The latest question we have onboard today is Does Onlyfans show up on background checks? Keep calm, as we answer it step by step.

When you think of why a lot of Onlyfans creators are seeking ways to make money on the platform without showing and face, as well as how to promote these types of pages, you’d come to know that this sets of people just want to keep their private life out of the hassles on Onlyfans.

But what if you don’t want to stress yourself in all the anonymity games on Onlyfans and just want to do things right and get a good fan base, do you think a further investigation of your personal life, could spot your Onlyfans page.

Or Generally, does Onlyfans show up on background checks?

Well, here’s an article that approaches that.

What is Onlyfans?onlyfans homepage - does onlyfans show up on background checks

Onlyfans is a content-sharing platform founded by Tim Stokely in 2016, the same year TikTok was formed. The site was formed on the basis of operating like a social media that works on a subscription model.

Within a few years of its launch, Onlyfans began coming to the spotlight, thanks to the pandemic in 2020. Finally, it gained some recognition. And this is owing to the fact that the site operates on an open content policy, just like Twitter, that lets creators on the platform post any content they feel is okay.

In fact, the major draw to people on Onlyfans is due to the posting of NSFW contents. And that’s the reason users on the platform are able to make a move to make monthly payments to creators.

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It’s worth mentioning that in every subscription by a user on Onlyfans, the platform makes 20% from it, leaving the other 80% to the creator.

Does Onlyfans show up on background checks?

Onlyfans do show up on background checks, especially when the employer in question runs a very comprehensive check on an employee who has received Onlyfans’ tax mail.

A simple, intense google search with some of your information could reveal your Onlyfans. Talk more of an employer who does a comprehensive background check?

Yes, an employer can find your Onlyfans in a background check, but it is, however, unlikely to happen.

The primary reason for a background check is not to find errors in your personal life, but rather to run a basic check on your possible:

  • Past Employments history
  • Work history
  • Criminal Records
  • Driving Records
  • Verification Checks
  • References and that’s all

So again, it’s unlikely for an employer to make that move, except there’s a call for that. Probably, you look familiar or the employer just seems to suspect you.

And what about they find your Onlyfans on a background check? Are you going to be employed or not?

Well, not everyone cares about what you do with your personal life. However, different employers or companies would react differently to finding your Onlyfans account. While a company might still employ/retain you, another won’t.

A company that isn’t bothered by how their employees are addressed and behave out of work or a job that won’t require you to go out of the company in work time, would probably employ/retain you even after finding out what you do on Onlyfans.

On the other hand, a religious, strict, or conserved company would decline your applications.

Its, however very unlikely for an employer to still employ you after discovering your Onlyfans account. And this is primarily because it can ruin their image, as a company.

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First of all, it won’t even create a good environment for you at work, if they still decide to retain or employ you.

The truth is that you should be aware of the possible dangers, Onlyfans have in store for you in the future. Before starting out your Onlyfans, you should be prepared for any insults, misfortune, or broken heart that it could cause you.

Or better still, try staying anonymous on the platform. This would go a long way to free you from any possible issue that your Onlyfans might cause in the near future.

How does Onlyfans show up on background checks?

Your Onlyfans can be shown up in background checks when the employer does extensive research on you and you’ve received your RS 1099 tax Onlyfan’s form via physical mail.

Actually, there are quite a number of ways for your Onlyfans to be discovered on a background check.

Onlyfans videos leak every day. Who knows? Yours can be the next to be leaked and get viral. Boom, your pictures and videos are all over the internet. At this point, simple reverse engineering could bring your Onlyfans out.

Another way for your Onlyfan to show up on background check is when you have just received the Onlyfans mail that gets to all creators in the United States when they make up to $600. This mail is known as the IRS 1099 Form.

The IRS form mail, some other mails, and your credit card statement (if you use credit card as a payment method) are some possible mediums that could reveal your Onlyfans identity during a background check.

How To Avoid Your Onlyfans From Showing Up On a Background Check

You don’t want your Onlyfans account to be caught by your potential employer when doing a background check, but you still want to make money from the platform?

How can you achieve this?

Well, this is not something you can come up to do at any time you feel like it. Because you should have thought of this earlier. Anyways, here’s how to avoid your Onlyfans, showing on a background check:

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1. Don’t Use your Real Name

After you’ve verified or bypassed Onlyfans verification process, you can go ahead to change the name (your real name) you used on the platform to something else (an entirely different). Make sure it’s something that doesn’t relate to your actual name.

2. Don’t Use a Username that Relates to your Real name

While you change your name, it’s also advisable that you change your username as well. And this time, to something that’s entirely different. Say your name is “Emmanuel,” don’t use a username like “Emmy,” rather you could go for something like “Ramon” – entirely different! you get the point?

3. Never Show your Face

This is where things spoil. Don’t show your face on Onlyfans, except you have decided not to be worried about what happens to your life in the future. But, if you’re a teenager, I’d advise you never to show your face, as well.

And if you’ve already gotten some videos published with your face, I’d advise you to take them down.

In our previously written article, you can find a list of other ways to stay anonymous on Onlyfans.

Final Thoughts

Onlyfans is not an illegal platform and neither is it so moral for you to do.

If you find yourself in a very acceptable company then you don’t need to worry much about your account. Otherwise, if it’s a religious, strict, or conserved company, then you should be on a watch out.

Generally, so long as you don’t actively promote your Onlyfans in the workplace, then you should be fine.


Does Onlyfans show up on a background check?

Your Onlyfans could show up on a background check when the employer in question runs a very comprehensive check on an Onlyfans user who has received Onlyfans’ tax mail.


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