Here’s a well-detailed article on the Chewy Affiliate Program.

So, you find yourself in the Pet industry as a blogger, Influencer, YouTuber, or just a fanatic. Then you really want to find a way to make money from it. 

While there are tons of ways to make money from it like, selling pets or maybe participating in referral programs. Joining affiliate programs appears to be one of the most lucrative ways out there to attain that.

And why?

Question for Question: If affiliate marketing isn’t good then:

Well, without a doubt, affiliate marketing is a good source of income, especially to publishers. Research has it that Affiliate Marketing Comes out Second in the Top revenue generator for Publishers.

So, again, if you’re a pet fanatic, influencer, blogger, YouTuber, or just an insider. Affiliate marketing should be your pillar choice if you want to source out income from the industry.

Well, without much chatter, in this article we’ll be placing focus on the affiliate program of one of the most popular pet products distributors, the Chewy Affiliate Program.

First of all, let’s begin with the company itself…

What Is Chewy?

Chewy homepage

Founded way back in 2011, Chewy is a well-established eCommerce retail store geared towards selling pet foods and other pet-related products like medications, health products, and even pet services.

Chewy is a conglomerate of the popular pet store, PetSmart (a behemoth in the pet industry).

The company is based in the United States, and so it doesn’t ship outside the country. Anyways, most people make use of package forwarders to move their products to any country of their choice.

In a combo with over 2500 brands in partnership, Chewy makes available over 70,000 products to its customers.

The company has a large catalog of products for most types of pets including dogs, cats, fish, birds, and others, thus, making it an expert and authority in the pet industry.


Chewy affiliate program product catalog

Chewy Affiliate Program – The Ultimate Review

Chewy Affiliate Program landing page

Landing Page

Over the years, affiliate marketing has seen a significant rise in indulgence in the industry. And by that, I mean that many companies are trooping into the industry.

Chewy, on the other hand, has decided to follow suit. The company has now launched its affiliate program.

As per the norm, the Chewy affiliate program is open to allow websites to earn money while they promote products available at the company.

The program is free to join and has no registration fee or any other additional fee attached to it.

Unlike most tedious programs, the Chewy affiliate program appears to be easy just like the Sephora Affiliate Program – with a few clicks you can get started.

The Chewy Affiliate Program is majorly hosted on Patnerize. However, you can join the program using several other affiliate networks like CJ, Flex offers, and the rest.

One thing you should know is that these affiliate networks might have some differences in features like cookie duration or commission rate.

Since the Chewy Affiliate Program is hosted on Patnerize, you should have no worries about tracking referrals, impressions, sales, and any other techies. Because they’ve got your back in that aspect.

Considering the brand popularity and variety of products, the Chewy Affiliate Program is actually a good one.

What Type of Products is eligible for the Chewy Affiliate Program?

What else do you want to promote if not for products? Unknown to many, contrary to the likes of high commission rates, products are actually the nitty-gritty of any affiliate program.

On my survey of the volume and type of people who kept on asking the question – is affiliate marketing worth it–, I discovered a whole lot of things. One of which was how most people end up promoting the wrong products.

Still on the same article –is affiliate marketing worth it– I had to drop in some of my strategies of selecting affiliate programs based on products

Products authenticity, popularity, variety, and relevance, are one of those few questions you need to ask yourself before joining any affiliate program.

That aside, the Chewy affiliate program appears to be a good one, relative to the available products.

Chewy products catalog

With the Chewy affiliate program, you get access to a whole lot of eligible products from over 2000+ brands amounting to 70,000 products.

If you find yourself in the pet industry as a blogger or just an insider, then Chewy affiliate would do well to suit your needs, in terms of the availability of products.

Commission Rate of Chewy Affiliate Program 

So, this is where the Chewy affiliate program went strategic and a little bit distinct. Actually, this is a downside for us, affiliate marketers.

Unlike the norms of most affiliate programs like the Shein affiliate program and Costco affiliate program, Chewy went out of the box to only award sales generated from new customers.

By this, I mean that chewy would only reward marketers their due commission for sales made by new customers. 

In other words, if someone purchases via your affiliate link. Unless he’s not a previous member of the company, you won’t earn any commission.

Sincerely, this is a big downside of the program and could result in a significant drop in conversions.

Take, for instance, if most of your audience is already prior customers of Chewy, promoting chewy affiliate links would be a waste of time. 

That aside, for every sale made by new customers via your affiliate link, the company rewards you with a $15 commission.

It is worth noting that this information might vary from one affiliate network to the other. For instance, where Partnerize and CJ both offer a commission of $15, flex offers (another affiliate network) give only $12.

Cookie Duration of Chewy affiliate program

So, you want a good conversion rate? then I guess you would also want a long-lasting cookie duration.

The Chewy affiliate program, on the other hand, assures publishers of a whopping 15 days cookie duration.

When Compared to top affiliate programs like the home depot affiliate program and Costco affiliate program, you would notice that Chewy is way better.

Before we go ahead, let’s make these terms clear to some newbies in our midst.

What is Cookies?

Cookies are sets of data packs that do contain vital information about user interaction with websites. 

Cookies are employed by advertisers to help affiliate marketers in tracking affiliate referrals.

Formerly, in the absence of cookies, there was actually nothing like referral periods or sessions. Then, clicks on affiliate links were only awarded at customers’ instant purchase and anything beyond that was seen as a different purchase.

Meaning that, back then, if someone clicks on your affiliate link, they would need to purchase the product immediately. 

But thanks to cookies and their duration…

Advertisers can now assign a period in which a click on affiliate links would be creditable.

For instance, the Chewy affiliate program comes with a 15-day cookie duration. 

Meaning that, if someone clicks on your affiliate link, he has about 15 days to purchase the product, at which you will earn your due commission.

Can you Make $1000 monthly from the Chewy affiliate program?

This question is kinda logical. 

Making $1000 monthly is possible but it all boils down to one thing – traffic. Yeah, you heard me right, traffic.

Chewy commission rate is straight forward unlike the Target affiliate program. The company awards $15 for every new sale directed from affiliate links.

So in essence, you’ll need to make around 67 sales, to attain the $1000 mark.

The question is how can you make around 67 sales within a month. As said earlier, it all boils down to traffic.

Using a 5% traffic conversion rate, you should have a goal of getting around 1350+ traffic monthly, to generate 67 sales.

So what’s the secret?

Posting on social media, spamming affiliate links? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

It goes beyond that.

Firstly, you’ll need to choose a platform. Social media, Youtube, Blog, or…?

If you want to base yourself on social media, then you’ll need to take the bold step to become a social media influencer. [Shanebakers beginners guide to becoming a social Media influencer, would be of help to you.]

On the other hand, creating a YouTube channel or blog is another way to generate lots of traffic. However, it requires months and probably years of work to get something out of it.

That aside, you’ll need to apply the right strategies to achieve success.

Hope these articles help you.

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How to Join the Chewy Affiliate Program?How to join the chewy Affiliate Program

The Chewy Affiliate Program, as said earlier, is hosted on both Partnerize and CJ affiliate networks. In other words, you can join the affiliate program either through CJ or Partnerize.

Either way, we, however, recommend you to apply via Partnerize since it’s more like the official network for Chewy. 

Don’t get me wrong, both of them are still the same thing with similar features. But from my experience with Partnerize, I think it’s a bit better.

So, let’s get this started.

1. How to Join Chewy Affiliate Program Via CJ affiliate

If you’re already a member of the CJ affiliate, then you are just a step away. Just head over to the advertiser’s tab, and search for the  Chewy affiliate program and then Join.

But if you’re not a member of CJ affiliate then you’ll need to apply and then pass through their application process.

Before signing up for CJ affiliate, you need to be sure you already satisfy their policies.

Their policies are not so tedious: you can fulfill them by just reading their Privacy policy, publisher server agreement, Software policy and then confirming that you’ve read them. 

On the other hand, it is worthy of noting that you should be up to 18 years of age before joining the platform.

If you already satisfy the aforementioned requirements and procedures, then you can head over to the  Chewy affiliate program’s landing page for  CJ.

Fill in the necessary information and requirements and then click submit. After which, you’ll be linked to the next page. At this point, things become self-explanatory and you can head on to complete your sign-up.

Note: if you’re kinda confused about joining CJ affiliate or you need a detailed review on the network, then you can go over CJ Beginners Guide by smartblogger.

2. How to Join Chewy Affiliate Program Via Partnerize

The same thing goes for Partnerize. Just as the procedures for joining the Chewy affiliate program via CJ are, the same thing applies to Partnerize.

If you are already a member of Partnerize, then your application would be swift. You just need to search for “Chewy Affiliate Program” in the network’s affiliate program search tab.

But if you’re not, then you’ll need to apply for it.

All in all, the affiliate program landing page for Partnerize is

Pros And Cons Of Chewy Affiliate Program 

Pros and cons of chewy Affiliate Program

Too long; Didn’t read? 

Let’s take the journey of a thousand miles in 2 steps by weighing the pros and cons of the Chewy affiliate program.


  • No call for brand Introduction – The Chewy affiliate program is from a well-established brand in the pet industry. As y’all know, popular brands are one of the most influential factors that guarantee high conversion rates.
  • Vastly available products – There are a whole lot of products available at chewy. The company has available, a staggering 70,000+ products from 2,000+ unique brands.
  • Long-Lasting Cookie duration – As said earlier, a good cookie duration guarantees a conversion rate. Chewy on the other hand, generously blast users with a 15-day cookie duration.
  • Occasional Insightful Newsletters – The Chewy affiliate program support team doesn’t just end at the registration process, it goes beyond that. Chewy backs up affiliates with insightful newsletters aimed at sharing the latest information, insights, trends, and opportunities.
  • Support – According to Chewy’s affiliate program landing page.


  • Flat Commission rate – The Chewy affiliate program commission structure is flat based. I.e Regardless of the type of product or the number of products sold Chewy commission rate remains $15.
  • New Customer-Based Commission – Chewy will only award sales generated by new customers. In other words, the $15 commission structure only applies to new customers. So, if for instance, most of your audience is already prior customers of Chewy. It makes no sense promoting chewy on your platform.
  • The Company Does Not Ship Beyond the US – Since most of the company’s audience is centered around the United States, the company doesn’t ship outside the United States. So, if you’re audience is not based in the US, it’s advisable you think twice about applying.

Alternatives Of Chewy Affiliate Program

The chewy affiliate program is good, but as you can see, it has a lot of disadvantages.

Let’s take a quick look at some alternatives to the program.

1. Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart logo

Founded way back in 1962, Walmart is a generic multinational retail store headquartered in the United States.

The company is a go-to store for everything retail products from clothing to health to beauty products to most importantly, Pet products.

Coming to their affiliate program, the companies play a decent game, even with their cheap product prices.

Walmart’s commission rate is settled on 1%-4%, while their cookie duration is 3 days.

Read More on the Walmart affiliate program here

Final Thoughts

Sincerely, if you’re in the pet industry, this might be the best affiliate program you might ever find.

In this sense, I’m talking about brand expertise, relevance, and brand popularity. The company is actually a behemoth in the industry, alongside PetSmart.

Coming to the Chewy affiliate program features, the list of eligible products, cookie duration, and the $15 commission structure are all benefactors. 

However, the cons are also numerous.


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