In today’s post, we’ll be taking a deep dive into dating affiliate programs, in general.

…what they actually are, how you can select one and the best and high paying dating affiliate programs, you can find on the Internet.

So you find yourself in the relationship and dating niche, but you seem to be lost of options to monetize your content?

Yeah, I know, joining a pay per click ad network is one.

But what about affiliate marketing?

For your ignorance, Dating Affiliate Programs are among the top 5 sectors of affiliate marketing, after fashion, health, makeup, and a couple of others.

And in this article, we’ve prepared a list of the best dating affiliate programs in 2022.

But, before that, what is a dating affiliate program?

What are Dating Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate marketing has been around for decades now. 

Currently, there are large troops of people trooping into the business, alongside merchants.

According to research, the search interest in affiliate marketing doubled by 200%.

So, you can tell, the business is not going down, anytime soon. 

The point of affiliate marketing is to create a relationship between a merchant and a publisher, where an affiliate promotes a product, to earn a commission predetermined by the merchant.

So, affiliate programs are just a simple way to make this relationship possible.

So, yeah, dating affiliate programs fall under this.

Dating affiliate programs are a set of affiliate program or networks, open to affiliate marketers, that allows them to promote dating/relationship websites, while earning a commission for every successful referral made.

What Makes a Good Dating Affiliate Program?

There are a lot of things to consider when joining an affiliate program.

Your metric for choosing an affiliate program shouldn’t just be about the huge commission rate or the low commission rate, followed!

There actual procedures to take, and we’d take them down here;

1. Commissions

Yeah, this is obviously one of the first metrics anyone would go to before joining an affiliate program.

And basically, it’s very important. 

It’s vital you always go for dating affiliate programs, that pay better.

Remember, you’re doing business here, so, more commission, more money.

For instance; Where a dating affiliate program pays affiliates a 1-2% commission rate, a dating affiliate program that pays commission rate of 5% can earn you up to 2.5 times better earnings.

So, wisdom should tell you better…

But, hey! Don’t be so pushy at this point…

Yeah, affiliate programs with high commission rates are good, but they shouldn’t be your bus stop.

Don’t be fooled by the unnecessary high commission rates.

…rather, pay more attention to things like Brand reputation, popularity, cookie duration, payment methods, model, etc.

2. Brand

Most of the time, dating affiliate programs with insanely favorable affiliate metrics are more likely brands with little or no reputation, or just upcoming brands.

I don’t mean you shouldn’t promote them, don’t get me wrong, but be on a washout for them.

…so you don’t end up being an acquaintance in a scam or something related. 

You can do proper research about the brand on Google, and any other search engine that feels convenient for you.

Better still, checking the brand on some reviews platform, like Trust Pilot is a good move.

3. Cookie Duration

If you’re new to the world of Affiliate marketing, then you might find this new to your ears. 

Well, cookie duration is an affiliate marketing metric you shouldn’t joke about when selecting your dating affiliate program.

Because they’re as crucial as a program’s commission rate. But what are they, actually?

Cookies are tiny files containing sensitive data that are stored on the browser of site visitors.

This information can go as wide as the site’s login information, or as affiliate marketing, referral data.

So cookies are always given an expiration date. And this is what is basically known as the “Cookie Duration” we’re talking about.

Basically, a cookie duration is what determines how long a potential referral could earn you a commission during a campaign.

For instance, let’s say a dating affiliate program cookie duration is set at 30 days.

Once someone clicks on your link, you have exactly 30 days to seal the deal into a purchase or declined sale, otherwise, they’d have to come back to your affiliate link.

In essence, the longer your cookie duration, the better it is for affiliates.

High Paying Dating affiliate programs

So, in this article, we’re going to divide this list of dating affiliate programs into 4 sets;

i.e High Paying dating affiliate programs, pay per lead dating affiliate programs, and a few of these dating affiliate programs that pay per click;

1. Cupid Media

cupid media dating affiliate program

Cupid Media is one of the largest relationship and dating platform providers.

Founded in 2000, the Australian-based dating platform, Cupid Media, is used by over 50 Million people all over the world.

It is, however, known for its divergence of flexibility for people of different religions, ethnicity, lifestyle, and special interests, to meet up with their like-mind.

Based on this, the company operates on over 33 niche websites for people of the same religion, ethnicity, lifestyle, and special interests.

As an affiliate of Cupid Media, you can earn as much as 75% of your referral’s premium subscription.

The best is that it’s actually flexible, in the sense that it allows Affiliates to receive payments almost instantly. I think I need to add it to my list of affiliate programs that pay daily.

It’s worth mentioning that the Cupid affiliate program is self-hosted, at the time of writing this review.

Sign Up Page –

Commission Rate – 75% of referral subscriptions

Cookie duration – 30 days

2. Catholic match

catholic match dating affiliate program

Launched in 1999, Catholic match is a niche dating website that appeals to singles, in search of life partners that are in the same faith as them.

The platform aims at connecting Catholic partners together…and sincerely, the platform is doing just fine. 

And just as most dating platforms, Catholic Match has a premium version – that’s actually where you get paid from.

So now to business…

Affiliates of Catholic Match could earn as much as 75% commission on all validated- sales.  

Meaning that you can earn up to $22.46 for its 1 month subscription, $44.96 for a 3 month subscription, and $56.21 for 6 month subscription.

There’s also a cookie duration of 45 days to keep your conversion rate at the peak.

Sign Up Page –

Commission – Up to 75%

Cookie duration – 45 days

3. Military Cupid

military cupid dating affiliate program

A lot of people are usually intrigued by military people (men or women) due to a lot of reasons including their level of discipline, and how well organized they are.

Military Cupid is one dating platform that stands out from the crowd, as it appears to be one of the few meeting places, to find military men and women, which can possibly turn out to be your life partner.

Military Cupid is home to over 600,000 members – It makes a lot of sense to promote, now?

Well, the Military Cupid affiliate program offers affiliates a 70% commission rate…

Sign Up Page –

Commission rate – 70%

Cookie duration – Untold

4. Match

match dating affiliate program is a leading dating platform owned by the United-based company,

The platform claims to be the bus stop for singles on the lookout for love and marriage. has been around since 1995, so it’s most likely one of the oldest dating platforms.

Research has it that there are over 9 million people on the platform.

And most of its audience is found in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, with over 75% in the United States.

So, in essence, as a affiliate marketer, your audience should be somewhere around these countries.

Because, as they say, “Birds of the same feathers flock together”. Someone in Africa would likely not date someone in America, and hence would see no reason to pay for a premium plan.

Well, back to business…

So, Match has an affiliate program hosted on third parties’ affiliate networks.

There are a lot of affiliate networks that promote the platform including Flexoffers, VigLink, CJ, etc.

In my own opinion, I would suggest you join them from CJ.

Sign Up Page –

Commission Rate – 50% of referral subscriptions

Cookie duration – 120 days

5. is one different platform on this list.

It is a subsidiary of the popular niche online dating service, the People Media, alongside,, and a bunch of others.

The platform is open to parents who are single (not otherwise) and want to get into a serious relationship.

However, as an unmarried person, you’re also free to join the platform to find single parents, as well.

This dating site is really niched so you should watch out if it’s gonna work for you.

Their affiliate program?

Well, the affiliate program operates on CJ, a third-party Affiliate network.

Since is among the Subsidiaries of People’s Media, you would have a single Affiliate Program that hosts all these platforms.

Sign Up Page –

Commission Rate – 50% of referral subscriptions

Cookie duration – 120 days

6. Ourtimeourtime dating affiliate program

Did we ever talk about a dating site that caters to middle-aged singles? Well, this is one…

Founded in 2011, Ourtime is a dedicated dating site that appeals to an audience, aged over 50. In fact, it’s one of the most popular dating sites of its kind.

Ourtime is a conglomerate of the popular dating company, Match Group. So you can be sure Ourtime is going to be a good deal.

Meanwhile, the Ourtime affiliate program is hosted on Commission Junction (CJ). In essence, you’d need to join the CJ affiliate network, before you can apply. 

Otherwise, if you’re already a member, you can apply, directly.

Sign Up Page –

Commission Rate – 50% of referral subscriptions

Cookie duration – 120 days

7. LoveRevenuelove revenue dating affiliate program

With up to an 80% commission rate, Love revenue claims to be the highest paying dating affiliate program in town.

Yeah, apparently they are, but I don’t fancy that…

The thing is that LoveRevenue is not an affiliate program, but rather, an affiliate network. In other words, it hosts a list of affiliate programs under its inventory.

To be sincere, this was the first time I heard about an affiliate network that is specifically focused for dating related affiliate programs

So you get it?

The affiliate programs run on a pay per sale commission structure with a touch of pay per lead. According to Claims, you can get a commission of up to 80% as an affiliate of love revenue. 

Sign Up Page –

Commission Rate – Up to 80%

Cookie duration – varies based on the program

8. Sugar Daddiesugar daddie dating affiliate progra,

Sugar Daddie is a fast-growing dating site that has grown in popularity over time.

The platform appeals to most likely, single ladies who are in search of sugar daddies, or vice versa. 

However, the platform still avails to a wider range of people, whether or not you’re looking for a sugar daddy or not. Still, yet, the primary aim is for people in search of a “Sugar partner.” 

The pillar downside of this platform is that it’s only available in 4 countries. That is, the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

So, as an affiliate, your audiences need to come from this area as well, or else they won‘t convert well.

Sign Up Page –

Commission rate – 40%

Cookie duration – 45 days

9. Christian Cafechristian cafe dating affiliate program

Just like Christian mingles, Christian cafe is another dating site that focuses solely on building a platform where people from the same faith, Christianity can find their love mates.

The platform has been around since 1999 – so you can be assured you’re promoting an established brand.

It makes more sense to know that the platform has an App, making it more likely to refer mobile users to the platform.

However, an obvious drawback is that the Christian Cafe has a bit of an old-fashioned design for a 21st-century dating site.

Coming to their affiliate program, Christian cafe does pretty well, as it allows affiliates to earn a whopping 40% commission rate all backed with a 120 days cookie duration.

Sign Up Page –

Commission Rate – 40%

Cookie duration – 120 days

10. Seeking Arrangementseeking arrangement dating affiliate program

Looking for a popular, luxurious dating affiliate program?

…I guess you’re talking about Seeking Arrangement.

Seeking arrangement is hands down one of the most famous dating platforms that work well for mates in search of sugar daddies and partners, just like Sugar daddies.

The platform has the backups of the Media and has been featured on a list of big media like CNN, Forbes, The New York Times, Playboys, etc.

Unlike Sugar Daddies, Seeking arrangement is made from the skeletons, to appeal to people in search of the sugar lifestyle.

So their affiliate program…

As an affiliate of Seeking Arrangement, you have a one-off commission rate of 75% which you’ll receive per every referral you’re able to make. It’s worth mentioning that this only applies to referrals that purchase a premium membership plan.

Sign Up Page –

Commission rate – 35%

Cookie duration – 30 days

11. eHarmonyeharmony dating affiliate program

Based in the United States, eHarmony is another popular dating platform we have on our list.

The company appears to be one of the most advanced dating platforms, with a proficient algorithm.

The company is pretty much serious about accomplishing the primary goals of what dating entails. 

Even though the platform has a large membership of about 29 million people, the people’s preference on the platform is quite interesting.

So far, eHarmony claims to have helped over 2 million people find love, or about one new happy couple every 14 minutes.

Let’s just assume, we believe that (lol).

eHarmony seems to be a pretty good deal. So what about their affiliate program?

eHarmony offers up to 30% of Commission for your referral subscription. 

And you can even earn up to $10 for every lead, making it appear on our list of the best pay per free signup affiliate programs.

There’s also a 45 days cookie duration to keep your conversion rate at surge.

Sign Up Page –

Commission Rate – 30% of referral subscriptions

Cookie duration – 45 days

Pay Per lead dating affiliate programs

A lot of people usually like getting paid by leads they refer. Thank goodness that there are dating affiliate programs that work par those payment models. 

So, here’s our list of pay per lead dating affiliate programs

12. Elite Singleselite singles dating affiliate program

Aside from religious dating sites, a lot of other online dating sites tend to appeal to a generic audience.

…usually not minding age gap, careers, lifestyle, and everything else most want to find in their life partner. Well, Elite singles, on the other hand, takes a different approach…

As the name, “Elite” implies, Elite single is a dating platform that is tailored to help create relationships for high-class people.

The platform has its standards to cater to people who are already established, generally.

ELite singles pay as much as $7 per lead to affiliates. Additionally, you’ll also get a 45 days cookie duration.

One last thing, Elite singles isn’t self-hosted. In essence, you’d need to join the program from a third-party Affiliate network.

I’d recommend you to join via CJ

Sign Up Page –

Commission – $7 per lead

Cookie duration – 45 days

13. Silver Singlessilver singles dating affiliate program

Launched in 2009, alongside other online dating sites like elite singles, JDate, Jswipe, etc, Silver singles is a product of the mighty Spark network, a behemoth in the dating site industry with a portfolio of over 17 sites in hand.

Silver Singles is Spark network’s version of a dating site that is focused on aged singles of a target age above 50. 

Keep in mind that you can join the platform without having to reach the target age. But as you’ll know, Silversingles is targeted at older singles. Hence these are the sets of people you’d likely find.

Silver singles affiliate programs is’nt really straightforward. There are a lot of routes to joining the program. From CJ to VigLink to Lemon Ads. 

However, I recommend you join the program via the CJ affiliate network. Since they’re likely the most favorable affiliate network, regarding Silver Singles

Sign Up Page –

Commission – $7

Cookie duration – 30 days

14. Zooskzoosks dating affiliate program

Zoosk is one of the few widely known dating sites. 

The platform has a strong network of over 40 million members and more counting. And, on average, the platform processes 3 million messages daily.

Zoosk is popularly known for its smart system that makes use of a peering system they call “Behavioral matchmaking technology.”

Meaning that it operates with systems that cite and pair members with the possible best matches, using their past data with Zoosk.

Now, to business….How does the Zoosk affiliate program fare?

Just like Elite singles, Zoosk partners with Cj affiliate, a popularly known affiliate network.

And they’re ready to pay affiliates a sum of $4 for every successful referral made. You’ve also got 30 days to make your referral impactful.

To join, first, you’d need to be a member of the CJ network. 

So, go ahead and Signup…

Sign Up Page –

Commission – $4 per lead

Cookie duration – 30 days

15. Christian Minglechristian mingle dating affiliate program

Christian Mingle is one of the most popular Christian dating sites in the world, with over 15 million members.

The dating site is tailored to offer a ground for singles to find relationships with people with the moral values of Christianity.

Ever since 2001, Christian Mingle has grown to be one of the go-to sites for a successful relationship.

In fact, they claim to be the reason for 30% of every successful Christian marriage in the United States.

Christian Mingle is basically hosted on the CJ affiliate network. And only pays affiliates based on leads.

You’ll earn about $2 for every lead brought by you, to the platform.

Sign Up Page –

Commission Rate – $2 per lead

Cookie duration – 30 days

16. Jdatejdate dating affiliate program

Jdate is another dating site we have on our list of dating affiliate programs…

Jdate is an online dating site that appeals to Jewish singles who consider people’s religion as a pillar factor in determining a potential spouse.

In fact, Jdate is the leading Jewish focused-dating platform, with close to a million active members.

It makes sense to see that Jdate is highly niche to a particular audience.

Meaning that, if you can push the right audience to the platform, the conversion rate would be pretty much decent, at least – it remains the most established Jewish dating site.

Jdate’s membership pricing starts at $60 for a month. 

And their affiliate program pays affiliates a $2 commission for every successful referral made – meaning that, you have less than a 3% commission rate to promote Jdate.

Sign Up Page –

Commission – $2 per lead

Cookie duration – 30 days

17. Parshipparship dating affiliate program

|An afterthought of Hugo Schmale, a profound psychologist…Parship was launched on valentines day, February 14th, 2001, with the sole aim of bringing like-minded couples together.

Just like Zoosks, Parship has a lot of features. A significant one among them is the “behavioristic principle,” just like in Zoosk.

The “behavioristic principle” is just a fancy way of saying it uses recent data insights from its members to pair members of the opposite sex, with similar lifestyles and choices.

Parship is among the top successful dating sites with a home base of over 13 million people, from the whole of Europe.

Currently, Parship partners with about 13 countries, such as Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria, Mexico, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Ireland. 

To join the Parship affiliate program, you’d need to join the Awin affiliate network. You can do that here…

Sign Up Page –

Commission rate – Varies

Cookie duration – Varies

18. MillionaireMatchmillionairematch dating affiliate program

Sounds fascinating, right? Well, it’s a reality, funny enough.

Millionairematch is just another dating site we have on this list. But this time, a dating site that focuses on millionaire singles.

The platform has been around since the early years of the 21st century, 2001, and has since garnered a strong user base of over 2.9 million registered members.

When I heard about MillionaireMatch for the first time, I wondered how the platform would ensure that members are actually Millionaires. 

Because if not, the platform would be filled with fake accounts, spammers, and even gold diggers. 

But I was thrilled when I discovered that the platform has its way, called Certified Millionaire, to make sure the Millionaire standard is kept.

In fact, around 2015, the platform deleted over a thousand user profiles for not matching their criteria, “being attractive and rich.”

The membership plan for this site is a bit pricey and starts at around $70 for a month.

Sign Up Page –

Commission rate – $2 per lead and $80 per initial sale

Cookie duration – 45 days

19. Sugar Booksugarbook dating affiliate program

There are a lot of Sugar dating platforms popping out these days – and Sugar book is actually one of them.

Founded by Darren Chan, Sugar book is a fast-growing online dating site that was launched in 2016.

Within just a few years of it’s launch, Sugar book has grown to be among the leading dating platform, commanding a strong network of users. In fact, it’s the most popular dating site in south east asia.

As an affiliate of Sugar Book, you can earn around $45 per sale, with a cookie duration of 30 days.

Sign Up Page –

Commission rate – Up to $45

Cookie duration – 45 days

How to make money with dating affiliate programs

So, sure, by now, you should have gotten a list of dating affiliate programs to join. But somehow, the real deal is to make money, right?

A good platform (affiliate program) plus the tactics and then traffics, sum up to a good money…yeah, sure.

Making money with dating affiliate programs would be simple when you’re ready to the following…

1. Engage in Content marketing

Time has changed, unlike before… 

Want to get promoted for free? Then you should be ready to offer value. And Content marketing is one significant medium to do just that.

By content marketing, I mean, you should be able to create useful contents -videos, images, articles- that’d be able to offer value to people. 

If you aim to do content marketing, then you should first settle on the type of contents you want to create. For instance, is it gonna be videos, infographics or blog posts?

As in the case of videos, creating a youtube channel would be a thoughtful idea, since youtube stands out to rank as the No. 1 video platform worldwide. WordPress would work well for a blog post.

2. Write Review Articles

While preparing this article, I noticed a lot of things. And that is the reoccurrence of a particular set of sites on google SERPs.

I noticed that there were a lot of blogs that were specifically created to write articles on the dating niche. So, I decided to watch closely at some review articles they had created.

Guess what? They looked unmonetized…but actually, they were.

Unknowing to me, they were all monetized via affiliate marketing. And they did use all those reviews they made to market each dating site.

So, they’re just like you reading this review. They joined a few affiliate program they felt was okay for them and then, began marketing them.

So now, what do they do?

Well, they create review articles for their blog. Take, for instance, “eHarmony review.” You can create a detailed article on eHarmony review, and then naturally input your affiliate links.

Why does this work?

Question for Question: Why would you want to check for a review article?

Of course, you either want to purchase, subscribe or download such a product. And that’s the reason you want to get a convincing reason why you should get the product.

The same idea works for these dating review sites.

Caveat: Undermining the fact that you would earn a commission for sales/leads you make, it’s still very important you make your review article unbiased.

3. Create Comparison Contents

Just like Review articles, you could also create Comparison content.

Since the dating industry is a micro niche industry, your only hope for these comparison contents would be content comparing two or more dating sites, together.

And by this, I mean something like “eHarmony vs Cupid Media” or “Christian Cafe or Christian Mingle. 

It could be a Video, Infographic, or an article. It’s worth mentioning that you should always do some sound keyword research.

4. Run Paid Ads

Paid ads are one of the internet’s oldest marketing strategies and it has also been long adopted in the affiliate marketing space.

If you’re unhesitant and you want to make money in a faster way from dating affiliate programs, you can try running paid ads.

They could give results at a faster rate, however, you should be willing to spend money.

You can run ads on platforms like Google ads, Microsoft ads, and the rest…

You can check our article on How to start affiliate marketing without website, to get informed on how to market your dating affiliate links with Paid ads.

Final Thoughts

Dating affiliate programs are a mid-range set of programs, in the money aspect.

You can earn a pretty decent amount of money. And if you’re ready to put in the required effort, you could earn above average.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned is our list of high-paying dating affiliate programs, including pay per sale, pay per lead and pay per click.

Hope you find this useful…

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