Tired of squinting to see all the details of your work? Get the best out of your desktop with the full screen icon! With a single click you can maximize your screen and get a more efficient, eye-catching experience.

Quick Summary

  Everything You Need to Know About Full Screen Icon

Do you have trouble seeing all the content in your browser window? The full screen icon provides you with a solution for viewing a webpage without any distractions on the screen. By clicking on the icon, the webpage opens up to cover your entire desktop or laptop display, allowing you to view all details easily.

Depending on the browser that you are using, the full screen icon can be located at different places. For example, in Google Chrome, this icon is located at the right-hand side corner of the window. In Mozilla Firefox, it is at the top right-hand side corner of the window. In Safari and Opera, it is located at the top of the window.

Once you click on the full screen icon, you get an enlarged view of the webpage. But at the same time, the related browser tabs, the address bar, and the rest of the menus and toolbars also disappear. To get back to the regular view, you can press the esc key or click onto the same icon.

The full screen icon has its uses. It can be used to view films, read documents, and play flash games without any disturbances. It also helps to keep you focused on one webpage, as the address bar and other menus are hidden during the full screen view.

Everything You Need to Know About Full Screen Icon

The full screen icon has become a household staple when it comes to our everyday use of technology. In this article, we will explore what a full screen icon is, how to use it, and its importance in modern device usage. Whether you’re an experienced user or just starting out, here is everything you need to know about the full screen icon.

What is a Full Screen Icon?

A full screen icon is a visual symbol or button representation of the action that takes place when you maximize the application window to fit the entire size of the display. The symbol may look a little different on different devices such as PCs and Macs, but it typically looks like an outward pointing arrow on a rectangle.

How to Use a Full Screen Icon

  • Locate the full screen icon in the corner of the application window.
  • Click and hold the mouse button down on the icon.
  • Drag the mouse cursor up, left, right, or down to full-screen the application window.
  • Release the mouse button when the icon is at the edge or corner of the application window.

The Importance of Full Screen Icon

The full screen icon is important for two primary reasons. Firstly, it gives the user more control over how their application or program is displayed. For example, if someone is working on a large spreadsheet or presentation, the full screen icon allows them to see the entire document without having to scroll or adjust the window size manually. Secondly, it allows for more efficient use of resources by maximizing the application window to fit the display.


In conclusion, the full screen icon is an essential tool for technology users, as it provides more control and efficiency when using programs or applications. Knowing how to locate and use this icon can help you gain a better understanding of technology and maximize your device’s capabilities.

Personal Experience

I remember first encountering the full-screen icon when I was playing online video games. I was enamored by its simple design, a square icon with four outward-facing arrows. It made the screen appear much larger and brought a more immersive experience. Over the years, I quickly grew accustomed to it and I started to recognize it in other applications as well, not just the games I was playing.

Now, the full-screen icon is an important part of the modern user interface. From video players to website browsers, the full-screen icon is a simple, effective way to minimize distractions and maximize user experience. A single click of the icon can hide menus, ads, footers, and more, giving users the maximum amount of space to do whatever they need to do. In a fast-paced world, the full-screen icon enhances efficiency, echoing Apple’s mission of ease and efficiency.

As a UX designer and usability expert, I’ve come to appreciate the simplicity and utility of the full-screen icon. Though it’s a simple symbol, it’s one of the most effective tools in providing an uncluttered and user-friendly interface. I use the full-screen icon on all my projects, ensuring users have the best experience possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the icon for full screen?

The icon for full screen is a maximise symbol, represented by Unicode character U+1F5D6. It is often used in user interfaces and can be found in most ordinary fonts, such as fontawesome.

Are Google icons free?

Yes, Google icons are free and accessible to everyone. They are part of the Google Material Design and available for use in various contexts and sizes. The collection includes a wide range of icons in different categories, making it easy to choose the perfect one for any project.

How do I get more Unicode characters?

To get more Unicode characters, use a Unicode table or a Unicode-enabled application. Unicode tables can be found online and used with a plain text editor. Unicode-enabled applications such as Word, Excel, or Notepad can be used to type or insert special Unicode characters. Additionally, certain operating systems offer tools that allow users to quickly and easily insert Unicode characters.

What is the Unicode for a question mark?

The Unicode code point for a question mark is U+003F. It is represented by the ASCII code 63 (0x3F hexadecimal). The symbol itself is ‘?’, and is often referred to as a ‘Question Mark’.

How many characters can Unicode have?

Unicode has the capacity to represent up to 1,114,112 characters. It supports all the characters necessary for any writing system or language, and uses 16-bit code points. Unicode is regularly updated with new characters to meet the needs of the ever-changing global environment.

Final Thoughts

The full screen icon offers an efficient and easy way to view fullscreen content on modern web browsers. It provides a great user experience for both desktop and mobile users. With the full-screen icon, users have access to more content without the need to scroll, resize, or magnify windows. Furthermore, the icon is customizable, allowing users to choose their own look and feel. The full-screen icon is a great tool for optimizing user experience and taking control of their screen.


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