Are you struggling to keep up with the bumble likes limit? Get the most out of your bumble experience with these tried and tested tips and tricks to help you maximize your bumble likes!

Quick Summary

  Maximize Your Bumble Likes Limit: How to Use Your Swiping Power Effectively

Bumble’s Likes Limit restricts your ability to express interest in other users to 100 Likes per day. Maximizing your Likes on Bumble means increasing your chances at making a match. To maximize your potential, you should use the “extend” feature to extend your Likes. When you extend, it allows you to go beyond the 100 Likes per day limit and see if any of those additional Likes will turn into a match. You can also use the “super swipe” feature, which allows you to show potential matches that your interest is especially strong. Super swiping presents an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and garner more matches. Finally, you can use Bumble Boost, which eliminates the Likes limit completely and allows you to show an unlimited number of Likes for that day, giving you the best chance of making a connection with someone special.

Maximize Your Bumble Likes Limit: How to Use Your Swiping Power Effectively

Understanding the Bumble Likes Limit

The Bumble likes limit is a restriction that only allows users to like a certain number of profiles per day. This limit is in place to ensure that people are actively engaging with the app and not just swiping blindly. The exact amount of likes that a user can give out per day is not specified, but it is known to be around 100-200.

Tips to Maximize Your Bumble Likes Limits

  • Swipe strategically. Take your time and really analyze each profile before you swipe right. Pay attention to the details and make sure you’re swiping right for people that you actually have an interest in.
  • Keep swiping! To maximize your Bumble likes limit, you need to be constantly swiping. If you’re not swiping, you won’t be able to actually use all of your likes.
  • Be mindful of your profile. Make sure your bio and pictures are up-to-date and that they accurately represent who you are and what you’re looking for.
  • Switch up your location. If you’re not having much luck in one area, try swiping in a different city or even a different country.


Using these tips, you can maximize your Bumble likes limit and make sure you’re getting the most out of your swiping power. Ultimately, you need to make sure you’re using your Bumble likes strategically and not wasting them on people you have no interest in. Good luck!

Personal Experience

How does the like limit work on Bumble?

I have personally experienced the bumble likes limit more than once. Each time I’ve logged on, I’ve been unable to Like all the profiles that I wanted to view, making it difficult to connect with potential matches. Seeing this issue arise again and again made me determined to find out why the likes limit existed and what I could do to avoid it.

What I eventually learned is that the bumble likes limit exists to add a sense of urgency, encouraging users to be proactive in finding and connecting with matches. As a result, the app encourages users to start conversations quickly, which increases engagement and satisfaction. Realizing this, I now start conversing with profiled that I’m interested in right away, thus avoiding the bumble limit likes.

If you’re also having difficulty getting around the bumble likes limit, I suggest taking a proactive stance to prevent it from happening in the first place. Start conversations with potential matches that you’re genuinely interested in quickly after Liking their profile, as this will help you to clear the limit and move ahead without delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the like limit work on Bumble?

The like limit on Bumble works by allowing you to like a certain number of profiles each day. Once you hit the daily swipe limit, you must wait 24 hours for it to reset. To maximize your dating experience, it’s important to only like profiles that you are truly interested in.

How many people can you like on Bumble a day?

The short answer is that you can like up to 25 people a day on Bumble. After that point, you’ll be locked out of the service for 24 hours. This is a measure taken by Bumble to encourage users to purchase their premium service.

How do I get rid of a limit on Bumble swipe?

To get rid of a limit on Bumble swipe, you can try resetting the app by logging out and then logging back in. You can also wait for 24 hours from the time you started using the app as the limit will reset after every 24 hours. If the limit still persists, contact the Bumble support team for assistance.

How many Bumble swipes per day?

Bumble does not provide a set number of swipes per day for free accounts. However, the app will limit swipes if it notices a user is swiping too often. Typically, users can expect to have around 100 swipes per day. This can vary depending on how long the user has had the account for.

How do I get more right swipes on Bumble?

To get more matches on Bumble, it is important to verify your profile, fill out the bio section, upload clear, high-quality photos, use conversation starters, be active, and be picky. Verifying your profile shows potential matches that you are a real person, which increases their trust and makes them more likely to swipe right. Additionally, making sure your bio is clear and concise, uploading attractive and high-quality photos, and starting conversations with interesting conversation starters can all help you get more right swipes on Bumble. Finally, be sure to be active and be a bit picky when it comes to swiping right.

Why do I run out of people on Bumble so quickly?

Running out of people to swipe on Bumble quickly can be caused by having too many filters selected in your filter settings. This can limit the number of users that are best suited to your criteria, which in turn means you’ll run out of people to swipe on quickly. To find more users to swipe on, reduce the number of filters selected in your filter settings so you have a greater pool of potential matches.

How many times can I swipe right on Bumble?

On Bumble, there is no limit to how many times you can right-swipe. Unlike Tinder, Bumble allows users to right-swipe as often as they want, giving them the opportunity to find potential matches faster. Additionally, Bumble also uses a different algorithm that helps match users more quickly and accurately. This meansswiping right can increase your chances of finding a compatible match. Ultimately, it is up to the user to decide how many swipes they are comfortable with.

Final Thoughts

Bumble’s likes limit can pose a challenge for people who are actively looking for potential partners. It can be frustrating to run out of likes, especially when you feel you have plenty of options. However, with a few simple strategies, you can still maximize your swiping power. Researching potential matches, sending SuperSwipes for those you’re especially interested in, and taking advantage of smart filters can all help you get the most out of the likes you have to work with. Reaching the likes limit is no longer an obstacle, when you take the time to apply these strategies.


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