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Quick Summary

In music, ‘FT’ is an acronym that stands for ‘featuring’. When an artist credits another artist on a song, they will often feature them in their lyrics and add ‘FT’ to the title of the song. The acronym lets listeners know that the credited artist is featured in the track. FT can also be used to indicate that a track is the result of a collaboration between two or more artists.

FT is commonly used in many genres of music, such as rap, hip-hop, EDM, and pop. Weather featuring a vocal artist or a fellow producer, artists often collaborate in the creation of a track. By crediting their collaborators through the use of ‘FT’, the featured artist is given their rightful recognition. This collaboration often furthers the creativity of a song and adds to the artist exposure.

In some cases, ‘FT’ is also used to differentiate a remix from the original. When an artist releases a remixed version of their own song, ‘FT’ is used to indicate the differences between the original and the remix version. This notation allows listeners to easily determine which version they are listening to, while also providing credit to the remixer.

Overall, ‘FT’ is a widely used acronym in music that lets listeners know the track is the result of collaboration. It is used to credit the featured artist in a track, as well as to differentiate a remix from the original.

Uncovering the Meaning of ‘FT’ in Music: An Overview of This Common Acronym

Are you curious about ‘FT’ in music? This common acronym has been popping up in lyrics, titles, and all sorts of online conversations – but it’s not always easy to figure out what it means!

What Does ‘FT’ Mean in Music?

The acronym ‘FT’ stands for “featuring” or “feat.” When used in a musical context, it indicates that an artist is being featured as a guest contributor to a song on another artist’s album or single. This can include features from vocalists and/or producers that contribute to the overall sound and feel of a song.

The Importance of ‘FT’ in Music

‘FT’ is an important acronym to recognize in music today, as there has been an increasing trend in music collaborations between different artists. This acronym appears in a variety of contexts, from album titles and song titles, to social media posts, interviews, and more. It can also be seen in streaming services, such as on Spotify’s ‘Featured on…’ list, which highlights the various featured artists that collaborated on a specific track.

Notable Music Collaborations Featuring ‘FT’

Some popular music collaborations featuring ‘FT’ include:

  • Drake and Rihanna’s ‘Too Good’ with the title ‘Work ft. Drake’
  • Kanye West and Jay Z’s ‘Watch the Throne’ album with tracks like ‘N****s in Paris ft. Jay Z’
  • Migos and Drake’s collaboration on the song ‘Walk It Talk It ft. Drake’


In conclusion, ‘FT’ is an important acronym to understand in music, as it is often used to indicate that an artist has been featured on a song. If you’re curious about what ‘FT’ means in music, you now know that it stands for ‘featuring’ or ‘feat.’ With an understanding of this acronym, you can appreciate music collaborations and spot ‘FT’ in many areas, from album titles and song titles, to streaming services.

Personal Experience

What could FT stand for?

Having been involved in the music industry for over 15 years, I have experienced the joy of playing and listening to a diverse collection of music. From rock n’roll to EDM, I have found that the FT meaning, which stands for ‘Fashion Technology’, has become integral to my musical journey. FT art of music has stretched my imagination and helped further my appreciation of the various sounds, styles and production techniques available today. This contemporary art form has allowed me to experiment with creating my own sounds and amalgamations of music, with a distinct futuristic twist. Additionally, the genre has given me an opportunity to engage with multiple cultures, through a multitude of different interpretations and collaborations.

By introducing a range of emerging trends and old classics, FT music has enabled me to adapt and perform in various contexts. I have been able to transfer the same sound system, remixes and samples to acoustic events, clubs, and corporate events alike. Through this, I have been able to facilitate a greater understanding of today’s music and the links between different eras, cultures and generations. The best part is, always, the audience’s reaction and engagement with FT music. Seeing listeners of all ages and backgrounds respond to the mix of future and vintage sounds is truly a humbling experience.

Ultimately, the FT meaning has become something close to my heart, providing a much-needed platform for continuously reinventing, engaging and reimagining the shapes and sounds of a moving target – music. I am truly appreciative of the progressively creative atmosphere it has enabled, and look forward to creating more exciting music with FT as the center of my work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What could FT stand for?

Answer: “FT is most commonly used to refer to FaceTime, a video-calling application available on Apple devices. FaceTime offers an easy way to communicate with friends and family through video and audio calls. By downloading FaceTime, users can connect with anyone else who has it installed on their Apple device.”

What does it mean ft in chat?

FR means “for real” and is a way of affirming what someone has said. It is often used in online conversations and chat between friends to indicate agreement. FR is usually followed by a descriptive term like “bro” or “sis” to add emphasis.

What does FT mean in Instagram?

FT stands for “Featuring” in Instagram. It is commonly used to indicate that an artist or vocalist is featured on the song or album being promoted. Additionally, the FT acronym lets followers know that another artist or vocalist will be appearing on the suggested track.

What does FT mean snap?

FT means FaceTime on Snapchat. FaceTime is a video chat service developed by Apple Inc. which enables users to make video calls between iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple products. It can be accessed through the native app found on Apple devices or by typing “FT” in Snapchat conversations.

What does ft mean with someone?

“FT stands for FaceTime and is used to indicate a video chat. When someone says “Hmu to ft”, they are asking for you to contact them for a video call. It is an acronym commonly used in texting and messaging.”

What does ft mean on Facebook?

FT on Facebook stands for “Featuring”. It is often used to indicate that an artist or musician is credited with a contribution to a song or project. FT can also be used to credit a collaboration between two or more artists on a song or project.

What is the other meaning of FT?

FT is an abbreviation of “featuring”, which is used to introduce guest performers on a musical recording. It can also stand for various other terms, such as “Free Trade”, “Fortune Teller”, and “Full Time”. It is a versatile acronym used in various contexts.

What does FT mean in a conversation?

FT stands for FaceTime. It is an Apple product used to make free video and audio calls over the internet. FT is commonly used in conversation to suggest making a video call.

What does FT stand for on Snapchat?

FT stands for FaceTime on Snapchat. It’s a feature that allows users to make video calls to each other. FaceTime is Apple’s video calling app designed for iOS users.

What does ft stand for Urban?

FT is an acronym that stands for both “Fuck That” and “Full Time.” In online contexts, it can also mean “For Trade.” It is commonly used in text messages and online job postings.

Final Thoughts

The acronym ‘FT’ has many meanings and application within music, including in the titles of tracks and even entire albums. It is a playful and versatile acronym that appears in various styles of music, from rap to pop and more. While there are numerous uses for ‘FT’, this acronym is quite relevant and important in the music industry, hence its frequent use in music titles. It serves to distinguish songs from one another and can provide a sense of uniqueness to their titles. Ultimately, FT proves to be yet another powerful tool for music creators in the music industry.


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