From an infamous father to an unknown mother, Metal Lee’s parents are the stuff of legend. With his father being the iconic Rock Lee, Metal Lee has had to live up to a high standard. With his powerful taijutsu skills granted from his father, Metal Lee seeks to defy the odds and create his own path of destiny, despite the challenge of his mysterious mother’s unknown origins.

Quick Summary

  Metal Lee Parents: Who Are They?

Metal Lee is a character in the popular anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. He is the son of Rock Lee, a skilled ninja known for his incredible combat skills, and Maki, a doctors assistant. Metal is the grandson of Might Guy, a powerful ninja and one of the last surviving members of the Hidden Leaf Village. He is also descended from the famous ninja sage, Hashirama Senju, which gives him a rare genetic heritage. Metal is a natural born prodigy and has tremendous potential as a shinobi. He is known for his intense focus, diligence and dutifulness, as well as his natural affinity for taijutsu.

Metal’s earliest training and development as a ninja have been coached and cared for by his father Rock Lee. Rock is mostly known for having passed on the powerful fighting style known as the Eight Inner Gates to Metal, and for teaching his son the importance of dedication and hard work during training. Maki’s influence on her son has been more focused on his medical training, offering him the skills and knowledge needed to attend the prestigious Academy of Medical Nins. Metal inherited her gentle and caring nature which manifests itself in his helpful attitude and kind approach toward his peers.

Metal Lee Parents: Who Are They?

Metal Lee, a character from the popular anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, has become very beloved among fans – but who are his parents? We explore his family history here.

Metal Lee is the only son of Tenten and Rock Lee, two famous ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village. Tenten is well known for her weapons proficiency, while Rock Lee is a master of hand-to-hand combat. As such, Metal Lee inherited many of the same skills and talents from both of his parents.

What is Metal Lee’s Personality Like?

Metal is an energetic young man who loves to try new things and is always trying to push himself to the limit. He has a great deal of self-confidence and drive and is a very competent ninja, despite being only a Genin. He is also noted for his loyalty to his friends and teammates, which is why he was chosen as the leader of Team 7.

What Type of Ninja Is Metal Lee?

Metal Lee is a well-rounded Ninja, possessing skills in taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat) and ninjutsu (ninja magic). He is an excellent swordsman and is quite good at using various other ninja tools. He also has an affinity for the Wind-Style jutsu, which is the main style used by Tenten.

What Are Some of Metal Lee’s Notable Achievements?

  • Metal was chosen as the leader of Team 7 during the Chunin exams.
  • He was able to complete the seventh gate of the Eight Gates release.
  • He was the first known ninja to use the Wind Cutter Jutsu.
  • He was able to defeat Shin Uchiha during the Five Kage Summit.

Metal Lee’s parents are two of the most iconic characters from the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series. Tenten and Rock Lee have passed on their abilities to Metal and he is well on his way to becoming a great ninja himself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Metal Lee’s real mother?

Metal Lee’s real mother is currently unknown. Neither her identity nor her whereabouts have been revealed to the fandom. As a result, the question of who is Metal Lee’s real mother remains unanswered.

How are Metal Lee’s parents?

Metal Lee’s parents are Rock Lee and Tenten, two renowned ninja from Konoha. Rock Lee is known for his exceptional taijutsu capabilities, while Tenten is famous for her weapons-based ninjutsu. Together, the two have produced a young ninja with a powerful legacy.

Who is Metal Lee’s dad?

Metal Lee’s dad is Rock Lee, a dedicated shinobi who Metal has sincere respect for. Rock Lee is also Metal’s sensei Might Guy’s student, and Metal takes inspiration from his father’s example. Rock Lee is an important figure in Metal’s life, and he looks up to him as an example to follow.

Why is Metal Lee always nervous?

Metal Lee is always nervous because he puts a lot of pressure on himself to perform at a high level when others are watching him. He is a talented taijutsu fighter, but his nerves often get the better of him, causing him to make mistakes. He has dedicated himself to improving upon his craft, and is working to learn to control his nerves so he can excel during performances.

Can the Lee clan use ninjutsu?

No, the Lee clan cannot use ninjutsu. Rock Lee, a famous member of the Lee clan, does not possess the ability to use ninjutsu because of the restricted influence of the one-tailed beast ‘Kurama’ living inside him from his late father’s cursed seal. However, Rock Lee has developed strength and determination that can still help him achieve great feats despite not being able to use ninjutsu.

Can Metal Lee use ninjutsu?

Yes, Metal Lee is able to use ninjutsu. He can externally release his chakra and perform Cooperation Ninjutsu, a jutsu involving multiple shinobi working together to achieve greater effects. Additionally, Metal Lee has demonstrated the ability to perform various other ninjutsu techniques.

Why Lee can only use taijutsu?

Lee can only use taijutsu because he has no ability to learn ninjutsu or genjutsu. Therefore, he is limited to using physical combat techniques to fight his opponents. This proves to be difficult at times, but Lee continues to prove his worth as a ninja nonetheless.

Can Metal Lee only use taijutsu?

Yes, Metal Lee only uses taijutsu. While Guy, Lee’s father, has some basic ninjutsu skills, Metal Lee prefers to use taijutsu and does not actively practice or incorporate ninjutsu into his fighting style. This is in accordance with the practice of his ninja village and his own personal preference.

Is metal stronger than Rock Lee?

Yes, metal is stronger than Rock Lee. Metal Lee has the advantage of being born with great physical stats, as well as honed skills and techniques. Moreover, with Metal’s ability to control his chakra, he has greater control over his taijutsu and ninjutsu moves. As a result, Metal’s physical and chakra control is far superior to Rock Lee’s, making him a much more formidable opponent.

Is Metal Lee like Rock Lee?

Yes, Metal Lee is very much like Rock Lee. He shares the same dedication to shinobi life and follows in his father’s footsteps in taking part in the rigorous training regimen of Might Guy. Metal Lee has the utmost respect for Rock Lee, indicating that the two share many traits.

How powerful is Metal Lee?

Metal Lee is a powerful ninja with the ability to externally release his chakra, making him a skilled ninjutsu practitioner in cooperation jutsu. His unique abilities have lead to him becoming one of the strongest new generation shinobi of Konohagakure, showing impressive feats in the Fourth Shinobi World War. He has even fought against and held his own against his own father, showing the heights of his power.

Final Thoughts

Metal Lee’s parents are both prominent figures in the Naruto universe. His father is Rock Lee, a student of the famous ninja, Might Guy. His mother is Tenten, a skilled kunoichi from Konohagakure. Metal Lee is shown to have inherited a great deal of his parents’ skills in taijutsu and weapons-based combat. As such, he appears to be a promising up-and-coming ninja in his own right.


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