Are you an anime fan looking to add some of the most expensive anime figures to your collection? Collecting official and rare anime figures can be a fun and fulfilling hobby, but it’s also one that can be quite expensive. But when it comes to quality, these investments are well worth it!

Quick Summary

Most Expensive Anime Figures You Can Buy

Anime figures are beloved by avid collectors as well as casual fans alike. But if you’re looking for the cream of the crop, then you may have to pay top dollar for it. Many of the world’s most expensive anime figures feature the biggest names from some of the most iconic series. There are a few popular characters that have seen some seriously inflated prices due to their rarity and valuable licenses.

One of the most expensive figures is the Speed Racer Tachikoma Cheaters Version by Buriki. This figure was released in 2009 and is said to be produced exclusively in limited quantities. The actual figure is a hefty 20 inches tall and comes with a hefty $6,000 price tag. Other expensive figures include Kaiba Corporation’s Yusei Fudo from the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s series, Zero Two Robot Damashi from Code Geass, and the Soryu Asuka Langley Bust from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

If money’s no object, then you can also consider collector’s edition figures from popular game series like Bandai Namco’s Tales of Series. These figures are highly detailed and sometimes come with peripheral figures or iconic objects from the series. However, these figures can be quite expensive, with the Tales of Series Shining Wind Clan Clalaclan figure retailing at around $2500.

No matter what your budget or fandom, there’s something for everyone in the world of anime figure collecting. With Japan’s focus on quality and detail, you can be sure these figures will last a long time while you’re enjoying the designs and stories they produce.

Most Expensive Anime Figures Money Can Buy

Anime figures have become incredibly popular over the years. While most anime figures are relatively inexpensive, there are some that can turn a collector’s head. Here, we’ll look at some of the most expensive anime figures money can buy.

1. Figure High End Bunny – $10,000

This one-of-a-kind figure was produced in limited quantities and features a unique design standing at a whopping 2 meters in height. It also includes a motorized base and intricate detailing.

2. **** and Stocking – $14,999.99

This hand-painted figure is based on the characters from the anime of the same name. It stands at a height of over 1.5 m and was originally commissioned by the show’s production company.

3. Megahouse – $19,999.99

Another one-of-a-kind figure, Megahouse stands at 2.5 m in height and includes intricate detailing. It also includes a motorized base and blinking lights, making it highly sought after by collectors.

4. Nami – $20,000

Nami, a character from the hit anime series One Piece, has been immortalized in this hand-painted, 24.7-inch sculpt. It includes intricate detailing and was produced in a limited quantity.

5. Gundam RX-78-2 – $50,000

This hand-painted, 1/60th scale figure stands at over 1.3 m in height and is made of die cast material. It also has a transparent inner frame and is limited to just 1,000 pieces.

6. Macross VF-1S Valkyrie – $200,000

This is the most expensive anime figure ever produced. It stands at a whopping 4 m in height and is made of diecast metal and plastic. It also includes intricate detailing and blinking lights, making it worth the hefty price tag.

The Most Expensive Anime Figures You Can Buy

  • Figure High End Bunny – $10,000
  • **** and Stocking – $14,999.99
  • Megahouse – $19,999.99
  • Nami – $20,000
  • Gundam RX-78-2 – $50,000
  • Macross VF-1S Valkyrie – $200,000

If money is no object and you’re in the market for a rare, one-of-a-kind anime figure then you can’t go wrong with any of the figures listed above.

Personal Experience

What makes anime figures expensive?

After collecting Japanese anime figures for over 20 years, I can say for certain that some of them can be quite expensive. Many of these figures on the market can go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I remember my first figure purchase price well: a whopping $250 for a rare figure from the Dragon Ball series. That’s still a small price to pay when compared to the price some figures can fetch. A popular example is the ‘Racing Miku’ Taito figure, which was recently auctioned for ¥1.699 million (approx. $15, 500)!

Highly sought-after and limited edtion figures often come with collector’s sets that come with accessories like a display case and peripheral goods. These sets have become popular due to their pristine condition, which appeals to figure aficionados who take utmost care of the pieces they acquire. So, these limited edition sets come at quite a high price, and can be hard to find if a series is out of print.

Despite the expense, avid fans are still willing to splurge on collectibles that they truly care about. After all, they make perfect decorations, souvenirs, and conversation pieces, and can be a sign of respect to the characters and series they portray.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes anime figures expensive?

Anime figures are expensive due to their high quality materials, the detail sophistication of the figures, and the demand for limited edition and collectible items. Additionally, companies must pay royalties to the anime creators or company, driving up prices. In summary, an anime figure’s price is driven by quality, demand, and licensing costs.

Why do people buy anime figurines?

People buy anime figurines to surround their physical space with their favorite characters from anime, to express their passion for the series, or to collect rare and limited items. Collecting anime figurines can also be a fun way to interact with other fans or to add new pieces to an existing collection.

Are anime figures worth money?

Yes, anime figures can be worth a lot of money! They can appreciate in value over time due to their collectibility, rarity and popularity. Depending on the quality and condition, some anime figures can be quite valuable, making them attractive to collectors who are willing to pay for them.

What is the most expensive figure?

The most expensive figure is a 1963 prototype G.I. Joe. Handmade by series creator Don Levine, it sold for $200,000 at an auction in 2009. This makes it the most valuable and expensive figure of all time.

What is the best anime figure?

The best anime figure depends on your personal preference. But some popular figures include Tanjiro from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Nezuko from the same series, or Zenitsu and Inosuke. These figures are highly detailed and look great in any collection.

Is collecting anime figures a hobby?

Yes, collecting anime figures is a great hobby for anime fans of all ages and genders. It’s a perfect way to show your passion for anime and connect with other fans. Figure collecting can also be enjoyable and rewarding, allowing you to build a unique collection and express your creativity.

How do you keep anime figures?

The best way to keep anime figures in good condition is to store them in a room temperature, dry space out of direct sunlight. Dust and clean them regularly, and consider investing in a special action figure storage solution for extra protection. By following these simple steps, your anime figures can remain looking like new for years to come.

Are anime figures limited?

Yes, anime figures are limited. Certain figures are released in a limited number and become extremely rare as time passes. It’s not uncommon for limited edition figures to gain value over time due to their scarcity, making them extremely desirable for collectors.

Final Thoughts

High-end anime figures designed with intricate detail and made with the highest quality materials tend to fetch a premium price-tag! Buying an expensive anime figure involves research and cost evaluation. Collectors must weigh the cost of an anime figure versus its rarity, uniqueness, and potential resale value. Many collectors opt for expensive figures because they view them as an investment, and these rare figures can potentially bring great returns on the collector’s finances. It is ultimately up to the collector to decide if an expensive anime figure is a good purchase for them or not.


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