Patreon is a social platform that allows creators to get paid while they create content. This content may include videos, articles, music, etc. For Patreons, Patreon is a way to support your favourite content creators so they can keep making good content.

However, some users are not proud of being on the website and worry if they can be anonymous and hide their identity. If you are wondering whether or not Patreon creators can see your name, then you should keep reading this article. Here we will be answering your question and discussing any relevant information.

Can Patreon Creators See my Name?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Yes, because Patreons can only see the name you put in your profile. No, because Patreons cannot see your real name except if that is what you used on your profile. If you are worried about other creators knowing your name, it is best to use a name other than your real name. So creators would only see the fake name and not your real name. Remember that Patreon prioritizes its users’ privacy and would not leak your information in any way.

How do I Change my Name on Patreon? 

If you are worried that you used your real name on Patreon and are looking for a way to change it, then it is possible. Note that you cannot change your Patreon name or update your information on the Patreon app. You can only do so on the website. To update your profile name on Patreon, you need to follow the steps below:

  • You can access the Basics page by selecting Settings from the left menu while logged in.
  • Put your desired name in the display name field (it should be a name other than your actual name).
  • To complete your changes, click the Save button once you are done editing.
  • In your Patreon account, your new profile name should now be visible.
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Is my Patreon Profile Public?

Yes, your profile is public; anyone can view it, especially where you have interacted with someone’s content. Patreon displays your profile photo, name, pledges( except where you hide them), comments, and likes.

Patreon also allows creators to see their Patreons user name, membership level, and email address.

Can a Patreon be Anonymous?

You can’t be anonymous on Patreon; if that was possible, the site might lose its value and fun over time. However, you can use other methods to be anonymous on the site, such as using a fake name and a photo. This is useful in situations where you need to protect your privacy. To protect your privacy on Patreon, you should use a different name on your profile or an email address apart from your real one. To change your email address, follow the same process highlighted above for a change of profile name. 


Many Patreons desire to protect their privacy and the site fully supports this since this is one of their goals. If you are wondering whether Patreon creators can see your name, then we hope this article has answered you. We have also shown you ways to protect your privacy by changing your name, email address, etc.


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