Are you feeling the pressure of TikTok having to delete drafts forever? With TikTok now deciding to make all drafts final, it’s creating a challenge for users to make sure they’re content is perfect the first time they post. Find out why TikTok is getting rid of drafts, and what this new rule means for you.

Quick Summary

  Is TikTok Getting Rid of Drafts? Learn the Fate of TikTok Drafts

TikTok drafts are video clips that you haven’t chosen to post yet. Drafts can be stored in-app and usually remain unposted until you decide to use them to complete a video. If you choose to delete a draft, it will be permanently removed from the app and can’t be retrieved. Similarly, if you edit and save a draft, the original file will be overwritten and won’t be accessible. If a user logs out of the app, all of their drafts will automatically be saved and can be accessed when they log back in. Lastly, drafts can be shared with other users and synced between multiple devices.

In summary, TikTok drafts are video clips that you haven’t posted yet. Once you delete a draft, it won’t be retrievable. Editing and saving a draft will result in the original file being overwritten. Drafts can easily be synced between multiple devices and shared with other users.

Is TikTok Getting Rid of Drafts?

Are you wondering if popular social media platform, TikTok, is getting rid of their drafts? Until recently, drafts were an ongoing feature for users to save their posts and delete them later on. However, the fate of TikTok drafts is now uncertain.

The Fate of TikTok Drafts

It’s true; TikTok is replacing their draft feature with a post scheduler. This post scheduler would give users the opportunity to pre-set their posts for a future date or time. Unfortunately, users can no longer save an unfinished post using drafts.

Furthermore, the drafts feature was not available on the regular TikTok app, only the Creator Studio version. For regular users, their drafts were solely saved when the post had a tweet message box present. This meant that if a user wanted to save a video they had already structured but could not go out, they could do this through this feature.

In the latest version of the app, that version is no longer available as the interface has been completely changed. The latest interface gives users the ability to publish multiple posts at once, to follow trending topics, get video insights, post videos with HXH or PIP effects from the app, and administer their videos from their feed with a scheduling feature built-in.

Ramping Up Features for Better Quality Posts

The post scheduling feature is certainly a beneficial one for TikTok users, as well as content creators. It allows for posts to be set for a particular date or time, meaning less stress for the user as well as better quality posts overall.

That being said, with this feature comes the disappearance of the drafts feature. Regardless of the fact that it was hidden in the old version, this feature was useful in essence. Nevertheless, the post scheduler may prove to be even more useful when posting videos.

Features of the New Post Scheduling Feature

  • Pre-set posts for a specific date or time
  • Save videos or posts without needing a tweet box present
  • Follow trends with the post scheduler
  • Get insights for videos for better post growth

Alternatives to Post Scheduling

For users who truly miss the drafts feature and are in need of a method to save videos they can go out at a later time, there are a few ways around this.

  • Save videos to the device the video is being recorded on
  • Subscribe to another video streaming service when in question of platform stability (i.e. YouTube or Vimeo).
  • Save videos temporarily in cloud storage.
  • Create back-ups of videos.
  • Personal Experience

    Is TikTok deleting everyone

    I have been using TikTok for quite some time now, and I had heard recently that the platform was getting rid of drafts. After doing some research, I wanted to see it for myself and understand how it works. So, I started a video and felt disappointed when I found out there weren’t any options to save my work as a draft. I thought that this would make editing and refining my TikToks more difficult.

    I asked some of my fellow TikTokers about this and found out that indeed, TikTok has removed the drafts feature for all users. That means no one can save their videos as drafts and come back to them to make adjustments. This is a big change from what it used to be and might affect how people approach videos on the platform.

    However, it also doesn’t mean that you can’t create and make changes to multiple videos. You can still create multiple versions of the same video, make adjustments and then choose the final version. You just can’t save them as drafts and the changes are not saved.

    In conclusion, it appears that the removal of drafts was done in order to simplify the video-making process, but it might have backfired as some users find this a hassle. On the other hand, it also gives people the ability to create different versions of the same video which is actually a good thing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is TikTok deleting everyone’s drafts?

    No, TikTok is not deleting everyone’s drafts. Reports of the platform deleting drafts without users’ permission have recently surfaced on social media, but TikTok has not addressed the issue. Users should be aware of the potential for draft deletion and should regularly save any notes or drafts for future reference.

    Where did my drafts go on TikTok 2022?

    The answer is: Your TikTok drafts are saved locally, meaning they are stored on the device where you created them. If you switch to a new device, the drafts will not be available. To make sure your drafts are kept safe, it is best to back up your device regularly. Additionally, you can enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to an email account associated with your TikTok account to help protect your drafts.

    How can I delete TikTok without losing my drafts?

    To delete TikTok without losing your drafts, uninstall the app. Go to your device’s app store and search for TikTok, then select the Uninstall option. After it’s uninstalled, re-download the app and log in to find your drafts are still saved.

    How do I keep TikTok drafts after deleting TikTok?

    Unfortunately, there is no way to keep TikTok drafts after uninstalling the app. All drafts are deleted when TikTok is removed from your device. To prevent the loss of drafts, try backing them up before uninstalling the app. Consider saving drafts to your phone’s gallery or exporting them save them to a secure external drive.

    Does switching TikTok accounts remove drafts?

    No, switching TikTok accounts does not remove drafts. Drafts remain associated with the original account they were created on, even if the account is later changed or deactivated. As such, drafts cannot be shared or transferred between various accounts.

    Is there a way to keep drafts on TikTok?

    Yes, TikTok offers a drafts folder so users can save in-progress posts and finish them at any time. To access the drafts folder, open TikTok, tap on your profile in the bottom right corner, and select the Drafts folder on the left side of the screen. Posts stored in the drafts folder can be edited, completed, or deleted as needed.

    Is there a way to recover deleted TikTok drafts?

    Yes, there is a way to recover deleted TikTok drafts. TikTok has a feature that allows users to easily access their drafts, even if they have been deleted from their account. To recover deleted TikTok drafts, users can simply log in to the app and go to the draft folder in their profile settings. From there, users can access and re-edit their drafts for further use.

    How to get your drafts back on TikTok if you got a new phone?

    Transferring TikTok drafts from one phone to another is easy. First, post the video and keep the privacy setting to private. Then, save the video to your device. Finally, when you get your new phone, you can access those drafts by signing in to the TikTok app on your new phone.

    Final Thoughts

    The fate of TikTok drafts can be mysterious and confusing at times, but understanding the rules of the platform and the steps to recover deleted drafts can make the experience much simpler. It’s important to remember that recovery is only possible if the drafts were saved within 24 hours after being created. Being aware of this timeline will help to ensure that all drafts are not lost forever. Although it can be frustrating when drafts mistakenly get removed, knowing how to recover them will always be helpful.


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