Finding it difficult to make payments on Turo? Or do you just want to find an ideal payment method you can use easily on Turo? It’s safe to consider Chime as a potential one. But does it actually work?

This article covers everything you need to know about whether or not Chime can be used to make payments on Turo.

Does Turo Accept chime?

Chime is accepted on Turo, alongside any long-term Debit card that is issued by some of the popular payment networks, such as Mastercard and Visa. However, there could be exclusions.

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Apparently, Chime is a Visa Debit card.

Debit cards, after prepaid cards, are one of the few traditional plastic cards that are likely to get rejected on most platforms.


Well, most debit cards work more like gift cards, which are usually been issued by unknown payment networks and are used temporarily. Lastly, they don’t support 3D security.

Coming to Turo…

Basically, Turo only accepts two types of debit card

  • Debit Cards issued by MasterCard
  • Debit Cards issued by Visa

And according to the company, these debit cards must be linked to a checking account.

And thank goodness, this aspect is not in any way limited – the checking account can be from both an online bank or an offline bank.

However, there could be exclusions!

In as much as Debit Cards are openly accepted on Turo, reloadable debit cards, also knowns as prepaid debit cards are not accepted on Turo, for reasons best known to the company.

In other words, debit cards like Simple, Chase Liquid, or EDD are not accepted on Turo.

Satisfying the requirements of debit cards in Turo, Chime can be used to easily make payments on Turo. Likewise other debit cards like Ally are also accepted on Turo. 

What is the Charge for Turo Trip Paid with a Chime Card?

While some other payment methods on Turo, especially e-wallets, such as Apple pay and google pay don’t allow partial authorization, Chime does.

If you submit a trip request when paying with a Chime card, you’d be charged a $1 fee for payment authorization. However, it’s worth mentioning that this fee is only done to verify your account.

If the trip request was successfully accepted, you’ll be automatically charged the full fee of the trip, while your payment authorization fee of $1 gets refunded back into your account.

However, in a case where your trip request didn’t get accepted, your payment authorization fee would be refunded, likewise.

This is an upside to chime cards, because if you were to use cards from Google pay or Apple pay, you’d be charged a full fee, upon submitting a trip request.

And since we can’t tell whether or not the trip request would be accepted we’re left in suspense.

Meanwhile, even though the full trip fee would be refunded at a declined trip request, it could take longer to get your money back. Possibly up to a month.

How to use Chime on Turo

If you have been using Turo for quite some time, this should be a breeze. But what if you’re just starting out or have probably been using other payments method?

Here’s how to use chime on Turo:

  • Login to your Turo account via the web or mobile application.
  • Open your “Account Page.”
  • Scroll downwards on your screen, to find the payment section.
  • Click on Update
  • Enter your complete payment information as seen in your chime debit card
  • Tap on save
  • Verify the new payment information via an OTP that would be sent to the email or a mobile sim.

Aside from Chime, What other payment Method Can you use on Turo?

Turo, unlike so many other services like it, has a good number of payment methods on its networks. However, there can be some strict rules guiding them.

First off, it’s worth knowing that Turo won’t accept your payment card if the name on it doesn’t correlate with the name used to create/verify your account.

Lastly, even after your payment card is accepted on the platform, a transaction could still be denied.

Normally, when you try to book a trip on Turo, it automatically sends your card information to your bank, requesting for a debit fee to be transferred to Turo.

Now, it’s left in the hands of the bank to accept or deny your payment.

Knowing this, there are basically three payment options on Onlyfans, which include;  Credit Cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards.

However, not all of credit, debit and prepaid card work on Onlyfans. In fact there are some guidelines provided by Turo, to guage a working payment option on the platform.

Here it goes.

  • Turo only Accepts credit cards that are issued by American Express, Discover and other major financial institutions.
  • Only debit cards with the MasterCard or Visa logo are accepted on Turo.
  • Generally, prepaid cards are not accepted on Turo, except Revolut cards.

Final Thoughts

Using a Chime Card, you can easily make trip payments on Turo, stress-free. All you have to do is to make sure your card is fully funded, relative to the trip cost and add it to your Turo account.


Can you rent Turo with Chime?

Yes. You can rent Turo with chime, alongside some other eligible debit cards. To pay for the Turo rent, all you have to do is to head over to your Turo account, log in and add the Chime card information and click submit.

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