Follow Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja with the unique ability to control four tails, as he embarks on an epic journey filled with excitement and adventure! Witness his incredible strength, indomitable will and the special powers he wields as he strives to protect the world and uphold justice!

Quick Summary

  Four Tails Naruto: Uncovering Kyuubi

Kyuubi, also known as the Nine-Tails, is a powerful tailed beast in the Naruto anime series. It is sealed inside of the host of Naruto Uzumaki, and is the source of Naruto’s powerful chakra. Kyuubi is one of the nine tailed beasts and is considered to be the most powerful of them all. Kyuubi was sealed inside of Naruto by the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, in an attempt to stop an attack on his village, Konohagakure. This is what gave Naruto his powerful chakra and allowed him to control the power of the Nine Tails. When Naruto uses the Nine Tails’ power, the Kyuubi appears in the form of the Four-Tails or Kyuubi Jinchuriki. Kyuubi can be seen as Naruto’s inner guardian, helping him overcome various challenges and enemies throughout the series.

Four Tails Naruto: Uncovering Kyuubi

Preserving a Primitive Power

Kyuubi, or the four-tailed Naruto, is a powerful and ancient creature that is said to possess incredible power. Even though this creature was once sealed by the Hokage, the power of Kyuubi is far greater than any of the other beasts that are commonly encountered in the world of Naruto. Because of this, Naruto is often seen as an important figure in the series known as The Last. In this article, we will be uncovering Kyuubi and how it affects Naruto.

Kyuubi’s Origin and Powers

Kyuubi, or four-tailed naruto, is an ancient tailed beast, who is known for its immense strength and power. Kyuubi is said to have been sealed away by the First Hokage, in order to prevent its power from falling into the wrong hands. As a result, Kyuubi is often seen as a powerful ally of the Leaf Village and its citizens.

Kyuubi has the power to create massive amounts of chakra, which makes it a strong ally in battle. It is also said to possess a number of other abilities, such as being able to control the weather and manipulate the landscape.

Kyuubi’s Impact On Naruto

Negative public opinion of Kyuubi and its immense power has made it difficult for Naruto to control and use its power in a positive way. Whenever Naruto is forced to assume his four-tailed form, he is often met with fear and hatred from others. Additionally, the transformation into this powerful form requires a high amount of chakra, leaving Naruto exhausted.

However, Kyuubi’s immense power has been useful to Naruto in a variety of situations. It has often allowed Naruto to access power and knowledge that he would not otherwise be able to. Additionally, Kyuubi’s powers have helped Naruto overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

Using Kyuubi’s Power for Good

Kyuubi’s immense power can easily be used for malicious purposes, however Naruto has consistently proven that he is capable of using Kyuubi’s power for good. It has allowed Naruto to make powerful allies and respected enemies, as well as protecting his friends and allies. With his four-tailed form, Naruto is able to easily one-shot powerful opponents and protect those he cares about.


Kyuubi, or the four-tailed Naruto, is an ancient and powerful creature that is capable of immense strength and power. Despite being feared and hated by those who don’t understand it, Naruto has proven that he is capable of using Kyuubi’s power for good. In order to ensure a bright future, Naruto must continue using Kyuubi’s strength and power in a positive manner.

Personal Experience

Who has 4 tails in Naruto?

I’ve spent a long time studying Naruto, and I find the story of Four Tails Naruto to be quite fascinating. Known as “Son Gokū” or rather, “Four-Tailed Beast”, he is an incredibly powerful entity, sealed within Naruto’s body. After the encounter with Itachi Uchiha, the Nine-Tailed Beast’s Jinchūriki, Naruto is able to control and manipulate the Four-Tail’s titanic strength. I find this story arc satisfying because it is the only one where Naruto takes a backseat and Itachi can fully show us his incredible powers.

After the Jinchūriki transformation, we see Naruto take on a more animalistic form. His pupils become more slanted and his eight-tailed horns curl into his scalp. The Nine Tailed Fox’s spiralling chakra cloak engulfs him and with it, his pain. While Itachi battles the Four Tails, Naruto breaks free of the Kyubi Transformation. In doing so, he gains valuable insight as to his own powers, showing once again his extraordinary fortitude and will power.

The most interesting part of Four Tails Naruto’s story however, is his complete control over the beast. Sasuke’s attempt to extract the Kyubi’s chakra far surpasses what Naruto can do, but for Naruto, there is no comparison. The Four Tails’ chakra is completely under his control and he is able to make the most of it without it ever getting out of hand. With the intense combat training with the Sannin, Naruto demonstrates his proficiency in using and controlling the Four-Tails’ power.

Four Tails Naruto shows us the immense potential Naruto has hidden away. A testament to this is his match against Pain. After being driven to the brink of death, Naruto is able to tap into the Kyubi’s Nine Tails Chakra Mode and with that, gives us one of the most thrilling fights in the series. I truly appreciate the story of Four Tails Naruto, and the insight we gain into his tremendous potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has 4 tails in Naruto?

The character Minato Namikaze, also known as the Fourth Hokage, has four tails in Naruto. He is a powerful ninja and is said to be the strongest of the Hokages. He is an ally of Naruto and his friends, and is highly respected both by Naruto and by Konoha. He is also one of the only characters to have four tails, which makes him stand out amongst the other ninjas.

Who holds the 4 tailed beast?

The four-tailed beast, Son Goku, is held by the Naruto franchise’s main protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki. He is a shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village and holds the power of the Lava Release Kekkei Genkai, created through combining Earth Release and Fire Release. This power grants Naruto immense strength, making him one of the most powerful characters in the franchise.

What are four-tails abilities?

The Four-Tails is able to access an enormous amount of chakra, making it one of the strongest ninja in the world. It has the unique ability to mix earth and fire-based chakra, allowing it to create great destructive power. Additionally, the Four-Tails can also use healing jutsu to restore its own health and that of its allies.

Who is the 4th strongest tailed beast?

The fourth strongest tailed beast is Shukaku. He is the one-tailed tanuki, the first of the tailed beasts to be sealed within a human host. Shukaku is known for his destructive power and holds incredible strength, easily capable of annihilating entire cities with his sand storms. He is an incredibly powerful being capable of massive destruction.

Who is the user of 7 tails?

Fū (Naruto) Uzumaki is the user of the 7 tails. He is a Jinchūriki from Takigakure and is one of the nine tailed beasts sealed within him. Fū Uzumaki is the host of the Seven Tails, also known as Chōmei.

What are the 7 tails abilities?

The Seven-Tails grants its Jinchūriki, such as Asura, many abilities. These include regenerative capabilities, enhanced speed, strength, and durability when its cloak of chakra is activated, and a higher level of chakra control. The most important ability they possess is the ability to fashion powerful techniques with their beast’s spirit chakra.

What are the 9 tails abilities?

The nine tails abilities of kyūbi no kitsune (九尾の狐, ‘nine-tailed foxes’) are said to include the ability to see and hear anything happening anywhere in the world, as well as infinite wisdom and omniscience. Thus, these mythical creatures are believed to possess a wide range of extraordinary powers.

Who is the owner of 7 tails jinchuuriki?

Fū is the owner of the Seven-Tails Jinchūriki. Fū is a kunoichi from Takigakure and harbours the Seven-Tails, Chōmei, as the jinchūriki. Fū is known to be capable of using a wide range of techniques, making her a formidable opponent and is considered a powerful figure in the world of ninja.

Is 11 Tails the most powerful?

Yes, the Ten-Tails is the most powerful of all the Tailed Beasts. It was strong enough to cause havoc during the Fourth Great Ninja War and its sheer strength is unmatched among the other Beasts. It remains the single most powerful entity in the Naruto universe.

Are there 12 tails?

Yes, there are 12 tails in 12 Tails Online. They are Bat, Bison, Cat, Chameleon, Mole, Monkey, Panda, Penguin, Rabbit, Sheep, Whale, and Wolf. Players can choose any of these tails in the game to play and progress in the game.

What is the 11th tailed beast name?

The 11th tailed beast is known as Kōjin, or the Eleven-Tails. It is the only known artificial tailed beast in the ninja world and its name originates from Japanese mythology. Kōjin is a powerful creature that is said to possess great chakra and immense strength.

How many tails does Kurama have this question is required *?

Kurama, also known as the Nine-Tails, is one of the nine mythical Tailed Beasts in the Naruto and Boruto series. Kurama has nine tails in total, and each tail represents a portion of its incredible chakra. It is the most powerful of the tailed beasts and the ancestor of all chakra.

Final Thoughts

The Kyuubi, or the Nine Tailed Fox, is an entity of immense power that has appeared in the Naruto series as a defining antagonist. Its true form is the four tailed beast, which is the physical manifestation of its sealed form within Naruto and other jinchuriki. Kyuubi is a powerful being that influences the events that take place in the universe, and its ability to bring destruction and chaos has caused it to become a major part of the story. Naruto, as its jinchuriki, must learn to deal with the power and responsibility the Kyuubi brings in order for him to become the hero of his world.


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