Have you ever wondered what happens when you unblock someone on iMessage? If you’re not sure, read on and discover how your relationship with the person you’ve unblocked changes and the opportunities for future communications.

Quick Summary

  If I Unblock Someone on iMessage: What Happens?

If you unblock someone on iMessage, you will be able to receive messages from that contact again. When you unblock someone, all their past messages will not be restored, however you will be able to receive new messages from them. In order to unblock someone on iMessage, simply go to your settings, choose Messages, then scroll down to the Blocked Contacts section, and select the option to unblock the contact of your choice. After unblocking the person, they may need to resend an invitation so that you will appear in their Contacts app.

After unblocking someone on iMessage, any messages sent or received prior to the unblocking will not be visible. Unblocking someone on iMessage simply allows you to receive messages from the blocked contact again. It does not erase any history from the person’s messages, nor will the person be able to receive the messages they sent while they were blocked.

If I Unblock Someone on iMessage: What Happens?

Have you blocked someone on iMessage but are not sure what happens when you unblock them? Blocking a contact on iMessage can be an effective and simple way to keep certain people out of your conversations. But if you choose to unblock someone, what exactly happens? Here, we dive into the nitty-gritty of iMessage blocking so you understand the full consequences.

What Happens When You Block Someone on iMessage?

To block a contact on iMessage, open the conversation with the contact you want to block and open the contact’s information page. Then, scroll down and select “Block this Caller.” Once you select this option, the Contact will no longer be able to contact you, see your status, or view your messages.

What Happens When You Unblock Someone on iMessage?

When you unblock someone on iMessage, the blocked contact will be able to send and receive messages, calls, and other forms of communication with you once again. However, keep in mind that any messages sent to you while the contact was blocked will not be delivered. So, if you unblock a contact, they will still not be able to see any messages you sent while they were blocked.

Additional Considerations

  • When you unblock someone on iMessage, you will not be informed that the contact has been unblocked.
  • The contact must add you as a contact again to be able to send you messages.
  • The contact will show up in your “Recents” tab once you unblock them.

Personal Experience

What happens if I unblock someone on iMessage?

I had to recently block contact from someone on my iMessage account that was bothering me. After a few weeks, I decided it was time to unblock them and see what would happen. It was easy enough to do by going into my settings and toggling the blocked contact off. However, when I unblocked them I wasn’t sure what would happen and whether or not I would receive messages from them or vice versa.

To my surprise, I didn’t receive any messages from them, as if nothing had ever happened. However, I also noticed that I wasn’t able to send them a message either. So then I realized that by unblocking them their message had been deleted off my phone. Even if they had sent me a message while they were block, I wouldn’t be able to see it once they had been unblocked. To my knowledge there is no way they can send me a message because they were blocked.

Overall, if you’re thinking about unblocking someone on iMessage, all that is going to happen is that your messages to them and their messages to you will be deleted and you won’t be able to see them or send them any new messages either. You should also be aware that messages you’ve sent them prior to unblocking them will no longer be visible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I unblock someone on iMessage?

Unblocking someone on iMessage will allow you to receive messages from them in the future. You won’t be able to access any messages sent before they were unblocked, but any messages sent after will be delivered. Once unblocked, you and the other person can communicate freely.

Will a person receive texts after unblocking?

Yes, a person will receive texts after unblocking a contact. They may receive all past texts that were sent while the contact was blocked. However, they will only receive new texts after they unblock the contact.

Do iMessage get delivered after unblocking?

Yes, iMessage will get delivered after unblocking. Once someone unblocks you, you should see a “delivered” signal at the bottom of the message, indicating it has been sent. Unblocking someone ensures that all iMessages that have been sent prior to blocking are delivered.

When you unblock someone on iPhone can you see the messages?

Yes, when you unblock someone on an iPhone, you can see any existing text messages they may have sent while they were blocked. Additionally, any new messages they send will arrive on your device as normal. Unblocking someone on an iPhone is a quick and easy process, and will ensure that you don’t miss out on any important messages from that person.

Will blocked messages come through when unblocked Discord?

No, blocked messages will not come through when unblocked on Discord. Once a user is blocked, messages sent prior to being blocked will remain blocked and will not be available after unblocking the user. If a person wants to remain in contact with someone they have blocked, a new message must be sent after unblocking on Discord in order for it to show up.

What happens when I unblock someone on Discord?

Unblocking someone on Discord allows you to read their messages in any server you share, direct message them, and block them again at any time. This enables better communication between users and smoother user experience.

Do sent messages get delivered after unblocking?

No, sent messages will not get delivered after unblocking a contact. Unblocking a contact only stops them from sending you messages, calls and status updates going forward. Any messages they sent while they were blocked will remain undelivered.

How can you tell if someone unblocks you on iPhone?

s No Longer Greyed Out. 3 Method #3: Your Contact Reappears in Your Contacts List. 4 Method #4: Re-Add the Contact to Your Phone. 5 Method #5: Look for Them in Your Past Conversations. To know if someone unblocked you on iMessage, check the messages sent to them to see if they have been delivered, check if the message bubble is no longer greyed out, look for them in your contacts list, re-add them to your phone, and look for them in past conversations. If you can find them in your contacts list or in past conversations, you can be sure that they have unblocked you.

What happens when someone unblocks you iPhone?

When someone unblocks your iPhone, you will be able to receive calls, messages and notifications from that person again. You can also view past messages sent while they were blocked. If you also blocked them during this period, be sure to unblock them as well so you can communicate as usual.

How can you tell if you’re unblocked on iMessage?

You can tell if you’ve been unblocked on iMessage by the color of the chat bubble. If the message is sent in a green bubble, it means that you have been unblocked and the message was sent through a regular SMS text message. A blue bubble indicates that the message was sent via Apple’s proprietary messaging protocol. If you don’t receive a response after sending a message, then it may mean that you have been blocked.

How do you know if someone unblock you on phone?

If someone unblocks you on their phone, you may be able to call them directly and hear their phone ring. If the call connects, that is a strong sign that the person has unblocked you. Additionally, if they answer your call or start a call with you, this is also a confirmation that they have unblocked you. If you are still unsure, you can ask the person directly if they have unblocked you.

Final Thoughts

Unblocking a contact on iMessage is a relatively simple process. Once a contact is unblocked, their messages and iMessages will appear in your Messages app and you will be able to message and call them without any issues. Unblocking someone on iMessage is a great way to re-establish contact with someone and reconnect with them. Additionally, it ensures that your past interactions with the contact stay hidden, while allowing you to move on with a clean slate. If you have blocked someone on iMessage, it is recommended that you consider unblocking them in order to move forward and build stronger relationships.


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