Here’s a detailed article approaching the query, does Onlyfans send mail to your house?

During Onlyfans verification process, there are a lot of things that creators on the platform are required to provide. Most of them are tedious, up to the extent that people now try to bypass only verification requirements.

A significant requirement is for Onlyfans users to provide their house address. So, it’s all too easy to think whether they will actually send a mail.

But on a serious note, does Onlyfans send mail to your house?

Well, let’s get a clearer look…

Before that, let’s talk a little about Onlyfans.

What is Onlyfans?onlyfans homepage - does onlyfans send mail to your house

Onlyfans is a social media-like platform founded in 2016 by Tim Stokely.

The platform is based on a subscription model, where users get exclusive content from creators in exchange for a monthly subscription fee determined by the creator. Here, Onlyfans have a 20% share from each transaction.

In other words, we can say that Onlyfans makes 20% of what every content creator on the platform makes. That’s huge, considering a platform where people make $1,000 easily in a month.

Unlike many other popular social media sites, Onlyfans doesn’t have any official app, undermining the network of users it hosts.

Currently, there are over 160 million users on the platform following approximately 2 million content creators.

Onlyfans and Mail Address

A lot of people are people are very conscious about their life on Onlyfans and how it interferes with their real life. A good number of them don’t even want people/family to know.

In a place where you live with your families, getting mail can be a bit alarming and wild at the same time. Who knows? you might not be around when a message would arrive.

That’s the fear. Well, in the next section we’d talk about whether or not you Onlyfans send mails

Does Onlyfans Send Mail To Your House?

Onlyfans doesn’t send mail to the house or office address of any content creator on the platform. However, after making $600 in the previous year, Onlyfan would mail you an IRS form 1099.

To make things clear, if you’re a mere user of Onlyfans, you don’t need to worry about getting any mail to your house. Onlyfans don’t have anything to do with messaging mails to users on the platform.

But as a Content creator on Onlyfans, things are slightly different. Generally, Onlyfans doesn’t send emails to content creators.

However, if you stay in the united states, a mail containing a tax form known as IRS Form 1099 would be sent to you, when you reach a minimum of $600 in a previous tax year.onlyfans tax form - does onlyfans send mail to your house

This mail would be sent to the address you filled on the W-9 form in your account. If you’ve changed your address, it’s important you update it before the mail is delivered to the wrong location.

It’s worth mentioning that you can’t possibly bypass this process. Because if you do or probably fill in fake details on the form delivered, your payment would be paused.

Generally, if you don’t stay in the United States, you shouldn’t expect any mail from Onlyfans.

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