We all want to keep our fans intrigued to our contents, as Onlyfans Creators. The truth is, however, without proper understanding you can make a mess. If you’re looking forward to make an epic welcome message, here’s a guide on how to come up with a good welcome message for Onlyfans.

What is a Good Welcome Message for Onlyfans?

If you’re just starting out as an Onlyfans creator, and you’ve gotten a bit of an audience. While gaining fans is important, keeping them intrigued is crucial to create a sort of relationship between you and them.

Other wise, you might end up getting subscribers and loosing them up to thin air. Unfortunately, this actually happens to many beginners.

Thank goodness, OnlyFans has a lot of flexible creator tools  –like Onlyfans automatic welcome message– that are open to leverage.

But wait…

What do you think you need to do after someone subscribes to you Onlyfans? Do they need a tutorial, a welcome…

Or, after you’ve gone through some off-page hustles for subscribers, and finally gets a new subscriber, you think your job is done?

Just like the “Can I help you?” you receive when you enter a new shop, an Onlyfans welcome message is quite very important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Like in the shop, obviously, you don’t need their help, but the welcome message “Can I help you” has surely created a kind of superiority complex in you that makes you talk freely.

It’s the same idea, here. And the same goes…when chatting with them, traditionally.

How to Create a Good Welcome Message For Onlyfans

Creating a good welcome message for Onlyfans involves 4 basic procedures which are mentioned below:

  • Genuinely Greet Them
  • Let the Message Sound Like You
  • Create a CTA
  • Don’t add a price for messaging

Step 1: Genuinely Greet Them

A good customer-to-marketer conversion starts with a genuine conversation.

First off, before typing anything, start with a greeting. Alternatively, you can begin with a sharp reaction for subscriptions then the greetings, or vice versa. Whichever way you do it, it works anyway.

Take for instance, here, I greeted with the “thanks”

welcome message ideas for onlyfans

Below is an example of a sharp reaction before an “official greeting.”

Good Welcome Message on Onlyfans - the ultimate guide

This is a pattern that has worked really well for me. I do this as a way of creating templates when writing welcome messages for several Onlyfans accounts.

With this, I can create 10s of welcome messages within an hour, without getting lost in words.

By the way, your greeting should sound personal and not some kind of generic greeting like the popular “Hello dear” phrase or “How are you doing.” Obviously, that sounds odd and can’t build any relationship.

Generally, the best way to start up your Onlyfans welcome message is to appreciate them for the following they just gave. It could start with “Thank you”, “Glad you subscribed” or just something thankful.


Step 2: Let the Message Sound Like You

You don’t want to start up something you can’t finish, right? Then start up with what you know better. Plus, it should be in your tone…the way you’ll say it if you were talking.

This method is advisable to kind of give an end to an official-like message.

For instance,

“Welcome to my Onlyfans page. We’re a team of content creators…”

While this can be relevant on some other platforms, it makes no sense for a welcome message on Onlyfans.

Lastly, you’re free to add up whatever you feel about yourself on the welcome message. As we said, it should sound like you. In other words, adding your name, age and what you love doing is also a good way to create a relationship.

Step 3: Create a CTA

While you try to convey a perfect message to your new fans, it’s also wise if you place a CTA (call to action) alongside. It could be a request for a like or comment, a banner for some exclusive content, or even a notification of what you offer (in a higher or current subscription).

Additionally, you can create a limited time offer for new subscribers, especially when you run a free subscription service. If you do, you can get some good conversions by adding the link to your welcome message.

Step 4: Don’t add a price for messaging

I have seen a lot of Onlyfans users adding prices to send messages to them. But I don’t actually know the purpose for this,  because it makes no sense to me.

Whether the price tag is only there for people who subscribed to a free level or premium subscribers, it isn’t advisable especially when you’re starting out.

Many people do this because they find it daunting to keep replying to unnecessary messages. And so, they keep the message at a high price tag to scare away unnecessary messages.

You could do this, though, when you’re already an established creator. But at the starting point where you still hustle for subscribers, please make your message free to keep your subscribers.

5 Best Onlyfans welcome message ideas and Examples

These are some examples of welcome messages on Onlyfans that creates some epic reaction:

  1. Glad you hit the “follow” button, welcome to my Onlyfans space. I’m Crazy James, a 24-year-old freak and s*x lover, and would love to know you better. By the way, here’s what I do here: (List out what you do)
  2. Thanks for taking an interest in my content, my name is Denim! I’m a 25-year-old idiot who loves sharing my arsenal of butt photos with the world! on my page. All I ask is for you like any of my posts you come across or even say hi in the comments 🙂 thanks again!
  3. Hey, thanks for the follow. I live on Onlyfans and it’d be fun, to join me. I post daily epic content. Feel free to give comments and likes to my post – they don’t cost money!
  4. It’s great to have someone like you on board, where the best of Onlyfans is being shared. My biggest dream here is to get a thousand likes on a single pics. I hope you can help me make that possible.
  5. Oh my Goodness. Thank you so much for following my phat ass. I hope you enjoy your stay here, I only ask that you let mommy know you like her content by Liking and commenting on her posts

How to Set Up the automatic welcome message on Onlyfans

On a default setting, the welcome message is usually switched off, but however, available to creators. You don’t have to spend a dime to get it on, moreso, it’s quite easy to get it activated to your account.

To set up your the welcome message on Onlyfans, all you have to do is to follow the following procedures:

  • Visit Onlyfans.com and log into your account.
  • Navigate to the Settings on your dashboard
  • Click on chats, which pops out a new menu.
  • On the new menu,  tap on the button tagged “Welcome message” and switch the toggle on.  

It’s worth noting that the welcome message button would be turned off on default, with a grey-ish color toggle. However, by turning on the toggle, it gets blue, signifying that the welcome message has been On.

Final Thoughts

Onlyfans welcome messages are the best way to instantly create a relationship since they give your fans a first impression of you. With this, it’s safe if we say creating a good welcome message on Onlyfans is a cornerstone for the success for any Onlyfans page.

Hope you find this article informative, do well to share it!


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