Here’s a well detailed guide on ConvertKit Affiliate Program;

As a blogger, youtuber or digital marketer, there are lots of options to take when doing Affiliate marketing.

And by that, I mean, there are lots of affiliate programs to join, whether physical products or digital products.

Despite the fact that experts advise affiliate marketers to join multiple programs, it shouldn’t be done ineptly.

Anyways, if you’ve thought of promoting a reputable email software product, then stick with me.

In this article, I’m going to be making a solid review on the ConvertKit Affiliate Program.

What Is ConvertKit?ConvertKit homepage

Founded back in 2013 by Nathan Barry, ConvertKit is a fully fledged email service provider based in America.

With the company’s core Values of “teach everything you know” and “work in public”, ConvertKit is one of the fastest growing email marketing companies.

ConvertKit is an all-in-one platform that helps influential online creators build their audience with their massive variations of tools.ConvertKit homepage

From its customizable landing page, sign up forms, automation services, and a list of other mind blowing features, ConvertKit is the go-to platform to manage your audience.

Yeah, ConvertKit is a popular hub for online creators, but it’s all too easy to forget how ConvertKit started.

Backtrack to 2013, the idea of ConvertKit started in the mind of Nathan Barry, a profound author.

He had thought of a better way to reach his audience and sell books and courses through email. But at the moment, this was not possible.

To bring this thought to life, Nathan Barry decided to launch an all-in-one email software, exclusively for the needs of online creators.

Within a short time interval, ConvertKit gained a whole lot of interest and became the talk of the town.

As a fast growing company, ConvertKit has established itself to be one of the top email Marketing software.

ConvertKit Affiliate Program – The Ultimate Review

The question here is; does ConvertKit have an affiliate program?ConvertKit affiliate program landing page

Well, unknown to many, ConvertKit has an affiliate program – a well established one, if I should add. Actually, The program has been around since 2015.

And just like any affiliate program, you’ll earn a certain commission rate for every sales referral made.

The ConvertKit affiliate is free to join and also quite easy. You can get started by hopping into their landing page and the rest should be on auto pilot.

The ConvertKit affiliate program was hosted, formerly, on the Ambassador affiliate network. 

However, it moved from “Ambassador” to LinkMink in 2018 due to the tracking inabilities of Ambassador.

At the time, the Ambassador affiliate network wasn’t able to track affiliate referrals churn, monitor traffic sources and a lot of other datas which pissed off Affiliate marketers.

So, ConvertKit decided to move over to LinkMink in late 2018. 

The LinkMink affiliate network brought about a lot of flexibility to the ConvertKit affiliate program.

Whereas Ambassador didn’t support creation of unique links for affiliates, LinkMink fully supports this.

Additionally, with LinkMink, you can create affiliate links to any page available at ConvertKit.

It’s worth noting that the ConvertKit affiliate program operates on a last click attribution model.

What Type of Products Can you Promote on the ConvertKit Affiliate Program?

Using our “3 P’s Analysis” let’s take a look at the ConvertKit affiliate program.

In case you’re oblivious of this, the “3 P’s Analysis” is a way we use to gauge a company’s products variety, authenticity and relevance.

In other words, does the ConvertKit Affiliate Program support a variety of products? Are their products authentic? Are their products relevant to your audience?

Well, let’s take a close look at that;

Product Variety –

While on the ConvertKit affiliate program, there’s not a lot of products to promote.

Well, Of course it’s an email marketing software, you shouldn’t expect to promote many products like that of AliExpress.

Basically, you only have two products to promote – ConvertKit email marketing software and Creator pass.

As you should know, the ConvertKit email marketing software is what we’ve been talking about earlier on.

While the Creator pass is a two course combo that teaches people how to build their brand and grow their email list.

Product Authenticity –

The ConvertKit affiliate program is from a well-known brand and a reputable one, also.

They have been around for a couple of years. Personally, I’ve been using ConvertKit for sometime and I haven’t had any issue with them.

However, if we go to trustpilot, there is a sort of discrepancy there.

Trustpilot reviews of ConvertKit

About 50% of reviews are negative while the other 50% are positive.

Well, the primary reason for the negative reviews are due to account suspension. And this is because of the strict policy of ConvertKit.

Products Relevance –

Well, this depends solely on you and your audience. Is ConvertKit Relevant to your audience?

If yes, you can go ahead promoting them but if not, you should think of another.

Commission Rate of the ConvertKit Affiliate Program.

The ConvertKit affiliate program has a high commission rate of 30% for everyone who signs up with your Affiliate link. 

The ConvertKit affiliate program’s commission rate is a monthly recurring one.

So, for every renewal of service by your referrals, you get to earn a commission.

According to ConvertKit, approximately, you would earn about $8.7 for a single account you refer.

Payment Structure of the ConvertKit Affiliate Program

The ConvertKit affiliate Program has a strict payout method.

You can only withdraw your money via PayPal. There’s actually no option to withdraw via bank account or payoneer.

Coming to the payment cycle…

ConvertKit pays out affiliates on the second of the coming month.

So, if you request for payment in March, you’d only receive payment on the 2nd of April.

That aside, it’s important to note that ConvertKit usually withholds affiliate commission for about a month or two months.

This is done to verify and make sure your referrals don’t make a request for a refund. Because, if they do, your commission for that particular customer would be cancelled.

In addition to that, there’s no threshold for payment. This is unlike most Affiliate Programs.

Cookie Duration of the ConvertKit Affiliate Program

Unlike what you’d get in most programs, ConvertKit goes beyond the usual standard to offer a cookie duration of 60 days. 

This is okay to some extent. A 60 days cookie duration has the full potential of maximizing your conversion rate – you can’t expect anything more.

Thanks to their migration from Ambassador to LinkMink. Formerly, the cookie duration was set at 30days.


Well cookies are basically a set of sensitive data packets that can contain sensitive information shared between a website and browsers.

They are stored temporarily on users’ browsers. And they store information such as Login, user ID, affiliate referrals, etc.

In affiliate marketing, cookies are used to track affiliate referrals. And when someone clicks on your affiliate link, the referral data would be stored on the user’s browser.

The cookie duration here, determines how long the referral data would stay in the browser.

So, for instance, someone clicks on your affiliate link, with the aim of buying one of ConvertKit’s service. 

Even if they decide to leave the product for a while, think about it or save for it, on coming back subsequently, within the 60 days cookie duration, if they buy the product, without having to your affiliate link again, you’ll earn your due commission.

Can you Make $1000 monthly from the ConvertKit affiliate program?

Well, yes; It’s actually possible.

But that, however, depends on you and the strategy implemented. 

Basically, if you have a massive and relevant audience, you can get there in no due time. 

And if you don’t have, you’ll need to work on getting traffic. Whether direct traffic, organic traffic, Social traffic or whichever way.

Mathematically, you’d need about 115 products sale to reach the $1000 mark.

The interesting thing here’s that it’s recurring. So, if you can refer 115 serious minded people within a month, you can keep making $1000, over and over again.

This gives you room to earn even more. You can even double your earnings in the coming months by referring more 115 people. That’s an additional $1000 to your monthly earnings.

Let’s say you continue doing till a year time, you’d be earning massively.

How to make money from the ConvertKit affiliate program

As said earlier, Making $1000 or more monthly, is very realistic. But it all depends on your influence, audience or traffic potentials.

Firstly, before starting out, or atleast joining ConvertKit, it’s important you’ve chosen your promotion platform.

Heads Up – A promotion platform is simply a platform you use in promoting your affiliate links.

You can aswell use multiple promotion platform. But you should, however, be decisive.

Preferably, you can go with a blog.

1. Create a Detailed Review on ConvertKit

Review articles are one of the easiest and straight forward ways to making money from Affiliate Marketing.

All you have to do is to create a sounding unbiased review on ConvertKit. 

And by “unbiased”, I mean your articles shouldn’t be too positive or too negative, either. 

Your review should be the real and authentic thing, stating the upsides and drawbacks of ConvertKit.

After crafting your review article, you can now head on to add your affiliate links. Also, it’s advised you sprinkle your affiliate link all over your articles, so it becomes inevitable.

2. Create a Comparison article on Email marketing softwares

Most times, review articles tends to be overcrowded with lots of website trying to rank and hence the competition becomes tough.

If you can overthrow this big websites, you 

then, should try comparison articles.

For instance; instead of writing an article on ConvertKit review, you can write it on “Convertkit vs Mailchimp” or even “ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaigns”.

3. Harness Social Media Marketing

In most cases, getting organic traffic becomes nearly impossible for these keywords mentioned above.

Recall; Most high monetizable keywords are usually sorted for, hence they’re usually highly competitive.

So here’s where social media marketing comes out very handy.

Let’s say you’ve made the article on “ConvertKit Review 2022”.

You can can drive in traffic by answering questions on Quora, making solid comments on Facebook sharing insightful posts on Reddit, Facebook or even at Quora space.

Pros And Cons Of the ConvertKit Affiliate ProgramPros and cons of ConvertKit Affiliate Program

Just as our world isn’t perfect, I bet ConvertKit affiiliate program is not one size fits all Program – there are pros and cons.

Let’s take a look at them closely.


  • ConvertKit is a Popular brand – After MailChimp, ConvertKit is perhaps the most popular email marketing software. Note that this can boost your conversion rate.
  • Reputability – ConvertKit, overtime, has maintained a good profile online.
  • Encouraging Cookie duration – ConvertKit has a pretty good cookie duration. A 60 days cookie duration is a whole lot, to influence a prospective buyer.
  • High Conversion Rate – As a popular brand that it is, there’s sort of guarantee that your traffic conversion rate would be high, with ConvertKit.
    • No Minimum Threshold –  Unlike most affiliate programs, as a ConvertKit affiliate, you don’t need to meet any minimum threshold before payment
  • Supports Deep Linking – With the help of LinkMink, you can easily deep linking between pages and products.


  • Long Payout Structure – ConvertKit has a payout structure that is really long – 60 days!

Final Thoughts

ConvertKit is favourable to some extent. Talking about their Commision rate, cookie duration and recurring commission.

The best part here’s that ConvertKit is among the top 10 email marketing software.

So, for popularity? ConvertKit has it.

If not the downside on the payout duration, ConvertKit’s program is an excellent Affiliate Program.

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