Content creation is the new goldmine on social media, and several people out there love creating content. Asides from TikTok, YouTube, and the likes, Patreon is another fun platform to showcase your content. If you have been using Patreon and want to know if Patreon notifies users when you make screenshots, then you should keep reading this article. Here, we will show you whether or not Patreon notifies users of screenshots.

What is Patreon?

Have you ever thought of a way to support your favorite content creator? Patreon allows you to do just that. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows users (Patreons) to support their favorite content creators monthly. In return, these users receive benefits such as ad-free content, exclusive uploads, etc. It is a way to make money from the content you are creating as a creator. You can also find out if your favorite creator on IG or YouTube have Patreon accounts so you can support them.

Does Patreon Notify Screenshots?

Unlike most websites, Patreon does not notify creators when you make screenshots. So you can freely take a screenshot or screen recording of a creator’s image, content, or message.

How the Patreon platform and website work

Through the platform, Patreon assists creators in managing their projects, such as writing, designs, podcasts, etc. For instance, designers can add content and artwork using simple design tools to draw Patreons to their page. Then, the developer can create many membership tiers and choose the premium benefits for each level. With capabilities to manage Patreons behind the scenes, a specific area of the Patreon website that is solely accessible to creators lets them manage their service. There is a tracking tool and reminders for incentives for each membership level in the “Patreons” area of the navigation bar.

Additionally, it has email and a chat feature for interacting with customers. Customers can complete questionnaires that help creators to gauge their satisfaction and monitor donations to the creator’s project. As a creator, you can also check your balance on the Patreon website and transfer funds to your bank account as needed, as Patreon only “pays out” by default when requested.

Can you remain Anonymous on Patreon?

Some people are not proud of being on certain platforms, including Patreon. If this is you, you can change your name on the platform, and nobody would be able to know who you truly are. Even better, Patreons and creators would be unable to see your name or view your personal information on the site.

Is Patreon Free?

Yes, to an extent. You can get started on Patreon for free. However, as time passes, you will be charged a certain percentage of your earnings on the platform and an amount for processing your payments.


Patreon allows creators to create content and make money through users who love their content. Patreon also gives Patreons the liberty to support their favorite creator’s content in any way they want. However, some Patreons are bothered if creators get notified their content is screenshotted. If this is you, then you shouldn’t worry, as Patreon does not notify creators of this.


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