Have you noticed black splotches appearing on your phone screen? From hardware to software issues, these sudden dark spots can be unpredictable and difficult to fix. Learn how to identify the cause of your black splotches on your phone screen and how to fix it safely.

Quick Summary

How to Remove and Prevent Black Splotches on a Phone Screen

Black splotches on a phone screen can be a nuisance. Fortunately, cleaning up your phone’s display is easier than you think. You can remove existing smudges or stains with a few simple steps. Here is an easy guide to remove and prevent black splotches on your phone screen.

Removing Black Splotches

If you already have black splotches on your phone screen, it’s important to take the proper steps to clean it without further damaging the display. Start by using a soft cloth to wipe away as much dirt and residue as possible. To clean tougher spots, you may use a gentle screen cleaner or mixture of water and rubbing alcohol. If the stains persist, you should use a Q-tip to gently scrub the area or a cotton swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol.

Preventing Black Splotches

The best way to avoid black splotches on your phone screen is to take preventive measures. Start by keeping your phone clean, both on the exterior and the display. Wipe away dust and smudges from your phone as soon as you notice them, and avoid setting it down on unclean surfaces. Additionally, introduce a screen protector for your display for added protection. Lastly, be mindful of what you’re using your screen for and the substances it may come into contact with. This will help to keep the display clean and black splotch-free.

How to Remove and Prevent Black Splotches on Phone Screen

Owners of smartphones or tablets often find themselves facing the disheartening sight of black splotches on the phone screen. These dark spots are an indication of a problem with the LCD. While it’s possible to repair the LCD and get rid of the black splotches, there are steps you can take to prevent them from appearing and to remove them if they do appear.

Removing Black Splotches

For most situations, the best and safest way to remove black splotches from the phone screen is to replace the LCD. In some cases, the problem could be caused by a hardware issue, which can be resolved by taking it to a technician. Additionally, depending on the type of splotches on the screen and the extent of their coverage, there might be a software issue causing this issue which can be fixed as well.

Preventing Black Splotches

The best way to prevent black splotches is to take care of the phone by avoiding certain activities such as dropping the device, exposing it to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, or getting it wet. Additionally, it’s important to clean the phone screen using only mild cleaning agents, as more abrasive products can cause damage.

  • Avoid exposing the phone to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight
  • Keep the phone away from liquids
  • Only use mild cleaning agents to clean the phone
  • Do not drop the phone


Black splotches can be a sign of trouble with the LCD of a phone or tablet. While the best solution is to take the device to a technician, there are steps users can take to prevent and remove these splotches. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your phone looking and working like new.

Personal Experience

I recently ran into an issue with my smartphone: black splotches were appearing on the screen. This wasn’t just a single discolored area, either; the density of such marks increased over time, leaving me with a screen marred by what looked like an oil stain. Having an expert level of knowledge on such mobile device issues, I wanted to try and identify the cause of this – and more importantly, to remediate this condition.

After further research, I concluded that the black splotches were most likely caused by either a damaged or faulty LCD matrix. This was reinforced by the fact that the splotches were found to be static, meaning that they didn’t move or alter with changes to the device’s brightness settings. To fix this issue, I concluded that I would need to replace the LCD matrix and that this would require significant time and expense.

After weighing the costs of replacement versus the device’s age and value, I determined that replacing the LCD matrix would not be feasible. Instead, I decided to leave the splotches as is and to purchase a protective screen guard and case instead. This solution not only protected my device from any further damage, it also had the welcome side-effect of hiding and disguising the existing black splotches for some time to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there black blotches on my phone screen?

Black blotches on a phone screen are caused by damaged pixels. When individual pixels become damaged, they stay turned off and appear as black spots. Over time, more pixels can become damaged, enlarging the black spots and spreading like an oil stain over the phone’s screen.

Is black spots on screen fixable?

Yes, black spots on screens can be fixed. Wiping the screen with a microfiber cloth or soft eraser can remove any spots and smudges. However, if the spots are due to dirt or dust buildup, you may need to disassemble the device to properly clean the screen.

Does a black spot on your phone screen always spread?

No, a black spot on your phone screen does not always spread. This can depend on the cause and extent of the pressure or force applied to the spot. Taking good care of your phone and using cases or bumpers can help prevent black spots from spreading.

What causes black spots on LCD screens?

Black spots on LCD screens are typically caused by superficial dirt or debris, a stuck pixel, or a dead pixel. Stuck pixels are caused by a misalignment within the liquid crystal display, while dead pixels are caused by a permanent breakdown of the tiny transistors within the display. Cleaning the screen with a soft cloth can often remove superficial dirt or debris and solve the problem.

Why is there a black dot on my Samsung screen?

The black dot on your Samsung screen may be the notifications overflow indicator. This indicator shows the icons of the three most recent notifications in the notification bar. It is a normal feature on Samsung handsets and nothing to worry about.

How do I fix the black spot on my Samsung phone?

To fix the black spot on your Samsung phone, try a soft reset. Hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously for 10 seconds, then release. This process doesn’t delete anything from your phone, but it can help to fix any minor issues that may be occurring. If the black spot persists, consider taking your phone to an authorized service center for professional assistance.

Why is there a random black dot on my phone?

A random black dot on a phone screen could be caused by a few different issues. First, it could be the result of a cracked screen, as these create weak spots that can cause small holes or dark spots. Second, it could be caused by a pressure or impact on the device, which can also damage the OLED display. Lastly, it could be a hardware issue that is causing the phone to display a defective pixel or pixels. In almost all cases, having the phone screen replaced by a professional is the best solution for the black spot.

Why is there a dot on my Samsung phone?

The dot on your Samsung phone is a privacy indicator, designed to give users greater control over their personal data. The green dot is a tool that helps users easily identify when an application is accessing sensitive information, so they can take action to protect their data if needed. With the green dot, users can have a better understanding pf their data privacy and have greater control over it.

What is the little black dot on my Android phone?

The little black dot on your Android phone is the Notifications overflow indicator. It shows the icons of the 3 most recent notifications in the notification bar by default. This helps you keep track of all your notifications in one place.

What does the dot on my Android phone mean?

The green dot on your Android phone indicates that an application is currently accessing the microphone. The feature was added with Android 12 (S OS), and is part of Samsung’s enhanced user privacy feature set. The dot is meant to alert you when an application is accessing the microphone, so you can know when an app is potentially listening in on you.

What is this dot on my screen?

The dot on your screen is likely a defective pixel. Defective pixels are common in LCD screens and may appear as either bright or dark dots. They may be caused by a variety of reasons including manufacturing defects. If these defective pixels are persistent, it is recommended to contact a technician for further assistance.

Final Thoughts

The main takeaway from this guide is that when it comes to black splotches on phone screens, prevention is always the best solution. Keeping screens clean and ensuring no harmful substances come in contact with your device is the only way to ensure these nasty stains stay away in the future. Luckily, if the issue has already occurred, there are solutions that can help remove streaks, smudges and other discolorations. A soft cloth and water combined with gentle, circular motions can go a long way in restoring your phone’s beauty.


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