Here in this article, is a well detailed guide targeted towards Expedia affiliate program review:

So, somehow, somewhere, you find yourself in the travel industry as an influencer, blogger, YouTuber, or mere insider.

And probably, you’ve been looking for a suitable Travel affiliate program.

While it is proposed that you’re already on the right track. You shouldn’t just relent, because choosing an affiliate program shouldn’t be done ineptly.

It requires more than just a mere glance at a program’s commission rate or cookie duration.

But wait, are there any recommendations for a good travel affiliate program?

Well, If I may say, there’s actually no be-all and end-all affiliate program–  it’s all about preference.

Anyway, here in this article, is a review of the affiliate program of a top airline company – Expedia Affiliate Program.

Enough chatters, let’s dive in.

What Is Expedia?

Founded way back in 2001, Expedia is an international online travel agency based in the United States.

Expedia is a conglomerate of the Expedia Group – a group of companies that are tailored to serve as travel agencies, travel fare aggregators and travel metasearch engines.

Some of these subsidiaries include the popular Vrbo,,, trivago,, and a few others.

Expedia is a behemoth in the world of travel technology. In fact, it’s one of the best travel agencies, today.

It offers passengers to save up to $500 on combined airline and hotel bookings thanks to its network of more than 500 travel partnerships with accommodation and airline companies.

Expedia’s website is well flooded with intriguing and aesthetic and packages and prices for the services they offer.

Backtrack to “what people say about Expedia“, Expedia does pretty well as a reputable company.

Expedia Affiliate Program – The Ultimate ReviewExpedia affiliate program – Dashboard

In the likes of top travel affiliate programs like,, and Agoda, Expedia has a well-established affiliate program, unknown to many.

Similar to the Ulta affiliate program, the Expedia affiliate program is quite easy to join. 

You just need to slide into their affiliate program landing page, then the rest should be on autopilot.

And yeah, the Expedia affiliate program has a landing page, unlike H&M Affiliate Program that relies solely on third parties.

And Just like Shein’s affiliate program, again, Expedia is open to all types of Affiliate Marketers irrespective of the platform in use.

Well, it’s ideal you get a well functioning website, with a bit of traffic, before starting out.

You can find Expedia affiliate programs on a list of affiliate networks, out there.

In this article, I will be giving out information exclusively generated from CJ affiliate networks.

What Type of Products Can you Promote on Expedia Affiliate Program?

In a previous article, where we confronted a question, asked –is affiliate marketing worth it– we had to drop some striking affiliate marketing strategies if I should say.

One of which is products, products, and products. Yeah, but this time, it is on product variety, authenticity, and relevance.

And these are things, we added, that affiliate marketers need to watch out for, before Joining an affiliate Program.

On the other hand, Expedia is a fully-fledged online travel agency. And as said earlier, the company is even a conglomerate of a larger body, the Expedia group of companies.

That aside, Expedia has a wide list of travel and trip packages of distinct types. From vacation homes to hotels to car rentals, flights, and more.

Or when I said it has partnerships with over 500 brands, do you think it was a joke?

Additionally, by joining the Expedia affiliate program from their landing page, you’ll get access to promoting products and services from all Expedia’s affiliated companies.

Also, according to authority hackers, Expedia offers access to over 140,000 properties to choose from across the world.

So you see the variety?Eligible products at Expedia affiliate program

The most fascinating of all is that you have access to promote just any of these, as an Expedia affiliate.

Coming to product’s authenticity, Expedia does pretty well – the reviews on their platform can attest to that.

In addition to that, a company that’s among the top travel agencies worldwide, shouldn’t engage in something spurious. 

So, if you’re somewhat concerned (of which, you should) about varieties and authenticity of products available at affiliate programs, then you shouldn’t be with Expedia. 

Because Expedia has got this all settled, back to back.

So, about product relevance?

Well, that depends on you.

What’s your audience? Do you think they need Expedia or a rival of it?

Do well to answer this question.

Commission Rate of Expedia Affiliate Program 

At the point of writing this article, Expedia Affiliate Program has a commission rate, ranging from 2% – to 6%. 

Where hotel bookings and car rentals account for the lowest commission rate of 2%, orders on cruise bookings account for a 6% commission rate.

To simply put, the range in their commission rate is dependent on the type of service or package you sell.

Although Expedia’s commission rate might seem poor to you, it still stands out of the crowd. 

Or at least, it’s better than the flat structure commission rate, used by the Costco affiliate program

And way better than the Chewy affiliate program‘s $15 new-customer-based commission rate.

That aside, Expedia is a high ticket Affiliate Program. Any and every sale you make has the potential of making a handful of money.

Cookie Duration of Expedia affiliate Program

Alongside the Nike affiliate program that partners with CJ, the Expedia affiliate program have a 7-day cookie duration.

Although this might not be a good one, at least for a high ticket affiliate program, it’s somewhat better than most travel affiliate programs.

Yet, in all, you can still make something out of it. I mean, a travel affiliate program doesn’t need to have a very long cookie duration for you to earn.

Yeah, I said so… But why?

Unlike physical or digital affiliate programs, where most people who later end up purchasing an affiliate product, Travel is most likely not like that.

And this is because most people who want to take a trip or vacation already have their dream location or plans towards where they want to go.

So, at that point, they only need some recommendations, review, guide, and probably, your affiliate link.

Arguably, a 7-day cookie duration is somewhat okay.

So, am I blabbering, if I should ask?  

Don’t understand why I’m mentioning the term, cookies?

Well, you’re not alone, I’m sure there are others like you here.

So, the cookie we’re talking about here is not the one we know off. I mean, it’s not the one we do eat.

Generally, Cookies are sets of sensitive data packets which are usually stored temporarily on browsers.

The digital marketing world, and more precisely affiliate marketing, has for a long time relied on this piece, for forging out incredible things.

Cookies are used incredibly in this space, for performing several kinds of action. Basically, they’re used to spy (oops)

In detail, cookies are used in affiliate marketing to track every single action relating to the website, a potential buyer who clicks on affiliate links, takes.

Actions which include clicking, purchasing, payment, refunding, and the rest.

So bringing this home…

Formerly, when cookies never existed, Affiliate marketers always had to plead with their audience to make purchases at the instance of clicking their link. 

Because, if they don’t, a subsequent buy of that product won’t be helpful anymore, because it won’t count.

So this was what brought the idea of cookies and their duration…

Soon enough, the affiliate marketing industry introduced a new metric, Cookie duration (also known as referral period)

Cookie duration, basically, is used to tell publishers how long a cookie will last in a user browser from an affiliate link click.

So for instance, the Expedia affiliate program has a seven-day cookie duration.

This simply means that, if someone has clicked on your affiliate link, and decides to pause for a moment to come back later.

The good news here is that you still have the potential of earning from them.

Even if they don’t come back instantly, so long as they purchase the product within the cookie duration, you’ll earn your due commission.

Can you Make $1000 monthly from the Expedia affiliate program?

Can you Make $1000 monthly from the Expedia affiliate program?

Well, this question appears more like sarcasm to me.

Arguably, you can make $1000 monthly –or even way more than that– with the Expedia affiliate program.

It’s worth noting the commission rate isn’t just what we’re talking about here – it goes beyond that.

Yes, commission rates play a good percentage in this, but it isn’t the be-all and end-all.

As said in a previous article, before thinking of making anything out of affiliate marketing, you’ll need to understand affiliate marketing, learn the strategies and then apply them.

So can we peacefully rephrase this question? 🙂

How To Make Money from the Expedia Affiliate Program

As said earlier, you can make serious money from the Expedia affiliate program. 

But here’s the question; How can you really make the money?

Yikes, let’s take this question in a non-traditional way.

Before joining the Expedia affiliate program, check whether or not Expedia is relevant to your audience.

Or is there something missing out in their Affiliate program which is not okay for you?

Are they pricey? Or are they just not the right fit? – Try settling on this, so you probably won’t get tired in the long run.

After satisfying that, the next step lies solely in your hands.

…and that’s where traffic comes in.

First of all, before going further, if I’ll ask, what platform do you plan on promoting Expedia on?

Arguably, the hard truth is that Social media, and many other promotion platforms, might not just work out for Expedia and Travel affiliate programs, at large.

Funny enough, Expedia does not allow you to promote their products on Social media. Although they specifically stated Facebook and Twitter.

The best plug or approach to making anything out of a travel affiliate program should be by owning a blog. 

And of course, it should be a travel blog. One based on review and guide, if I should add.

One step further; you’ll need to learn to optimize your site to meet Search engine needs and as a matter of course, rank.

By then, you should be getting familiar with how to do keyword research and possibly get less competitive keywords you can beat – You should be ready to Harness SEO tools.

Always try to put up unbiased quality content, written basically from your experience.

And yes, your experience. Because if it’s not, your audience won’t take you word for word. And possibly won’t think of using your affiliate links, since they believe you have no full knowledge of what you’re saying.

In addition, “don’t let any potential customer fall out of your hands”– my mentor’s ringing tone :).

Always do well to sprinkle your affiliate link all over the article on your blog. Make it inevitable for your readers.

Yeah, do this. But don’t make it look spammy. Remember, Google is strict with affiliate websites.

Alternatively, you can also go for Vlogging.

Likewise, Vlogging works pretty well. Since most people are usually inclined to visuals rather than text.

Pros And Cons Of Expedia Affiliate Program Pros And Cons Of Expedia Affiliate Program 

Too long; Didn’t read? 

Let’s take a thousand-mile journey in two steps by analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of the Expedia affiliate program.

Pros Of Expedia Affiliate Program

  • Established Brand – Expedia is a renowned brand with a reputable identity. Marketing Expedia affiliate products shouldn’t be much of a problem if you have the right resources.
  • Expansive Products – As a behemoth in the industry, Expedia has a wide list of products available for its customers. Including 175+ car rental companies, 1MM+ hotels & properties, 35k+ unique activities, and over 500 airlines
  • Marketing Tools – Expedia’s affiliate program is enriched with lots of marketing tools and creatives for affiliate marketers. The company guarantees users customizable tools that drive conversions easily and freely. Tools like Widgets on the front end, backend APIs, deep links, cross-sells, and more–all in one place!

Cons Of Expedia Affiliate Program

    • A 2% – 6% isn’t just worth it –  Expedia’s affiliate program, when compared to affiliate programs of most of its rivals, isn’t just worth the hassle. Though it’s a high ticket program, the company can do much better than 6%.
    • Pre-Packed Vacations Are out of the deal – According to Niche facts, Expedia’s affiliate program (although .ca, precisely) does not commission pre-packaged Vacations.
    • Limit On Car transaction – Still, on the same page, the Expedia affiliate program won’t pay affiliate marketers for all sorts of car transactions over $5000.
  • The Travel Industry Is Gradually Becoming Saturated – The surge in the Travel industry is just out of this world. Ranking on the travel niche now appears like a dream come true. Like, you can barely find low competitive keywords in any topic you venture into.

Final Thoughts

As much as Expedia’s affiliate program has some advantages, the drawbacks still remain inevitable.

However, Rounding Expedia’s up in top travel affiliate program, It sure comes out top 10.

That aside, Travel affiliate programs as a whole, are not really a viable option for bloggers – In my opinion, it’s way more difficult than it sounds.

Most travel affiliate programs come with quite poor commission rates, as well as a poor cookie duration.

And yet, the probability of you getting traffic, as a starter in the travel niche, is poor.

Well, undermining that, if you’re really looking forward to earning from a travel/booking affiliate program, then Expedia should be one of your pillar choices.

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