Are you looking for the perfect platform to practice and sharpen your coding skills? With Leetcode and HackerRank, you can take your coding to the next level – but which one is better for your needs? Discover the key differences between Leetcode and HackerRank and decide which one is best for you.

Quick Summary

  Leetcode vs HackerRank: Comparing Coding Interviews

Both LeetCode and HackerRank are good platforms to practice and prepare for coding interviews. LeetCode offers a vast library of algorithmic coding challenges across a variety of topics, ranging from easy to very difficult. Additionally, it offers helpful solutions to the challenges as well as curated resources to further deep dive into a particular topic. HackerRank on the other hand, provides questions from various companies and focuses on helping coding interviews. This allows the candidates to practice the interviews themselves and get used to the coding environment of various companies.

For coding interviews, both LeetCode and HackerRank are great resources, depending on what your focus is. If you are looking for a wide array of coding challenges from different topics, both easy and difficult, then LeetCode is a great platform. If you’re looking for questions from various companies and practice coding interviews, then HackerRank would be the better option.

Leetcode vs HackerRank: Comparing Coding Interviews

Every coding interview has its own challenges. When preparing for your upcoming coding interview, it’s important to know the differences between popular coding platforms such as Leetcode and HackerRank. In this article, we’ll compare Leetcode vs HackerRank and walk you through how to make the most of both platforms.

Leetcode vs HackerRank: Overview

Leetcode is a platform for engineers to practice coding interview questions. It contains problems ranging from easy to hard and allows engineers to track their progress. HackerRank is a technical skills platform, like Leetcode, but it is focused on preparing for coding interviews and recruiting developers.

Leetcode vs HackerRank: Features

Leetcode offers a variety of coding challenges, from basic to advanced. It’s possible to select and even filter questions according to difficulty, language, time limit, and popularity. HackerRank, on the other hand, offers a wide range of coding challenges and exercise tracks for developers to measure their skills. Additionally, HackerRank offers assessment tests for companies to assess programmer’s skills.

Leetcode vs HackerRank: Pros and Cons

  • Leetcode:
    • Pro: Easy to use interface and great filters.
    • Cons: Limited resources and not great for beginners.
  • HackerRank:
    • Pro: Offers assessment tests for companies and great for beginners.
    • Cons: Could be less intuitive for users.

Leetcode vs HackerRank: Comparison of Performance

When it comes to performance, Leetcode is the clear winner. With its large pool of questions, it becomes easier to find the best solutions more quickly. Meanwhile, HackerRank’s assessment tests and tracks can be helpful in gaining insights into test performance.

Leetcode vs HackerRank: Final Verdict

It’s hard to definitively say which is better between Leetcode vs HackerRank. Both platforms have advantages and disadvantages that may be better suited to certain types of coders. Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference–Leetcode is an excellent platform for experienced coders looking for quick solutions, while HackerRank is better for beginners looking to practice and develop their skills.

Personal Experience

Is LeetCode better than HackerRank?

Over the past several years, my experience with leetcode vs hackerrank has been both educational and insightful. I have personally found Leetcode to be a more comprehensive platform with much better overall content, while HackerRank provides a platform that is simpler, with fewer features but that still provides great quality content.

Leetcode provides a wider range of problem types, including both specific and broader topics, and is well suited for those beginning to learn algorithms. It also offers a stronger platform for experienced coders to challenge themselves, providing increasingly difficult questions as they become more competent. Alongside comprehensive problem sets, Leetcode also offers great educational content with its Discussion feature, which offers an opportunity to learn from other developers.

HackerRank has less comprehensive problems than Leetcode, with more focus on the code-writing and debugging process. It is generally feasible for more experienced developers to quickly finish the problems on HackerRank, though this can be used as a great refresher to practice debugging skills. It does offer exposure to a range of diverse coding languages, which allows coders to diversify their knowledge.

Ultimately, both leetcode and hackerrank are great platforms to master coding and there is no definitive answer to which is the better one. In my experience, I have learnt the most through using both platforms together, leveraging the strong points of each.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LeetCode better than HackerRank?

No, LeetCode is not necessarily better than HackerRank. Both platforms offer excellent resources for coding practice, but the focus and content vary from platform to platform. HackerRank offers a broader range of topics, from beginner to advanced level coding challenges, while LeetCode focuses mainly on data structures and algorithms. Ultimately, selecting one over the other depends on the individual’s coding goals, goals and personal preferences.

What type of questions are asked in HackerRank test?

HackerRank tests typically consist of various types of coding, database engineer, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, DevOps, approximate solution, multiple choice, subjective and diagram questions. Preparation is key to building proficiency and acing these tests, and applicants need to be able to answer a wide range of technical questions. Practicing using coding challenges or online courses are recommended for gaining the expertise required to pass the tests.

Can HackerRank detect other tabs?

No, HackerRank cannot detect if a candidate has opened another tab in their browser during a test. Its proctoring feature is limited to monitoring web browsers’ activity, and interpreting certain behaviors or interactions which could suggest cheating. However, if a candidate interacts with another browser window or tab during a test, a warning message will be displayed.

Is HackerRank 30 days of code good?

Yes, HackerRank 30 days of code is a great way to quickly and effectively gain foundational programming knowledge and skills. It is designed to help beginners learn key coding concepts in an interactive way, with daily challenges and video tutorials from fellow coders. This makes it ideal for anyone who wants to learn programming basics or refresh their coding fundamentals.

Should I use LeetCode or CodeChef?

The choice of using LeetCode or CodeChef depends on your goals. If you want to improve your Data Structures and Algorithms or prepare for interviews, then LeetCode is the better choice. If you want to improve your problem solving skills and compete with large groups, then CodeChef is a better choice. Both platforms have a range of tutorials, questions and tools to help you improve your skills. Pick the right one depending on how you want to develop your coding skills.

Is 300 LeetCode questions enough?

Yes, 300 LeetCode questions can be enough to prepare for an interview. Practicing questions can give you an advantage as it can improve your problem-solving speed, accuracy and confidence. However, it is important to also focus on honing your coding skills, engaging with technical blogs, and understanding the most commonly asked interview questions and algorithms.

Is CodeChef good for interview?

Yes, CodeChef is good for interviews. It provides access to user solutions and other resources to help prepare software engineers for their technical interviews. Additionally, CodeChef has forums and virtual judges where users can practice and collaborate on problems relevant to interviews. CodeChef is thus an excellent resource for software engineers looking to practice and refine their technical interview skills.

Which is more popular CodeChef or codeforces?

CodeForces is more popular than CodeChef. It has over 6 million registered users and more than 1.8 million monthly active users, making it the most popular online programming competition platform worldwide. CodeForces provides an environment with more competitive coding activities and frequent programming competitions while CodeChef offers a platform to practice coding.

Is AlgoExpert enough for Faang?

No, AlgoExpert is not sufficient for FAANG interviews. To best prepare for this type of interview, it is recommended to use a comprehensive platform or prep program such as Interview Kickstart or, which offers resources and guidance for each step of the interview process. Furthermore, learning from the experiences of successful candidates is crucial for success and can help to provide a deeper understanding of what employers are looking for.

What is better than AlgoExpert?

The best alternative to AlgoExpert is Exponent, which offers comprehensive practice coding questions with solutions. Coderslang 2.0 is another great alternative with practice problems for competitive programming. Finally, JobPrepper provides job preparation services focusing on coding and problem-solving skills. Each of these services is designed to help users become better coders and engineers.

Is it worth to purchase AlgoExpert?

Yes, purchasing AlgoExpert is worth it. AlgoExpert provides an easy and effective way to practice solving algorithms and perfect your problem-solving skills. With access to hundreds of algorithms, AlgoExpert provides clear explanations and thorough solutions to help you understand the underlying concepts quickly. In addition, its intuitive interface ensures you are able to navigate through the platform with ease.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, both Leetcode and HackerRank are valuable resources for preparing for coding interviews. Leetcode is great for its wide range of practice problems and the ability to filter questions by topics and difficulty level, while HackerRank is useful for its organized structure and the presence of a competitive environment. Ultimately, the best platform for preparation depends on the level of experience and preference of the individual.


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