Feeling lonely and exhausted with the search for your true love? Don’t feel alone, no matches on Hinge is a very common dilemma. Whether you’ve been swiping on dating sites for years or are brand new to the online dating scene, it can be disheartening when you just can’t seem to get any matches. But don’t worry – there are plenty of ways you can make sure you find love with Hinge!

Quick Summary

  Find No Matches on Hinge: Tips to Help You Get Started

Finding no matches on Hinge can be discouraging. However, the reality is that it often takes time to find someone who is compatible with you. Here are a few tips for finding matches on Hinge.

Update Your Profile and Photos – A critical component of getting matches on Hinge is having an up-to-date profile and recent photos. Make sure that your profile is filled out correctly, with accurate information about yourself. Also, be sure to include interesting photos of yourself that give others an idea of what you’re like.

Keep Swiping – Matches on Hinge often don’t come right away, but it’s important to keep swiping and looking for potential matches. Try to be open minded and have a positive attitude while swiping. You never know who you might end up connecting with.

Look For Similar Interests – When swiping on Hinge, look for people who have similar interests to you. This can help you connect with someone on a deeper level and make it easier to find common ground to chat about.

Don’t Give Up – Often times, it takes time to find a compatible match. Even if you’re not getting any matches, keep using the app and don’t give up. Eventually, you will find someone who you connect with.

Finding matches on Hinge can be a little tricky, but with some patience and perseverance, it is possible to find someone who is compatible with you. Be sure to keep your profile updated, keep swiping, look for similar interests, and don’t give up. With some effort, you can find great matches on Hinge.

How To Find No Matches on Hinge: Tips to Help You Get Started

Finding no matches on Hinge can be a difficult thing. It is easy to get discouraged and feel like you are not making any progress. However, if you follow these proven tips, you can quickly find no matches on Hinge and get your dating life back on track.

Tip 1: Keep Your Profile Up-to-Date

One of the keys to finding no matches on Hinge is to make sure your profile is always up-to-date. You should make sure that all of your information is accurate and that your photos are recent. This will help ensure that other Hinge users are seeing the most accurate version of you.

Tip 2: Use the Right Search Settings

Another important thing to consider when it comes to finding no matches on Hinge is to use the right search settings. You can adjust the filters to narrow down your potential matches even further. For example, if you are looking for someone of a particular age range, you can adjust the filter to make sure that you are only presented with those potential matches.

Tip 3: Take the Time to Connect

Finally, it is important to take the time to connect with potential matches. Don’t just swipe right and move on without taking the time to give them a chance. Take the time to look over their profile and see if you have anything in common or any shared interests. This can help you determine whether or not you would be compatible.


Finding no matches on Hinge can be difficult but with the right tips, you can get started on the right track. Make sure you keep your profile up-to-date, use the right search settings and take the time to connect with potential matches. With these tips, you should be able to find no matches on Hinge in no time!

Personal Experience

Why am i getting no Hinge matches?

One of my most discouraging experiences with online dating has been receiving no matches on Hinge. As someone who has been looking for a meaningful relationship, the experience was disheartening. My profile was filled out honestly and concisely, so initially I assumed there was no issue with the content. After trying different strategies such as adjusting my profile setup and changing my photos, I realized that the size of the pool mattered.

Hinge’s user base tends to be smaller than other popular dating apps, like Bumble and Tinder. In my area, I found that it was harder to find potential matches because of the smaller user base. As a result, I wasn’t seeing many (if any) potential matches on my feed.

I tried to be proactive in my search, using features like ‘Discover’ to scroll through potential matches. However, this had lapsed results. I eventually began to focus on connecting with others on different platforms and becoming proactive in creating a meaningful encounters in physical settings.

Overall, no matches on Hinge can be a discouraging experience, but it shouldn’t be an impediment to finding meaningful connections. It is important to remember that the size of a user base is an important factor in online dating, and if a platform is not producing the desired results, switching to a larger one may be a more productive approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am i getting no Hinge matches?

There could be a variety of reasons why you’re not getting any Hinge matches. First, make sure you have top-quality photos and an engaging profile that speaks to who you are. Additionally, review your preferences to make sure they’re accurate and check to see if your ‘Discover’ function is turned on. Lastly, you may need to adjust your search criteria or take a break from the app to give other members a chance to appear in your stack.

Does Hinge show you people who swiped No on you?

No, Hinge does not show you people who swiped no on you. Hinge’s goal is to help you make a connection with people who show interest in you, so it does not show you people who have already swiped no to you. Instead, it keeps track of your past interactions and shows you those profiles again if you both happen to interact in the same area. Furthermore, Hinge does not have a feature that allows you to go back and see who you’ve already swiped no on, so even if someone swiped no on you in the past, you won’t be able to know that.

How many Hinge matches per day?

With Hinge, you can send up to 8 Likes per day. Those Likes will reset at 4:00 AM local time. You can send an unlimited number of messages after you’ve matched with someone. Hinge Preferred members can also send an unlimited number of Likes. Therefore, the maximum number of Hinge matches per day is 8, but this number can be unlimited if you upgrade to Hinge Preferred.

How do I get more Hinge matches?

To get more Hinge matches, use a clear and recent profile picture, create an engaging and accurate profile description, and make use of the Hinge Discover Settings to adjust your match preferences. Additionally, be active by swiping on potential matches and engaging in conversation.

Does Hinge withhold likes and matches?

No, Hinge does not withhold Likes and Matches. All users have the same opportunities to connect, whether they have a Hinge Preferred Membership or not. Hinge users must either match or skip each incoming Like one-by-one. A Hinge Preferred Membership makes this process more efficient by allowing users to view all Likes at once.

Does Hinge limit your likes?

Yes, Hinge limits the number of Likes you can send. Members can send up to 8 Likes per day, which reset at 4:00 AM local time. With Hinge Preferred, members have an unlimited number of Likes.

Why does Hinge keep suggesting the same person?

Hinge’s algorithm connects you with people that it predicts you’ll be compatible with. That’s why you may see the same person suggested multiple times. This doesn’t mean you have to accept them though, as you can use filters to customize your preferences and only see the people you’re truly interested in.

Does Hinge let you like the same person twice?

Yes, Hinge lets you like the same person twice. It offers users the ability to match with a person again if they both swipe left on the first try. Using this feature, users can get a second chance to show their interest in connecting with someone and potentially form a lasting relationship.

Does Hinge hide your likes from people?

No, Hinge does not hide your likes from people. Instead, all likes are visible to both members and are always visible in the “Likes” tab. With a Hinge Preferred Membership, members can also view a grid of everyone who has liked them, making it easier to match with other singles they’re interested in.

Does Hinge stop sending likes?

No, Hinge does not stop sending likes. Members can enjoy unlimited Likes with Hinge Preferred and up to 8 free Likes per day that reset daily at 4 AM local time. Send messages with confidence knowing there are no limits to how often you can reach out.

Why is my Hinge getting no likes?

It is possible you are not getting any likes on Hinge because you haven’t filled out your profile completely, your photos are not attractive, or your bio does not accurately represent who you are. To increase your chances of getting noticed, make sure your profile is filled out completely, add attractive photos, and write an interesting bio that accurately reflects your personality.

Why am I suddenly getting no matches on Hinge?

It’s possible that you’re suddenly getting no matches on Hinge because either your profile needs to be updated, your pictures could be higher quality, or you could be unaware of the Hinge algorithm. To improve your matches on Hinge, update your profile regularly, use higher quality pictures and remain active on the app to increase your visibility. Additionally, be sure to be open minded and friendly when viewing potential matches’ profiles, as many of them could be perfect for you.

Final Thoughts

Hinge’s tips on finding no matches can help individuals successfully navigate the dating app and improve their rate of successful matchmaking. From improving profiles to using more interesting conversations starters, Hinge’s advice can help break the ice and make connections that last. Finding no matches on the app can often be discouraging and an indication that changes need to be made to get better results. However, with a few tweaks and strategies based on Hinge’s advice, users can turn that bad luck around and hopefully find matches that work for them.


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