It’s disheartening when the number of ‘likes’ on dating apps is low, but don’t give up when you don’t get many likes on Hinge – there are still many ways to break the ice and find someone special.

Quick Summary

  5 Reasons for No Likes on Hinge: Find Out Why You

1) You’re Not Making the Right First Impression

– The main issue is in your profile, your main photo and any follow-up photos need to send the same message and show you’re an active and interesting individual – creative and thoughtful photos that you’re enjoying can work here. Furthermore, your profile bio should be concise and be directly related to what kind of individual you are.

2) Your Profile is Hard to Find

– Due to Hinge’s algorithm, you’re in an even bigger pool of potential matches if you’re using it in a small town or city. To increase your connections, make sure you optimize your profile by selecting the right values and answers to the questions, and make yourself stand out.

3) You Don’t Have an Interesting Matching Strategy

– One of the main reasons why Hinge users don’t get the results they want is because they don’t have an established approach when they interact with other users. To maximize your success, prioritize people that you could genuinely connect with, and take the time to craft individualized messages that show you’re interested in them.

4) You Connect with Too Many People

– While it’s great to reach out to as many individuals as possible when starting out, you should also be mindful of whom you’re reaching out to. If you send out messages too quickly and to too many people, you could make it hard to enjoy the process of conversation since you’ll have trouble remembering who you’ve already talked to.

5) You’re Not Taking Action

– You need to take initiative if you want to get likes on Hinge, and go beyond passively messaging people. Try to look through the suggested profiles and find ones that truly appeal to you. Go the extra mile by registering for one of the many events that can be found on Hinge, and make sure you take advantage of any social activities in your area.

5 Reasons for No Likes on Hinge

Hinge is one of the most popular dating apps used by singles all over the world. But unfortunately, some users find that it’s difficult to get reactions from other members – no likes from matches and fewer matches overall.

Are you one of these people wondering why you’re not receiving likes or matches on Hinge? Here are five possible factors that may be the cause of your lack of success:

1. Your Profile Pictures

The pictures on your Hinge profile are the first thing a potential match will see. You must make sure that they depict you in a way that accurately represents your current self, so make sure to update them regularly.

Your pictures should be clear and in focus, as blurry or pixelated photos usually don’t get many likes. Additionally, avoid filters and make sure to smile – research has shown that smiling photos get more than twice as many likes as non-smiling ones!

2. Your Profile Description

Your profile description is like a first impression – it should be short, honest and engaging. Avoid repeating yourself and try to make it personal by including some quirky facts or jokes. You should also make sure that the grammar and punctuation are correct, and avoid using all capital letters.

3. Your Match Preferences

Make sure to adjust your match preferences so that you can find the most suitable matches for you. You should also make sure that you’re searching for an appropriate age range and distance from you.

4. Your Habits

Don’t keep swiping without investing any time in getting to know the person. Taking the time to read their profile, having genuine conversations and sending thoughtful messages can draw more attention to you.

You should also refrain from sending messages to everyone you like – take the time to search for people you get along with and be patient waiting for replies.

5. The Application

Sometimes the problem might be with the app itself. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the application to see if it fixes the problem. Also, keep your device’s software updated as often as you can.

Personal Experience

Is it normal to get no likes on Hinge?

Having no likes on Hinge can be very disheartening, it almost feels like a reflection of your self worth. I know this too well, as I have personally experienced a lot of frustration with this app. It wasn’t just about not getting likes, for me it was more about the lack of responses from potential matches.

So it was of no surprise when I would send messages and watch them go unanswered or even see people match with me only to never follow up or respond. It seemed there was no effort being placed into conversations, why even match with someone in the first place if that’s the case.

This lack of feedback encouraged me to try new things and eventually I found out how to craft better messages. After taking the time to think of interesting questions or interesting stories to tell with each line of dialogue, I quickly saw the responses start rolling in.

That doesn’t mean I got a date with the first person I conversed with but it did mean I was actually having conversations, and that was a big improvement from before. It has gotten to the point where I wasn’t even looking for likes but instead was more focused on conversing with someone, seeing if a connection is there.

So to everyone out there who is getting no likes on Hinge, dont get discouraged. Instead shift your focus and try other mediums, such as writing better messages conversing later. And the more you focus on having conversations the better you will become.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal to get no likes on Hinge?

No, it is not normal to get no likes on Hinge. It is possible that your pictures or profile information doesn’t attract potential matches, or there simply isn’t a large pool of users in your geographic area. To increase your chances of success, consider taking better profile pictures, adding more information to your profile, or widening your search area.

Why am I suddenly getting no matches on Hinge?

It could be that your profile isn’t engaging enough, your pictures don’t reflect who you are, or that your profiles lack keywords that are most important to your desired match. To increase matches, make sure your photos accurately reflect your interests and values. Additionally, use relevant keywords that best describe yourself and what you bring to a relationship. Finally, be sure to provide an interesting summary that will engage potential matches.

Does Hinge show you people who swiped No on you?

No, Hinge does not show you people who have swiped no on you. This is due to the algorithm Hinge has developed to match compatible individuals. This algorithm does not reveal who has said no or yes on someone’s profile, ensuring that people using Hinge have the best chance at finding a compatible match.

What happens when you run out of likes on Hinge?

The answer is: When you run out of Likes on Hinge, you won’t be able to send any more Likes until the daily reset at 4:00 AM local time. At this time, all 8 of your Likes will be replenished and you can start liking profiles once again. Not sending Likes doesn’t prevent you from receiving Likes or matching with other members.

How many likes a day do people get on hinge?

People on Hinge get up to 8 Likes per day. The Likes automatically reset at 4:00 AM local time each day. After matching with someone, users can send an unlimited number of messages.

Is it common for girls to like first on hinge?

Yes, it is common for women to like first on Hinge. According to a study by Hinge, men are three times more likely to send the first like, while women’s likes are often more dispersed among a smaller group of men. Additionally, women are much more picky when it comes to sending likes on Hinge, often only swiping right on one in 15 profiles.

How does hinge work for girls?

Hinge works similarly for girls as it does for any other user. The app shows profiles of users selected based on preferences and interactions, and girls can “like” or “pass” each profile, comment on photos and start conversations. Hinge allows girls to build meaningful, lasting relationships with people they are compatible with, leading to more fulfilling outcomes.

How many likes do you get a say on hinge?

On Hinge, free users get 10 likes per day. To make the most of this, they should make sure they use all 10 likes each day. This will maximize their chances of connecting with someone special and making the most of their free Hinge experience.

Final Thoughts

Having trouble getting likes on Hinge? It can be hard in the online dating world – but understanding the right things to do can give you a headstart. Some of the key points to consider are making sure your profile pictures are attractive and natural, having an up to date profile, using witty descriptions, being proactive in messaging, and using the features Hinge provides. By taking these tips into consideration, you should be better set up to increase your chances of getting likes on Hinge.


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