Indulge in a refreshingly bold experience with Epoch Live Soda. Our craft brewed sodas capture the taste of freshly made, high-quality drinks that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Experience the unique flavor of each flavor, including Kiwi Peach and Green Apple, that leave you wanting more every time.

Quick Summary

Experience the optimal refreshment and great taste of Epoch Live Soda. Our healthy and delicious soda has been crafted with carefully sourced ingredients for a delightful beverage that is low in calories and naturally sweetened. With a unique blend of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, our soda provides a guilt-free sonic sensation that won’t slow you down. Imagine the pleasure of opening a refreshing can of Epoch Live Soda and taking that first sip. Enjoy a perfect balance of light carbonation and natural flavors, every time. A customer favorite, Epoch Live Soda is sure to revolutionize your hydration needs.

Unlike other flavored sodas which can be high in calories and sugars, Epoch Live Soda contains no added sugar and is only 17 calories per serving. We provide a light and delicious drink that is nutrient-dense in vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed into your body during digestion. Our sodas also contain an array of natural probiotics that aid in digestive and immune health, so you feel great about what you’re drinking. Plus, as we are an all-natural product, you can be sure that you are doing your part in supporting organic, eco-friendly beverage production.

Treat yourself to a cool can of Epoch Live Soda, and invigorate your body with premium ingredients that provide optimal refreshment. Our unique soda is a great alternative to both unhealthy sugary drinks and traditional sodas. Try a can today and experience what makes Epoch Live Soda the best choice for your refreshment needs. Enjoy outstanding flavor and taste in every sip.

Epoch Live Soda: Healthy, Delicious Refreshment for Optimal Rejuvenation

Epoch Live Soda is a revolutionary soda that provides delicious refreshment while also helping users achieve optimal health and mental clarity. This low-calorie, all-natural carbonated beverage is a great way to quench your thirst and get a boost of energy from an alternative source that won’t overload your body with added sugars and artificial flavors. It’s a delicious, healthy, and refreshing pick-me-up anytime of the day!

Benefits of Epoch Live Soda

Epoch Live Soda packs a ton of benefits into each can. Here are some of the amazing ways this delicious soda can help your health and wellness:

  • It’s a great alternative to sugary sodas and drinks, as it doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, flavorings, or unnecessary sugars
  • It contains natural caffeine and electrolytes that provide an energy boost without going overboard
  • The all-natural ingredients help provide essential nutrients to your body, as well as promote better cognitive function
  • It’s low in calories and provides an easy way to keep your body hydrated

How to Enjoy Epoch Live Soda

Epoch Live Soda can be enjoyed any time of day for a refreshing pick-me-up. Whether you need to get back on track after a long day at the office or are looking for something to sip on during a social gathering, Epoch Live Soda can be a great choice.

  • Store Epoch Live Soda in a refrigerator or cooler to keep it chilled.
  • Begin by taking in the aroma of the soda, then take a slow sip and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds.
  • Swallow the soda and then pay attention to the flavor – do you taste the natural fruit extracts, herbs, and other components?
  • Take time to immerse yourself in the experience of drinking Epoch Live Soda and take in all the benefits.
  • Why Choose Epoch Live Soda?

    Epoch Live Soda is a refreshing and healthy choice for those looking for an alternative to traditional sodas and energy drinks. It’s a great way to quench your thirst, get energy, and enjoy great flavor without any of the added sugars or artificial ingredients. And, its easy portability makes it a great choice for long days at work or school, travel, or any other busy day.

    Personal Experience

    I have recently tried Epoch Live Soda and I was pleasantly surprised with the unique and refreshing taste. It has a bold, invigorating flavor with hints of citrus, and it’s a great alternative to traditional sodas. I found that it was light and easy to drink, and I didn’t experience any of the typical carbonation-related bloating that I sometimes get from other sodas. In addition, this soda has the added benefit of providing energy, due to the infusion of natural caffeine and guarana extract. It gave me the perfect pick-me-up after a long day and I love the fact that I’m able to enjoy an indulgent treat without feeling guilty about it.

    What I really appreciate about Epoch Live Sodas is that they are completely free from any artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. All of the ingredients are natural and sourced from reputable sources, so I know that I can trust that I’m consuming a healthy and safe product. Additionally, this soda contains a range of essential minerals and vitamins, including iron, sodium, and zinc, as well as vitamins D, B6 and B12. Overall, this is an excellent product for anyone who wants to enjoy a delicious and refreshing drink without worrying about the sugar and calories.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    No, Epoch billing is not trustworthy. Multiple customer reviews indicate dissatisfaction with the billing process and service. Common complaints include unexpected credit card charges and poor customer service. As such, it is recommended consumers proceed with caution when considering using Epoch for billing.

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    Epoch Payment Solutions is a global payment and billing provider for online merchants. It provides secure payment processing services, allowing businesses to accept payments from customers all over the world without the need for a merchant account. Epoch Payment Solutions helps businesses reduce their payment processing costs and simplify their payments operations.

    What is epoch payment used for?

    Epoch Payment is a secure, global payment service that enables merchants and consumers to conduct online transactions with ease. It offers a variety of payment options, including debit cards, major credit cards, e-checks, and more. It has become the payment solution of choice for merchants and customers around the world, as it facilitates fast and secure transactions without requiring any sensitive financial information to be stored or shared.

    What sites use epoch payment?

    Epoch is a payment processing system that is used by many websites to process online transactions. Popular sites that use Epoch include Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Premium, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more. Epoch’s secure payment services ensure quick and reliable processing, making it a preferred choice for many online businesses. Additionally, Epoch offers support for multiple languages, currencies, and payment methods, allowing customers to make secure purchases with ease.

    Why am I getting charged from epoch?

    You are getting charged from Epoch because they are processing your purchase on behalf of the merchant. Epoch’s charge will appear on your credit card statement as a “processing fee.” This fee is necessary to cover the costs associated with processing your credit card transaction.

    How do I stop epoch charges?

    To stop Epoch charges, contact Epoch’s Billing Support team at On the page, fill out the Find My Purchase application. You will receive an email with further instructions on how to cancel your Epoch Payment Solutions account. If you have any further questions, contact their customer service team for assistance.

    Is Epoch a good company?

    Yes, Epoch is a great company. It is highly rated by its employees, receiving an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 on AmbitionBox. It is renowned for its work-life balance, supportive management, and great learning opportunities, making it a rewarding place to work.

    Final Thoughts

    Healthy, Delicious Epoch Live Soda is an excellent beverage choice for those looking for a refreshing, natural alternative to store-bought sodas. Not only is it free of artificial sugars, colors, and preservatives, but it also contains beneficial ingredients such as probiotics and ginger root that can aid in digestion and help boost the immune system. Plus, Epoch Live Sodas come in a variety of delicious and creative flavors, making it a great choice for a tasty treat. Overall, Epoch Live Soda is an optimal refreshment for anyone.


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