Does Onlyfans notify screenshots?

Want to take a screenshot ( or probably, a screen record) on Onlyfans but can’t seem to figure out whether or not Onlyfans is against it or not? Or whether they could get notified when you take a screenshot?

This post will cover every single detail regarding whether or not Onlyfans get notified when screenshots are taken, as well as Onlyfans screenshot policies.

Does Onlyfans notify screenshots?

Generally, Onlyfans does not notify screenshots. This is primarily because Onlyfans runs on a web-based application that doesn’t give so much control and data to web devs’. However, you can still be tracked.reddit on does onlyfans notify screenshots

Onlyfans is a platform that is quite obsessed with security and content protection for the well-being of its users. For this, the platform employs all possible means to keep the site as safe as possible.

So, it’s all too easy if we ponder on whether or not to take screenshots.

The first thing to note is that Onlyfans doesn’t support screenshots or even screen records. And to the platform, it’s an illegal practice, that if caught, could lead your account to be banned.

It’s however worth mentioning that Onlyfans permits users to take screenshots for personal use. Where the problem comes in is when you take a screenshot with the intention to share it with other social media and content-sharing platforms.onlyfans law - does onlyfans notify screenshots

In other words, we can say, you’re free to take screenshots, but not for commercial purposes. And if you’re to use them for public use, it now becomes an infringement, which when caught would result in an Insta-ban of your account.

However, the point is that…

In as much as you can still be tracked manually, when you take screenshots on Onlyfans, creators don’t get notifications, due to the fact that Onlyfans only runs on web browsers, which doesn’t give full freedom to implement a screenshot block and notifier feature. 

Plus, Onlyfans has no direct measures to know when a screenshot is taken, whether, on an Android device, iOS, Microsoft Windows, or Linux. However, there are still indirect measures to initiate screenshots on Onlyfan.

If Onlyfans were to have an app, as it did back in the days, then I’m pretty sure the site would have blocked the screenshot feature, right after its launch. But for undisclosed reasons, they only have a website.

Why does Onlyfans not Get Notified When Screenshots are taken?

While a number of platforms like Snapchat and Facebook messenger have features to detect screenshots, Onlyfans doesn’t, primarily because it’s not an app like these platforms.

Onlyfans is a web-based application that has no affiliation with a mobile app. One of the disadvantages of web-based applications (websites) is that they don’t give creators full access to what happens on users’ end.

For this, they have no control to stop or detect screenshots or screen records taken by users.

Can you be Tracked When You take Screenshots?

While Onlyfans doesn’t get notified when users take screenshots, desperate creators who are a bit savvy can, however, track you and get your Onlyfans account deleted, if they wish to.

If for any reason you want to screenshot or screen record contents on Onlyfans, it should only be for personal use. Aside from the fact that you can be insta-banned if caught, it makes no sense to share someone’s effort without proper permission.

According to Onlyfans’ terms and conditions, sharing or downloading whatsoever content generated from Onlyfanse to outsiders is termed an immoral act that could lead to permanent termination of your account and subscription, be DMCA.

Meanwhile, there are a number of ways creators can track pirated Onlyfans screenshotted content.

One of them is to make a  reverse image search, where someone uses an image they already have, to check whether it has been plagiarised and if yes, what sources plagiarised it.

They can do this, using a couple of free tools like, and

Most Onlyfans creators even use an automated reverse image search tool, that keeps them updated for every of their content that gets plagiarised.

If by any means, they find a plagiarised image or content, they have the option to open a ticket, passing the query to their legal team.

Final Thoughts

Final words on, does onlyfans notify screenshots…

For almost every social platform, saving content is not regarded as “bad.” However, like in the case of Onlyfans, you can only get into problem when you share it for commercial use.


Can you screenshot on only fans?

When you subscribe to an Onlyfans creator content, you are allowed to take screenshots and records of the contents for your personal use. However, it becomes illegal when you share it on other platforms for public use.

Does Onlyfans tell when you screenshot?

Onlyfans can’t tell when you take screenshots. This is primarily because it has no link to track users’ data when they take screenshots since it is a web-based application.

Does Onlyfans know if you screenshot?

Unlike platforms like Snapchat and Facebook messenger, Onlyfans doesn’t know if you screenshot. However, if a creator chooses to detect screenshots, it can, using some advanced means.

Can you screenshot Onlyfans posts?

You can screenshot Onlyfans posts. This would only be permitted by Onlyfans when it is for personal use. On the other any and every post shared out of Onlyfans for commercial use, would be taken down, if caught.

Does Onlyfans know when you screenshot?

Onlyfans has no possible means to know when you screenshot. However, it permits users to take screenshots for personal use.

Can you screenshot Onlyfans content?

You can screenshot contents on Onlyfans without being penalized, as long as you only use it for your personal use. At the point where you share it outside Onlyfans, you’d be penalized, if caught.


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