Here’s a well detailed article on the topic; “How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.”

Want to join the affiliate marketing industry?

But you’ve been puzzled by how long it takes to start making money from affiliate marketing.

I get the feeling…you don’t want to start it up and end up getting frustrated.

Or better still, you’re looking for a short-term business that would begin covering up your expenses within months?

Well, recently we made an article on how much affiliate marketers make – it addresses everything about how much you can earn in affiliate marketing in the short/long run.

Now, how fast can you make money with affiliate marketing?

How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?


We assume 6-8 months here, not just randomly but because we’ve seen people do that severally from scratch.

Just like what Miki Patel has to say:

how fast can you make money with affiliate marketing - what people have to say

Affiliate marketing, just like most reputable online businesses, is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires a lot of things to learn, time to implement, develop and eventually start making money.

Generally, there’s no one specific time to start making money with affiliate marketing. It could be as fast as one single month of implementation or as long as 3 years.

Why does it take long and some short before making Money with Affiliate Marketing?

How fast can you make money with affiliate marketing? how long will it take?

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Well, this is it…

Affiliate Marketing is not as easy as they make it sounds.

Firstly, you can’t just walk up and begin marketing your affiliate products, from one place to another – it doesn’t work that way.

The key to success in affiliate marketing is to create an audience that is intrigued by what you do and trusts you.

When I had first started affiliate marketing, I was lost in the industry, littering affiliate links in every corner of the internet, from forums to social media, for months.

All of these were to no avail, and I couldn’t make any valid sales.

But, come to think of it…

Who would have trusted a random person like me to buy a product?

Forget what most make-money youtube channels will tell you.

You can barely make sales by joining Facebook groups and posting random comments with affiliate links. Even if you do, it’s gonna be a very limiting figure.

The thing is that people need to trust you and you need to give them value, as well, before they buy willingly via your affiliate link.

That’s why I keep saying the key to success in affiliate marketing is to create an audience that is intrigued by what you do and trusts you.

And this is what actually determines how fast you can make money with affiliate marketing – your ability to get/create that audience.

This is the reason why it can take some people just a few months while others can’t seem to move the needle even in years.

What About You Have An already Built Audience, How Long Will it Take You to Start Making Money with Affiliate Marketing?

At this point, it depends on the type/quality of your audience.

…especially when it’s a fanbase audience from social media platforms.

Most likely, more aged audiences between the age of 20-35 are more potential buyers compared to an audience aged <18.


A 16-year-old girl might be among a list of your followers, interested in your product. But she would end up not buying it. The reason for this is that she might not have enough money with her or doesn’t have a credit card at all.

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So, let’s put all this aside…

What about you have an already built audience, how long will it take you to start making money with affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can start making money, even in just a day.

Just like in the case of Debbie Gartner in 2016

stories of people confronting how fast can you make money with affiliate marketing

How to Make Money Fast with Affiliate Marketing

Now, you have learned how long it can take for you to make money with affiliate marketing.

How about we talk about the best approach the make money on affiliate marketing really fast? Well, here’s how;

1. Launch Your Affiliate Website

Someone would ask, but you said the key to success in affiliate is by building an audience?

Yeah, and launching your affiliate website is one of the numerous ways to build that target audience.

A few years back, published a post, garnered by collective reviews/advice from people in the affiliate marketing industry. This review was made to cover how long it took them to make money from affiliate marketing and their advice to newbies.

Howbeit, at the end of the review, it was found out that a majority of the stories of these affiliate marketers who became successful in a short time were actually bloggers/webmasters.

how fast can you make money with affiliate marketing - what people have to say (1)

Stories aside…

Having a website for product promotion is one of the best affiliate marketing strategies, especially for beginners.

2. Create Informational Contents

You’d need to offer value to your audience, to make a better product referral conversion rate.

As in the case of having an affiliate website, your goal is to publish a lot of high-quality unbiased articles that are purely informational.

But, why informational? why not “Review contents?”

Well, Review contents are apparently a big drive to affiliate sales – since they already have good buyers’ intent.

The issue, however, is that review contents are most likely flooded in every niche. You’d need to fight hard with the competition to find your website on SERPs.

Nonetheless, the goal is to make contents that are linkable to your affiliate marketing link, and are easy to rank as well.

3. Leverage SEO

If you can’t get traffic, the aforementioned would be literally useless.

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Like we said earlier, the quantity and quality of audience you have are what determine your success in affiliate marketing.

In the case of having a website or youtube channel for promotion, SEO is the biggest deal to get that audience (traffic).

SEO is not as it is – there’s a lot to it.

It’s simply a way of making your website optimal in the sight of Google.

We won’t be talking so much about it here, since it is a whole a topic of its own. However, the key point is that you should optimize your affiliate website to be google friendly.

This can be achieved by doing keyword research with tools, watching search intent, getting backlinks, etc.


Generally, affiliate marketing is not a short-term business.

Look at it this way…

“You spent almost or more than 2 decades of your life in school; from kindergarten, elementary school to high school and college, all to get yourself a good life and job in the future, hopefully.”

Link this to affiliate marketing and you’d discover that 6-12 months is something you should be willing to wait, if done right.

So, that’s it for the topic…” how fast can you make money with affiliate marketing?”


How long does it take to make money with affiliate marketing?

It takes 6-8 months to make your first money as an affiliate marketer. However, this all boils down to your affiliate marketing approach, audience, and products you choose to promote.

Is it easy to make money with affiliate marketing

Making money on affiliate marketing can be easy and also hard. Generally, affiliate marketing is quite easy, if you understand how it works, and how to get traffic and make sales.

How long does it take to $1000 with affiliate marketing?

It’s all about the audience. If you already have a built audience, you can make $1000 in a month from affiliate marketing. Otherwise, you’re just starting out, it’d be best you don’t put your hopes high – however, if things are done right, you can hit that amount in 12-18 months.


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