this type of hosting is that they’re more likely risky– and things can easily go wrong.

Shared Hosting, for instance, is a form of hosting where multiple websites are organized and hosted on a single server.

In other words, they share everything in common such as their resources which include CPU, disk space, memory as well as costs–  and this is the core reason why shared hosting is way cheaper than any other hosting out there.

The disadvantage here is that as they share their resources, any issue or problem that pops out would affect all websites hosted on the server.

Take, for instance, if a traffic spike is being hacked or attacked on one of the servers hosted websites, all websites hosted on the server will face the consequences and would go down.

The same issue applies to Virtual Private servers (VPS). However, it’s a bit safer than shared hosting.

VPS hosting also involves the arrangements of multiple websites hosted on a single server. But in this case, websites hosted are actually covered by a technology called virtualization technology.

Virtualization technology helps to install a virtual layer on the server’s operating system. With this layer installed, the servers are now divided into separate compartments where users can now run different operating systems.

But here is the issue; VPS, indisputably, gives the freedom but, as to shared hosting, multiple sites are still hosted on the same server.

Hence, if the server goes down (due to mismanagement) all other websites hosted on the server would go down as well.

And that’s the reason Convesio, on the other hand, has decided to address this issue with the establishment of hosts with the Docker containers.

So what actually is this Docker container?

Both VPS and Docker containers actually work the same way – they both use visualization software to separate servers into several virtual partitions.

However, Docker containers are a step ahead of the Virtual Private Servers.

The containers are configured to easily spread over multiple servers (physical computers). So by this, your uptime is guaranteed.

So how does this happen?

All websites hosted on the convesio platform are usually given nine containers which are configured to upgrade and downgrade in respect to the traffic a website receives.

And the interesting part of this is that they’re all done automatically. 

  1. High SpeedConvesio hosting guarantees speed –managed WordPress hosting Convesio

So we all need our websites to be as fast as they can ever be. And Even Google urges us to do so.

The longer a webpage takes time to fully load, the more potential customers it tends to lose. And hence, the website’s bounce rate is increased. 

We all know what follows the proportionality cycle – a SERP de-ranked webpage 

Google sees websites with an increasingly high bounce rate as one that users dislike and don’t find useful. So, it tends to take these kinds of web pages down in its SERPS.

Research has it that;

  • 1 in 4 people will abandon a site that  takes more than 4 seconds to load
  • There’s a 2% increase in conversion rate for every 1 seconds improvement in the website’s speed.
  • About 47% of website visitors expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds.
  • On average, you only have merely 5 seconds to engage your customers before they leave your sites

Before the inclusion of any other factors, a poor hosting provider is a major factor contributing to a slow site.

In other words, if you consider improving your website’s speed then, you should also consider changing or upgrading your hosting.

If you’re in this category of people, then convesio is the right option for you.

Convesio website speed

Convesio, using its advanced technologies, guarantees 100% websites speed potential. 

It partners with Google’s cloud and Amazon services to provide the best possible experience it can. 

The company employs the use of an integrated caching mechanism to further level up the load time of any site, be it an e-commerce site. In addition, it also features extensive parallel database query processing to provide lightning-fast web page speed.

So, in this case, you no longer require a caching plugin – it’s now all at your fingertips, ready to be induced automatically induced

  1. Top-Notch SecurityConvesio hosting security

Security! This is actually the first or second question most people would ask regarding a new hosting provider.

On average, over 30’000 new websites are hacked every day. And it’s no doubt that WordPress is the primary focus of hackers since WordPress hosts over 64% of websites on the web.

Convesio, on the other hand, pays close attention to security issues regarding their users.

In addition to their secured hosting packages, their services assist you in monitoring and scanning for security concerns, as well as giving a number of security tools for editing code, configurations, and environment variables to avoid future problems.

Regardless of the fact that top-level security is maintained on the server hosting level, convesio also monitors the ins and outs of the WordPress application level.

  1. Auto ScalingAuto-scaling feature of convesio – managed WordPress hosting Convesio

As said earlier, convesio aims to provide a seamless and stress-free experience to its users by using automated technology.

The needs of a website are not always static. I.e the traffic, resources, files, and documents don’t always stay stagnant throughout the day. And that’s the reason Scaling was induced.

Scalable hosting is a type where the resources can easily be increased or decreased in respect to the resources a website requires at a given time. Convesio is an example of this type of hosting.

But convesio does not end here, it takes it a step further by introducing the auto-scaling feature.

Likewise, the auto-scaling feature enables users to scale up or down the amount of computing resources distributed to your application in respect to what a website requires at any given time. 

But this time, things are fully done automatically. 

  1. Auto back Up and Self Healing Backup and self healing feature of convesio – managed WordPress hosting Convesio

One of the most intriguing features covered by convesio is the self-healing feature.

No matter how you try to make things go right, there’s always the possibility that they can go wrong.

Convesio on the other hand took on another level to provide an auto-backup service backed up with a self-healing feature.

With Just a few clicks, you can set up and determine how often you want to take backups for your site as well as how long you want them to be stored. 

In a situation where things go wrong and your website probably suffers a downtime, the self-healing feature becomes active to rashly deploy a copy of the site to bring back everything to normal.

  1. Clustered Database

Convesio Database is powered by one of the most trusted and efficient open-source relational database management systems, MySQL servers.

MySQL servers provide unbeatable performance and experience for web devs. And this is the primary reason it’s ranked the world’s second most used data management system followed by Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.

Pros And Cons What are the pros and cons of convesio

In a perfect world, there are no Cons attached to the Pros of any material. But since our world isn’t a perfect one, Cons are always bound to be attached to any and every thing.

So do the Cons outweigh the Pros?


  • Convesio guarantees 100% uptime with high efficient website speed. What else do you expect – with all this advanced technologies coming in play
  • Convesio employs the use of one of the latest virtualization technologies, docker contained, to further provide a safer hosting environment.
  • It comes with an auto scaling, auto-backing and a self-healing feature to remove your website from the risk of being fully hi-jacked, while keeping everything automated
  • The company guarantees 24/7 Customer support with the exception of no day.


  • Convesio hosting plans are a little overpriced. With their lowest plan starting from $50 per month and the highest $1000/month

Convesio Pricing Plans

Convesio comes in 3 different pricing plans (Starter Plan, Business Plan, and Enterprise plan) which are all divided into levels.

As usual, greater features are proportional to the pricing of the plan. So let’s take a quick look at these features.

1. Starter Plan

The starter plan has only 1 level and it’s priced at $50. Its features includes;

  • Shared MariaDB
  • 1 WordPress Install
  • 2 CPU
  • Automated Malware Cleanup
  • Cloudflare Security
  • 512 MB Memory
  • 4 Workers permit
  • Email or Chat Support
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • Free Basic Migration
  • Manual Scaling
  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • Shared Percona DB

This being said, users can engage in buying separate add-ons for a fixed amount of price.

Some of these add ons include;

  • Extra Malware Cleanup – $150
  • Redis (Including Object Cache Pro) – $100/month
  • Extra 10gb Disk Space – $20
  • Extra 100gb Bandwidth – $20
  • $10gb Off site backup – $10

3. Business Plan

The business plan is the highest plan after the enterprise plan. It is divided into three levels, starting from the level 1 which is priced at $150 down to the level 2 and 3 which are both priced at $300 and $600 respectively.

Level 1 Features;

  • 1  WordPress Install
  • Shared Percona DB
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 4 vCPU
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Human Malware Cleanup
  • Auto Scaling
  • Object Cache Pro
  • Redis
  • Shared MariaDB
  • 2 GB Memory
  • Cloudflare Enterprise
  • 16 Workers

This being said, users can engage in buying separate add-ons for a fixed amount of price.

  • Dedicated MariaDB – $150
  • Dedicated Percona DB – $150 
  • Extra 10gb Disk Space – $20
  • Extra 100gb Bandwidth – $20
  • $10gb Off site backup – $10

Level 2 and 3 can be found on the company’s website

3. Enterprise Plan

If you’re looking forward to getting all the needed features from convesio, then you’ll need to subscribe to the Enterprise agency plan. However, the enterprise plan is highly priced and it would, apparently, take a well-to-do website to make use of this plan.

Alongside the business plan, The enterprise plan comes in three levels, starting from the level 1 which is priced $1000/monthly, level 2 ($ 1600) and the level 3 plan which starts $2400

Level features include;

  • 1 WordPress Install
  • Human Malware Cleanup
  • 16 vCPU
  • Dedicated MariaDB
  • Dedicated Percona DB
  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • Object Cache Pro
  • 750 GB Bandwidth
  • 16 GB Memory
  • Custom Workers
  • Cloudflare Enterprise
  • Slack Support
  • Auto Scaling
  • Redis

Final Thoughts

Seeing the company’s boldness, proof and assurance, I can say Convesio is currently one of the most reliable hosting providers. 

And in the future to come Convesio’s technological applications would be applied by other hosting providers to stay alive and be able to compete in the hosting space.

But for now, cool dose to this company called Convesio!

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