Sasuke Uchiha is known for his prodigious ninja skills, but does he get the chance to regain the use of his severed arm? Decades of strife and battles have seen the ninjas of Naruto’s world endure many hard trials. Find out if Sasuke can use his prowess to reclaim his lost limb!

Quick Summary

Yes, Sasuke does get his arm back by the end of the Naruto series. During one of his battles with Naruto, Sasuke had his right arm cut off and replaced with a prosthetic. At the same time, he unwillingly obtains the cursed seal of Heaven, which becomes a source of great power and struggle. After the Final Valley Arc, Sasuke forces the Orochimaru to return Sasuke’s arm back to him. Afterwards, Orochimaru reluctantly injects Ninjutsu into Sasuke, which combines the ability of the Sharingon and the cursed seal, allowing Sasuke to fully regenerate his arm. By the end of the series, Sasuke has his arm fully restored with his own chakra, giving him a complete set of limbs once again.

Does Sasuke Regain His Arm After Losing It?

One of the most memorable moments in the Naruto series occurs when Sasuke loses his arm in the anime’s climax. The moment has become iconic, but what happens to Sasuke afterwards? Does he regain his arm?

Is It Possible for Sasuke to Regain His Arm?

It is indeed possible for the character to regain his arm. In the manga, Sasuke uses a technique called Reincarnation Ninjutsu to recover his body parts. This jutsu is a form of shape-shifting that uses remnants from the target’s body and soul to fill a void. In the anime, Sasuke uses Orochimaru’s Summoning Jutsu to summon mice that attach themselves to Sasuke’s body and replace the limb.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Sasuke Recovering His Arm?


  • Reunites Sasuke with his lost arm
  • Recreates the symmetry of Sasuke’s body
  • Adds to the emotional power of the story


  • Makes Sasuke less relatable for viewers since few can relate to recovering body parts
  • Sasuke being reliant on someone else for power detracts from his character
  • Gives Sasuke a superhuman advantage in combat
  • Conclusion

    Overall, Sasuke does regain his arm in the anime and manga series Naruto. While it is a powerful moment for the character and adds to the drama of the series, it does have its issues. Some viewers do not like the added power it gives Sasuke and some feel that it detracts from the emotional impact of the original scene. Ultimately, it is up to the viewer to decide if Sasuke regaining his arm is a good or bad thing.

    Personal Experience

    As an expert in this field, I can say that I have closely followed the journey of Sasuke Uchiha and experienced his struggles firsthand. One of the most memorable moments in this journey was when he lost his arm in a battle against Itachi Uchiha. People wondered whether Sasuke would get his arm back. After intense training with Orochimaru and gaining the Mangekyo Sharingan, Sasuke performed a fairly successful experiment to retrieve his lost arm. Through this experiment, he managed to transfer the arm of a White Zetsu clone to his body, thus restoring his lost arm. The experiment also allowed him to use the clone’s power, thus increasing his own strength. Consequently, Sasuke did get his arm back, which allowed him to overcome future adversaries.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Sasuke ever regrow his arm?

    No, Sasuke does not regrow his left arm. He instead has chosen to focus on perfecting his other techniques and honing his swordsmanship skills. The loss of his arm serves as a reminder of the sorrow his actions brought to Konoha and of his need for redemption.

    How did Naruto get his arm back but Sasuke didn t?

    Naruto got his arm back thanks to the genius of Tsunade, who transplanted Hashirama’s cells into his severed arm and crafted a prosthetic limb with full mobility and sensation. Sasuke, however, did not have access to this same technique and was forced to learn to fight with only one arm.

    Why doesn t Sasuke fix his arm?

    Sasuke chooses not to fix his arm as a form of self-restraint and atonement for his past crimes, as well as a reminder of what Naruto has done for him. He views it as an integral part of his identity, a reminder of his mistakes and the sacrifices made for him, and is unwilling to replace it.

    Why doesn t Sasuke use a prosthetic?

    Sasuke Uchiha chose not to use a prosthetic arm as he believed that it would not be a worthwhile replacement for his natural arm. He viewed the arm as a limitation and a reminder of his loss and opted to train with only one arm instead of using the prosthetic. Ultimately, Sasuke’s decision was driven by his desire to overcome his handicap and achieve his goals of becoming powerful.

    Does Naruto have only one arm?

    No, Naruto does not have only one arm. After being critically injured in battle, Naruto received a mechanical arm thanks to Hashirama’s cells. This replaced his original right arm, which was heavily injured and had to be bandaged. In episode 179 of Boruto it is revealed that Naruto’s arm has been successfully recreated using the same cells.

    Who has one arm in Naruto?

    Sasuke has one arm in Naruto: Boruto The Movie. He lost it during his fight with Naruto, when the latter’s Rasengan collided with the former’s Chidori. This caused an explosion, leaving Sasuke with only one arm.

    How many hand does Naruto have?

    Naruto has three hands. He has his original two hands, as well as a prosthetic third arm to replace the one he lost during the war. He lost the arm when fighting against the Akatsuki and has been using the prosthetic arm ever since.

    Who cut Naruto’s arm?

    Naruto’s arm was severed by Sasuke during their final battle in the anime series Naruto: Shippuden. The two were engaging in a fierce Rasengan vs. Chidori confrontation, resulting in Sasuke splitting Naruto’s arm off with his sword. As a result of their altercation, both Naruto and Sasuke were left with severe wounds, with Naruto losing the use of his right arm.

    Final Thoughts

    At the end of the day, only Sasuke can decide if he can truly move forward after experiencing such an intense loss. Despite not having his arm back, Sasuke still manages to survive, build relationships, and grow as a person. Whether or not he is able to overcome this physical loss and move forward with his life is a question only he can answer.


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