There have always been stories of people ravaging the internet with hacks to get Onlyfans for free. On Youtube, Google, Facebook,  Quora, name them!

But do you actually think all these works? Are there any ways to get Onlyfans for free?  Well, it’s a yes and no thing. You can actually get Onlyfans for free but depends on how you do it.

Enough chatters…

In this article, we’d find out how to get free Onlyfans in 2022. But before that…

What is Onlyfans?how to get free onlyfans (1)

Onlyfans is a content-sharing platform that was founded by Tim Stokely in 2016. After its launch in 2016, Onlyfans was able to pull in crowds. Currently, there are over 170 million people on Onlyfans with approximately 2 million creators: an achievement gotten in less than 6 years. It’s worth mentioning that Onlyfans operates on a subscription model.

Onlyfans is primarily divided into two categories; Creators who create and set subscriptions fee on their pages, and Users who consume this content.

There are actually several hypotheses for Onlyfan’s success. One is that the platform runs an Open content policy, just like that of Twitter, where users can post whatever they feel is right, including NSFW.

And during the pandemic, due to the platform’s subscription and payment settings, a lot of s*x workers were able to leverage it as a means to earn money while doing their job as s*x workers online.

Can you really get Onlyfans free?

Forget the rants on the internet, you can’t get a premium Onlyfans page for free using hacks. However, you can find a number of Onlyfans pages with high-value content which are entirely free to join.

There are a number of people who have been able to pool the attention of a lot of Onlyfans users to some sort of script they call “Onlyfans viewer,” promising them that they could get Onlyfans for free.

Onlyfans spaces and groups on Quora, Youtube, and Facebook have already been flooded by these sets of users, testifying of how they get to watch Onlyfans for free, without even having an Onlyfans account.

Here’s a typical example of what I mean:how to get free onlyfans

It even gets even more interesting, as these kinds of posts/comments get the most upvotes on most platforms. But come to think of it, why are the comments disabled?

Well, these are actually multiple accounts that are handled by the same sets of people. Hypothetically, they should be a group of people. And when a member makes a post like this, all others run to upvotes, and vice versa.

This same thing applies to youtube…Alongside Quora, there are a number of videos on youtube that claims to help users get access to Onlyfans for free. But all are just mere scams.

In a previous article, I wrote about how I tested a number of these Onlyfans viewer tools, which all failed the test – do well to check our article on that.

How to Get Free Onlyfans – Step by Step

We said earlier that it’s not possible to get a premium Onlyfans page for free, right? But what if I tell you that there are still working ways to get Onlyfans for free?

Here’s how to get free Onlyfans:

1. Search for Pages With Free Weekly/Monthly Trial Subscription

A lot of Onlyfans creators love using free trial subscriptions to lure people to subscribe to their content. The deal is usually to get people on their page and offer them a free trial subscription. Boom, if their content is found to be great, they get massive conversions of free trial users to actual subscribers.

This strategy could also be used inversely if you’re in search of how to get free Onlyfans. And it simply involves you, searching through random Onlyfans pages for creators that offer a free weekly or monthly trial subscription.

The good part is that a lot of Onlyfans creators, including established and growing creators leverage the free trial subscription. As a result, you don’t just get a bunch of low-quality Onlyfans creators, but rather, a mixed variety of them when you subscribe to this free trial monthly/weekly subscription.

So, If you find any page with a free trial subscription, use them. However, you might need to provide a credit card to fully subscribe for a free Onlyfans account, even though you won’t be debited. It’s worth noting that this is just a practice done to verify your Onlyfans, that many even try to bypass.

Don’t want to use your credit card? There are alternatives.

2. Ask for Free Trial Subscription

There’s a message box on every Onlyfans account. Though not every creator sees or responds to messages, a good percentage of them do.

You can message creators on Onlyfans, telling them that you’d love to get a free trial subscription, and how they feel about it. You could even make a promise that if their content is worth it, you could give them a try with a premium subscription.

Not everyone would love to give you, but a good number of people would certainly give you a free trial, owing to the fact they won’t lose anything by giving you, and you could be a potential premium subscriber.

You can keep doing this to as many Onlyfans creators as you want and can get a number of Onlyfans content for free.

Now, in a case where it becomes difficult to message a content creator, leverage social media. On Twitter, for example, almost every Onlyfans has a Twitter account. By trying several possible usernames out, you can get in contact with an Onlyfans creator on Twitter which you can easily tweet about getting a free trial subscription.

3. Find Onlyfans pages that use the Pricing tactics

There are people who use this marketing strategy on Onlyfans called the Pricing tactics – we already talked about this in a previous article.

The strategy works primarily for beginners and the deal is to make their Onlyfans page free for a while, to get the attention of potential subscribers. At this point, the Onlyfans creator could be using other monetization methods for the time being.

When they feel that they have been able to get a fanbase who finds their content good, they’d pull off, putting their intended price tag.

But before all this happens, you can have access to her page for free. No monthly subscription!

4. Always follow your Favorite Onlyfans Creator on Social Media

In a while, most Onlyfans creators do come out with some pricing tactics that could favor their subscribers as well as potential subscribers.

They could make a deduction in the prices of their monthly subscription and in some other cases open up a free trial subscription. The caveat, however, is that all these mostly happen on their social media pages, which you can miss out if you’re not a follower.

The best thing, as the section suggests, is to keep yourself close to the Onlyfans content creator you find worthwhile. Who knows? You could even get a solo free trial subscription for your loyalty.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of ways to get Onlyfans for free. However, the idea to hack into a premium Onlyfans and get it for free should end. I have tested and tried several so-called hacks, and ended up wasting my resources.

The primary way to get Onlyfans for free is to either look for a free Onlyfans page or ask, find, and wait for a free trial subscription.


How to get free Onlyfans ios?

There’s actually no way to get free Onlyfans for iOS using hacks on premium accounts. However, you can find a number of Onlyfans creators who offer their content for free.

How to watch Onlyfans on iPhone for free?

To watch Onlyfans for free on iPhone, head over to Onlyfans, login to your account, make a generic search of Onlyfans creators and filter out your search to only show free Onlyfans pages.

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