Want to get your Onlyfans page verified without the hassles involved? Here’s an article detailed to cover everything on how to bypass Onlyfans verification:

The trend of Onlyfans has kept on rising.

Currently, the platform hosts over 160 million and approximately 2 million creators. You can see how enormous these figures are, right?

The problem, however, is that most Onlyfans creators want to be low-key. They don’t want to reveal their identity.

And that’s the reason we had to create an article on how to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face and occasionally, promote your account.

Enough chatters…Don’t want to verify your account yourself? here’s how to bypass Onlyfans without verification.

What is Onlyfans?onlyfans homepage - how to bypass onlyfans verification

Onlyfans is a social media platform that operates on a subscription model used to credit creators. Unlike most social media platforms, Onlyfans does not have an official app.

Based in London, the platform was founded in 2016 by Tim Stokely.

Initially, Onlyfans was launched by Tim Stokely to be more like a traditional platform where users can share videos, clips, pictures, etc.

However, things changed in 2020 during the pandemic, when people started leveraging Onlyfans’ “paywall” feature to post NSFW content.

Eventually, S*x workers started trooping into the platform as they found a lot of opportunities in the platform.

Today, Onlyfans is generally known as a platform for NSFW.

Does Onlyfans Require Verification?


You need to be verified on Onlyfans before you post content as a creator or subscribe to other Onlyfans pages, as a user. While verifying an Onlyfans account for a user can be quite easy, Onlyfans creator verification is way harder.

The point of verifying your account is to get all features on the platform on your desk.

For instance, as a creator, you won’t be able to add a monthly subscription price, as well as withdraw your earnings, if you’re yet to verify your account. On the other hand, you’d have to add your credit card to use Onlyfans as a user, on the platform.

Why do you need to get verified on Onlyfans?

Well, in late 2021, there was a clash between Onlyfans, as a platform, and some primary organizations, due to the company’s open policy that allowed users to post content of all sorts on the platform.

This went so bad for Onlyfans and the platform decided to officially ban the use of NSFW content. It was a critical time for them and most creators started looking out for alternatives.

Fortunately, after 5 days of the controversial announcement, they backtracked their statements.

What was the reason for this, someone would ask?

Well, most banks in the United States erupted to the fact that the platform had promoted sexual content to/from underaged children.

Bank says has no strong verification strategy - how to bypass onlyfans verification

Hence, they started refusing payments to S*x workers on the platform. They claimed that the platform didn’t put in enough effort to stop verifying the age of creators/users on the platform.

Eventually, Onlyfans started garnering hate from matured and established companies, which were totally against the platform.

And that was the reason for the announcement by Tim Stokely in late 2021, to end NSFW content on the platform.

At this point, Tim Stokely, Onlyfans founder, had only one option – to tighten the verification process measures taken to eliminate underaged persons of any age.

How To Bypass Onlyfans Verification

Onlyfans is very strict when it comes to their “verification process.” In fact, as a content creator on the platform, you’d need to complete a wide list of requirements before you get verified.

And if you don’t get verified, it’s worthless staying on the platform, since Onlyfans creators who are not verified are restricted from adding subscriptions or even withdrawing earnings.

That’s actually where the need to bypass Onlyfans verification comes in.

If you’re the type who isn’t ready to pass through the stress of having to wait for days or wants to stay fully anonymous on the platform, then you probably need to find some other alternative – because there’s no possible way to pass through this process.

There is actually no way to bypass Onlyfans verification measures. Onlyfans verification measures employ a list of technical, governmental, and physical documents that can’t just be gotten around easily.

1. How To Bypass Onlyfans Verification for Users

As we said earlier, Onlyfans verification was majorly brought about to stop the use of the platform by underaged children to make money. So in other words, they were much after the production and not the consumption (although both of them are considered bad).

Hence the verification process for Onlyfans users is easy.

All you have to do is to sign up to the platform, fill in your required details, and verify your email address. Now, that you’ve got your account all set, add your credit card/ debit card and you should be good to go!

2. How To Bypass Onlyfans Verification for Creators

Alongside Onlyfans verification for users, there’s no possible way to use your Onlyfans page without having to verify.

However, if you take a deeper look, you’d find out that you have to do this legally. Remember, you’re talking about a platform that could be your major source of income in the nearest feature.

So, why see it as enormous work?

All you have to do is;

  1. Provide your Full Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Home address
  4. Upload any one of your Country’s Identification documents.
  5. Take a selfie photo of yourself

Safety Tips: To aid your verification rate and approval, avoid inputting wrong details for any of the required categories. Additionally, make sure the details, given and the ones on the government documents correlate with each other.

How does Onlyfans Verification Work?

We said earlier that there’s actually no possible means how to bypass Onlyfans verification. However, it’d be wise if we take a clearer look at how Onlyfans verification work.

The verification measures taken by Onlyfan are done to cut off every form of underaged children on the platform, whether or not they produce these contents or consume them.


onlyfans terms and conditions - how to bypass onlyfans verification

It’s boldly written on the platform.

Users and creators under the age of 18 years are not allowed to the platform officially. And you’d be surprised to hear that’s actually the call for these preventive measures, disguised as Onlyfans verification.

Final Thoughts

Generally, there’s actually no possibility of bypassing the verification process for Onlyfans creators. It was created for a reason and it should be followed accordingly.

Meanwhile here’s how to start an Onlyfans without followers.


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