Heading out at night and need a little help? Google’s flashlight can be your guide! With one simple command – “Google flashlight off” – you can turn on your device’s flashlight in a flash. Whether you need to brighten the night or find your keys, this quick and easy feature can provide the illumination you need.

Quick Summary

  Turn Off Google Flashlight: A Step-by-Step Guide

To turn off the Google Flashlight, you will need to make sure that the flashlight app has been closed. You can do this by unlocking your phone, swiping down the notification bar, and then tapping the flashlight icon. This will turn off the Google Flashlight. For select Android phones, you can also double tap the home button to bring up the flashlight icon, and then tap it again to turn it off.

If you want to be extra sure that the Google Flashlight has been turned off, you can also force close the app. To do this, head to your phone’s settings, then go to ‘Apps & notifications,’ and select ‘See all apps’. Scroll down and find Google Flashlight, and then tap on it. On the next screen, you’ll find a ‘Force stop’ button, which will close the app and turn off the flashlight.

Turn Off Google Flashlight: A Step-by-Step Guide

Searching for the perfect guide to turn off your Google Flashlight? Knowing how to turn off the Google Flashlight can be important for saving battery life and protecting your privacy. The following steps will help you quickly turn off Google Flashlight with ease.

Step 1: Go to Home Screen

Start by accessing your home screen. This can either be a short press of the home button on the device or a long press on the home button of the device.

Step 2: Open App Tray

Once your home screen is loaded, swipe up from the bottom of the device to open the App Tray. Here you should find the Google Flashlight app.

Step 3: Open Flashlight App

Tap on the Google Flashlight app to open it.

Step 4: Turn Off Google Flashlight

Once the app is open, there will be a toggle button labelled as ‘flashlight’ in the top right corner of the screen. You can toggle this button off to turn off your Google Flashlight.

Safety & Security Tips

  • Always ensure that you have a secure device lock code to prevent any unauthorised access to your device.
  • It is advised to install a reliable mobile security app to protect your device from privacy threats.
  • If you are using your mobile phone in remote locations, make sure there is reliable Wi-Fi connection.


By following the above instructions, you can safely and easily turn off your Google Flashlight app. Always make sure to follow the safety and security tips to keep your device safe and secure.

Personal Experience

What should I say to Google to turn on flashlight?

I have used the Google flashlight off feature on a few occasions. While I’m sure there are multiple ways to turn off the flashlight on one’s device, this feature has always come in handy when I needed to turn off my microphone during Zoom meetings, locate an item in the dark or extend my phone’s battery life. This powerful feature is also incredibly convenient, reliable and convenient to use. To turn off the flashlight on an Android phone with Google, one needs to simply activate the voice command by tapping on the Google app icon and tell the words “Okay Google”, followed by “Turn off flashlight”. Utilizing voice commands has definitely made turning off my flashlight easier and much faster than fumbling in the darkness for the flashlight button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I say to Google to turn on flashlight?

To turn on the flashlight using Google Assistant, simply say “Hey Google, turn on flashlight.” Google will then activate the flashlight on your device, allowing you to see in the dark. You can also turn off the flashlight by saying “Hey Google, turn off flashlight.”

How do I turn the flashlight off on Google Voice?

The answer to this question is: To turn off the flashlight on Google Voice, open the app and tap the circular flashlight button at the top right. This will toggle the flashlight on or off. To quickly access the flashlight, you can also use a voice command like “Hey Google, turn on flashlight” or “Hey Google, turn off flashlight.”

How do I turn on my flashlight automatically?

The easiest way to turn your flashlight on automatically is to use the free Ambient LED Flashlight app. After downloading the app, follow the easy instructions to calibrate the flashlight and enable the light sensor. Then, the app will automatically activate the torch based on the light sensor data.

Where is flashlight in settings?

The flashlight can be found in the Quick Settings panel. To access it, simply swipe down from the top of the screen using two fingers. Then, tap the flashlight icon to turn the light on or off.

How do I open flashlight with voice?

To open flashlight using voice, you can use Google Assistant. Simply say “Hey Google” then “Turn on flashlight” and your flashlight will come on. You can also use voice commands to customize the intensity of your flashlight as well. Also, depending on the device, you may be able to open the flashlight by long pressing the power button on your device.

How do you turn on flashlight on Android phone?

for the flashlight icon or “Torch” icon. It is usually present near the top of the quick settings menu. 3 Tap the icon once to turn the torch on. It will either light up when switched on, or the icon will turn from grey to white/yellow. 4 You can turn the torch off by tapping the same icon again.

How do I turn on my Android flashlight without the power button?

To turn on your Android flashlight without the power button, open the Settings App and go to System → Gestures → Quick Tap. Turn on this feature by pressing the Use Quick Tap button and scrolling down to select the Toggle flashlight option.

Final Thoughts

Turning off the flashlight on your Android device is a very easy process and can be done quickly in a few simple steps. Turning off the flashlight will help conserve your device’s battery life and avoid any potential damage that could be caused by continuous use. This can be especially useful if you tend to accidentally forget to turn off your flashlight. Thanks to the intuitive layout of the Google flashlight, you can easily access the power button at any time and make sure it is off for safety’s sake.


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