After gaining immense power from Orochimaru, Sasuke Uchiha was forced to pay the ultimate price when his nemesis, Itachi, took away his arm. Discover how Sasuke lost his arm and the aftermath of this momentous event in Sasuke’s life.

Quick Summary

  How Sasuke Lost His Arm: An In-Depth Guide to the Debilitating Injury

Sasuke Uchiha, one of the most powerful and iconic Naruto characters, lost his left arm during a battle with Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke’s arm was replaced with a hawk-like prosthetic made from chakra metal alloy. But how did he lose it in the first place?

In Part II of Naruto, Sasuke’s arm was cut off by Itachi’s Sword of Kusanagi attack. After Sasuke’s attempt to counter the move failed, his left arm was literally cut from his body by the same sword. Itachi then sealed the Amaterasu technique around Sasuke’s arm wound to prevent any healing.

When Sasuke was then taken back to the Leaf Village for medical treatment, the shinobi medics were unable to reattach the severed arm and had to amputate it. Despite losing his left arm, Sasuke later went on to use chakra metal alloy to his advantage and created a prosthetic arm that could withstand any physical assault and could even absorb chakra.

Sasuke’s prosthetic arm is continuously upgraded and developed with new abilities, making it powerful enough to break through any defense and even the strongest of armors. His prosthetic arm is now one of the most powerful weapons in the Naruto universe and only adds to his already impressive fighting skill and strength.

How Sasuke Lost His Arm: An In-Depth Guide to the Debilitating Injury

Sasuke Uchiha, the powerful shinobi and former member of Team 7, lost his arm during the Fourth Shinobi War. Read on to discover how Sasuke lost his arm, from the event itself to the consequences of this devastating injury.

The Fourth Shinobi War

The Fourth Shinobi War was a major conflict between the Allied Shinobi Forces and the powerful Akatsuki criminal organization. The war was fought across many battlefields, with Sasuke confronting the powerful Madara Uchiha himself.

The Battle Between Sasuke and Madara

The grudge-based final battle between the former teammates began with the exchange of jutsu techniques. Madara’s meteoric rise in power had enabled him to counter all of Sasuke’s techniques, until he ultimately summoned the fearsome Demonic Statue of the Outer Path.

Loss of the Arm

Sasuke was unable to fight off the powerful jutsu from the Statue, so he chose to avoid it using his own jutsu technique. Unfortunate for Sasuke, he ended up losing his left arm from the elbow down. The devastating injury was the result of the impact of the Statue’s jutsu.

The Aftermath

Sasuke remained in a serious condition after the battle against Madara. Fortunately, the Allied Shinobi Forces were able to provide medical care. They also replace Sasuke’s missing arm with a shiny prosthetic weapon.


Sasuke lost his arm in a harrowing battle against Madara Uchiha during the Fourth Shinobi War. While his injury was devastating, Sasuke was fortunate to have the resources to have his arm replaced with a prosthetic one.

Personal Experience

Does Sasuke lose his arm forever?

Sasuke’s loss of his arm was shocking for his friends and fans alike, and it’s one of the most memorable moments from the long running manga series Naruto. This happened during Sasuke’s battle against Deidara, a powerful member of Akatsuki. Initially Sasuke had the upper hand in the fight, but eventually the fight turned against him. Deidara was able to trap Sasuke in an explosive clay jutsu and make him unable to escape. Despite Sasuke’s efforts, he was unable to break out of the explode clay, and eventually his left arm was blown off in the explosion. It was a traumatic experience for Sasuke, and it also opened the door for a much deeper character arc with his search for revenge and redemption.

The loss of his arm marked a major turning point in Sasuke’s story, where he determined to abandon his friends and family and instead follow his own path. It was a decision that would eventually lead Sasuke to fight with his own brother and begin a very dark and violent journey across the ninja world. Sasuke’s ultimate fate in the series would be decided by his own actions and decisions, with his lost arm serving as the symbol of the choices he was determined to make.

Sasuke eventually faced off against his brother Itachi, and through his newfound Sharingan power and skill was able to defeat him. He then gained an artificial arm to replace the one he had lost, and a new resolve to continue on his path of vengeance. Through the story of his lost arm, Sasuke’s journey of redemption was brought to an emotional and satisfying conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sasuke lose his arm forever?

Yes, Sasuke has lost his arm forever. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he lost his left arm and has since replaced it with his katana, mastering his techniques with one arm. He continues to use this as a reminder of his past wrongdoings and attempts to atone for them.

Why does Sasuke have only one arm?

Sasuke only has one arm due to the events of the movie Naruto:Boruto The Movie. During his fight with Naruto, both their ultimate moves created an explosion that resulted in Sasuke losing his arm. As a result, Sasuke is left with only one arm.

Why didn t Sasuke fix his arm?

Sasuke chose not to fix his arm as a way to hold himself back from becoming too powerful, to atone for his past crimes, and as a reminder of Naruto’s sacrifice for him. He believed that by keeping his handicap, he could stay grounded and feel a sense of responsibility. The missing arm was also a symbol of his commitment to uphold his values.

Which hand did Sasuke lost?

Sasuke lost his left arm in his battle with Naruto. He and Naruto clashed their Rasengan and Chidori in their final battle, with the exchange of the powerful jutsu having severe consequences for both of them. Sasuke was left with only his right arm and missing his left one.

How did Naruto lost his arm?

Naruto lost his arm during his final confrontation with Sasuke in the Naruto Shippuden series. The two used their respective jutsu, Rasengan and Chidori, resulting in both Naruto and Sasuke losing their limbs. The battle between the two powerful ninja marked a devastating end to the anime series.

What is under Naruto’s bandaged arm?

Under Naruto’s bandaged arm is an artificial arm created by Tsunade from the cells of the First Hokage. It was given to Naruto to help him control and use the Nine Tails’ chakra. Naruto uses this arm to perform his signature jutsu, the Rasengan.

Why didn’t Naruto make another arm?

Naruto did not make another arm because he lacked the necessary power to do so. He lacked the power of the legendary sage, Indra, who was required to awaken the Rinnegan and sustain its power, of which Naruto was not capable. Therefore, Naruto opted to nurture the existing arm that he had with the healing power of the Sage of the Six Paths instead.

How did Naruto and Sasuke lose their hands?

Naruto and Sasuke lost their hands in their final battle at the Valley. They charged up their ultimate techniques, the Rasengan and Chidori, and the explosion of their attacks destroyed their arms. As a result, both of them lost their hands due to the immense power of the Jutsus.

What’s the thing on Naruto’s arm?

Naruto’s arm is a prosthetic one given to him by the fifth Hokage, Tsunade. Tsunade was able to use Hashirama’s cells to create the prosthetic arm which allows Naruto to perform the same tasks as would be done with a regular arm. The prosthetic arm has given Naruto remarkable strength and control, allowing him to fight against formidable enemies.

What can Naruto’s right arm do?

Naruto’s right arm is a prosthetic device that allows him to access his maximum strength and power. This prosthetic gives him the ability to perform feats of strength and agility that he couldn’t do before, including using all of the Nine-Tails powers. With this prosthetic arm, Naruto can unlock his true potential and fight at his peak.

What did they replace Naruto’s arm with?

Naruto’s arm was replaced with a prosthetic limb that Tsunade and the medical division constructed. The prosthetic limb had mobility and sensation, and was created using Hashirama’s cells that were transplanted into the severed arm. The prosthetic was a perfect replacement and allowed Naruto to use his arm as he did before.

Does Naruto have a right arm?

No, Naruto does not have a right arm. This happened when he fought against Sasuke in their final battle. Naruto’s right arm was severed after they clashed their signature moves, Rasengan and Chidori.

Final Thoughts

Sasuke’s journey is one of tragedy and heroism. The loss of his arm serves as a reminder of his determination and strength, and even though he lost a body part, it’s clearly not enough to stop him from achieving his goals. It’s a testament to the power of the human spirit, and to his resilience in the face of adversity. It’s a reminder that even when we lose something, we can still move forward and continue to grow.


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