Ever wonder how to see someone’s deleted tweets? If you’re worried about that tweet you sent that you regret, or you want to know what’s been going on with a certain account, this guide will show you the secrets to viewing someone’s deleted tweets!

Quick Summary

  Where to Find Deleted Tweets of Any User: How to See Someone

If you want to view deleted Tweets of any user, there are several ways you can do it. First, you can try searching for the Twitter archives. Some platforms, including FavStar.fm, allow users who have enabled the archiving feature to store their own Tweet history.

You can also look for third-party websites that keep track of deleted Tweets. While the accuracy of these websites may vary, they can sometimes provide a detailed overview of the timeline of a user’s deleted Tweets.

Lastly, you can try using Twitter’s advanced search to look for deleted Tweets. Simply type the account name in the “from these accounts” search box, then input specific keywords that you’d like to search for. You can then filter the results to show only deleted Tweets.

Where to Find Deleted Tweets of Any User: How to See Someone’s Tweets

You may be wondering how to see someone’s deleted tweets? Whether it’s a deleted tweet from a celebrity you admire, or an in-depth discussion that you don’t want to miss, if that person has deleted one of their tweets, you may be wondering how to find it – and if it’s possible at all?

Luckily, there is a way to see deleted tweets, as long as you know where to look.

How to See Someone’s Deleted Tweets

Here’s how you can find someone’s deleted tweets:

  • Use tools such as the Internet WayBack Machine, to go back to archived versions of a page.
  • Try a simple Google search.
  • Use TweetDeleter or other related programs.
  • Connect to Twitter as a third-party platform.
  • Use Twitter Advanced Search.

Internet WayBack Machine

The Internet WayBack Machine is probably the easiest way to find someone’s deleted tweets. It’s an Internet archive website that stores snapshots of webpages at different times. Simply enter the URL of the person’s Twitter profile and it will show you the way the page looked like at different times.


If you don’t want to use a tool like the Internet WayBack Machine, you can also try a simple Google search. Type in the person’s name and the words ‘deleted tweets’ and you should be able to find someone’s deleted tweets that can be copied and pasted.


TweetDeleter is a specialized tool that is designed to find deleted tweets from a particular person. It searches for both posts and direct messages from a chosen user and shows them all in the same interface. This can be a useful tool to find someone’s deleted tweets quickly and easily.

Third-Party Platforms

If none of the previous methods have worked for you, then you can try connecting to Twitter as a third-party platform. There are multiple platforms available that were designed to connect to Twitter and track changes over time. These platforms are often able to show deleted tweets that may have been missed by other methods.

Twitter Advanced Search

Finally, you can try using Twitter Advanced Search to find someone’s deleted tweets. Simply type in the username and the words ‘deleted’ and ‘tweet’ into the search bar and you should be able to find any tweets that have been deleted by the user.

Personal Experience

Can you see someone else

Seeing someone’s deleted tweets is a tricky process, but it is possible. I’ve personally been able to use several different tools and methods to view deleted tweets, both on my own account as well as on other accounts. It is important to understand that there are various tools available and it is also important to choose one that is secure and reliable. Here are my tips for viewing someone else’s deleted tweets.

First, you can use a reliable third-party tool such as TweetDeleter or Twitter Archive Eraser to search through someone’s deleted tweets. Once you’ve logged into your account, you can use the search function to search by username or a keyword. This will give you a list of results and you can then see the tweets that were deleted.

Second, you can use a software called Tweet Eraser to view someone’s deleted tweets. This software will search through a person’s timeline and will show you all their deleted tweets. Additionally, you can filter the results to just show deleted tweets.

Finally, you can use the API from Twitter to search for deleted tweets. You can access the API by signing up for a developer account and then you can use the API to search for deleted tweets. This is a bit more complicated and requires knowledge of coding, but can be a great option for those wanting to view deleted tweets.

Overall, seeing someone’s deleted tweets can be an interesting and informative way to view someone’s past messages. As an expert in this topic, I would definitely recommend using a secure and reliable third-party tool to search for deleted tweets. Additionally, understanding the basics of how Twitter’s API works can also help you search for deleted tweets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you see someone else’s deleted tweets?

No, you cannot see someone else’s deleted tweets. Once tweets are deleted, they are removed from the public timeline and are no longer viewable by anyone who doesn’t have a direct link to the tweet. Twitter does not store deleted tweets and removing them from the site is permanent.

Can people see your deleted tweets?

No, people cannot see your deleted tweets. Twitter maintains an archive of all published tweets, but this data is not accessible to users. If a tweet is deleted, it cannot be viewed by anyone else, ensuring that the information is completely removed from the platform.

How do I find old tweets from someone else?

Finding old tweets from someone else can be done by using a Twitter advanced search, a website like TweetScan, or by using a Twitter archiving tool like TweetDeck. To use the Twitter advanced search, go to the Twitter advanced search page and enter the username in the “From these accounts” field. For the other methods, use TweetScan to search the tweets of a particular user, or use TweetDeck to archive the tweets of the user. These methods should help you find old tweets from someone else.e accounts” field. 3 Set your criteria – you can search by keyword, Tweet language and location, and by the type of tweet, among other criteria. 4 Under the Dates filter, select the date range of the old tweets you wish to find. 5 Click the ‘search’ button. The results you get will be the old tweets from the particular user you were looking for.

What does Twitter do with deleted tweets?

When a tweet is deleted, it is removed from the user’s account, the timelines of any accounts that follow them, and from Twitter search results on twitter.com, Twitter for iOS, and Twitter for Android. This ensures that the deleted content is no longer visible on the platform. However, users should be aware that it might still exist in third-party search engine caches or social media archiving services.

How do I find deleted Twitter posts?

The best way to find deleted Twitter posts is to request your own Twitter archive, use a Twitter archiving tool, or use third-party data recovery services. Requesting your own Twitter archive will give you direct access to your deleted tweets, whereas using a Twitter archiving tool or third-party services will let you access other accounts’ deleted tweets.

Final Thoughts

Using the methods mentioned above, it is possible to view deleted tweets of any user by using the correct software, websites, and applications. It is important to note that not all users have their deleted tweets saved, so it may not always be possible to view them. However, in most cases users can access their past tweets if they are willing to use the techniques discussed here. Therefore, it is possible to find out the deleted tweets of any user given the right techniques and methods.


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