From cars to computers, you can make your belongings stand out with a few strategically placed stickers. Put your own individual stamp on the world with these creative places to put stickers and get a bit of extra flair!

Quick Summary

  Discover 10 Unusual Places to Stick Stickers: Places for Creative Decorating

Stickers are a great way to bring a personal touch to any space. Whether its your bedroom, office, or car, there are plenty of creative and unique spots to put stickers. Here are the top 10 unique places to put stickers:

1. Laptop – Put stickers on the front of your laptop to make it your own. Create a design that expresses your passions and interests.

2. Shoes – It’s easy to add long-lasting flair to any pair of shoes. From high tops to sandals, any type of shoe can be transformed with some well-placed stickers.

3. Book Covers – Make yourold books look new again with some stylish stickers. Cover the front of your books with designs that you love.

4. Behind Phone Cases – Add a surprise to your phone. Place stickers on the back of your case and make sure you’re always carrying something special with you.

5. Outdoor Furniture – Add a custom touch to your outdoor furniture with some beautiful stickers. Personalize your backyard oasis and make sure it stands out.

6. Bed Posts – Let your creativity shine when decorating your bed posts. Since they’re easy to remove at any time, they’re the perfect canvas for sticker art.

7. Refrigerator – Put your design skills on full display and turn your refrigerator into a masterpiece. Make your kitchen stand out and give it a unique twist.

8. Car Windows – Unleash your inner artist and customize your car windows with a great selection of stickies. Make your car one of a kind and show off your unique style.

9. Water Bottles – Whether at the office or gym, your water bottle can be an expression of who you are. Choose colors to match your mood and make some heads turn.

10. Bike Frames – Bikes with custom-printed stickers can create a cool aesthetic. Find stickers to match your personality, and take your ride to the next level.

Sticker Decorating Ideas – 10 Creative Places to Put Stickers

Searching the web for different places to put stickers? We have a list of ten unique ideas to have your creative juices flowing. Find out where you can decorate your home, things, and even yourself. Have fun experimenting and discovering the unusual places you can stick your favorite stickers!

Decorate Your Home

  • Light Ceiling Fans – Make a statement or show off your favorite sticker. Attach the stickers to your fan blades for a one-of-a-kind discovery.
  • Kitchen Cabinets – Brighten the kitchen by adding a colorful design to the cabinet doors.
  • Windows – Catch the rays of sunshine in your home with a well-placed sticker.
  • Coffee Table – Transform your coffee table into a piece of art with stickers.
  • Mirrors – Change up the décor in your bathroom by sticking a unique design to your bathroom mirror.

Decorate Your Things

  • Luggage – Make your bag stand out and show off who you are. Attach stickers to your bag signalling your travels.
  • Tablet – Bring life to your tablet with favorite cartoons or sports logos.
  • Notebooks – Express yourself with stickers on your notebooks or journals.
  • Tumbler – Upgrade the look of your tumbler and add a sticker for a fun surprise.
  • Water Bottle – Put a spring in your step with a sticker on your water bottle.
  • Decorate You

    • Face – Don’t take life too seriously, try stickers as temporary makeup.
    • Skateboard – Transform your skateboard with colorful stickers.
    • Phone Case – Customize, upgrade and have fun with stickers for your phone.
    • Helmet – Your headgear can stand out with a creative sticker design.
    • Shoes – Have fun decorating your shoes and walk around in style.

    Personal Experience

    Where is a good place to put stickers?

    I have had lots of experience with finding the best places to put adhesive stickers. When I first started out, I found that trial and error was the best way to gain some experience. It is important to take into account the type of surface that the stickers need to be applied to. Wood and metal surfaces require a different adhesive than paper or plastic surfaces. Additionally, the area needs to be properly prepared for the sticker application to ensure it will stay in place over time.

    I have learned that the ideal temperature for applying stickers is between 40-85 degrees Fahrenheit. If possible, an environment with low humidity is recommended, as it can affect the adhesion of the stickers. Additionally, an area with no wind or direct sunlight is ideal to ensure the sticker adheres correctly. It is important to be sure the surface is free of dust and oil before application, as well.

    The best places to put adhesive stickers are flat, smooth surfaces with minimal texture. These include desktops, flat walls, and glass surfaces. I also find that putting stickers in repositionable frames is helpful, as they can be moved around to different environments. Finally, I always recommend applying pressure to the sticker after it has been placed, as this helps to ensure a strong bond between the stickers and the surface.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is a good place to put stickers?

    A good place to put stickers is on your car bumper, back window, ski helmet, tool box, reusable coffee mug, notebook, phone, or ride. Stickers make a great addition to liven up any item, and they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs to suit any taste. Be creative and have fun with it!

    What do people put stickers on?

    People often put stickers on various items to add a splash of colour or personalize their belongings. Common surfaces they stick to include purses and wallets, car bumpers and windows, helmets, makeup cases, and bedroom walls and windows. It’s also a popular way to decorate jewelry boxes and other storage containers.

    Where do adults put stickers?

    Adults can put stickers on notebooks, journals, cell phone covers, coffee or travel mugs, helmets, skateboards, water bottles and laptop covers. Stickers can also be a great way to create personalized decor. Many adults enjoy decorating their living spaces, vehicles and belongings with stickers.

    How do you market stickers?

    Marketing stickers is a great way to build brand recognition and promote a product or service. It can be done in a variety of ways, including giveaways at events, print campaigns, and online promotions. Additionally, it can be used in unique ways to create an engaging and interactive marketing experience for customers, such as putting stickers on streets, encouraging customers to take photos, and posting online or in-app selfies with branded stickers.

    Do people put stickers on their skateboards?

    Yes, many people put stickers on their skateboards to customize and personalize them. Stickers can add artistic flare as well as reflect an individual’s style and interests. Skateboard stickers often come in a variety of colors and designs and express the culture of skateboarding.

    Can you put stickers on griptape?

    Yes, you can put stickers on griptape. This is a common practice among skaters and it adds flair and style to the board. Strategically placed cutouts can be used to show off your favorite brands or logos. However, always adhere to skatepark and municipal regulations when doing so.

    What can I put travel stickers on?

    You can put travel stickers on a variety of surfaces including laptops, desktop computers, bicycles, scooters, coffee mugs (ceramic, plastic, or metal), and insulated travel mugs. Travel stickers make a great way to commemorate and document your travels, personalize your belongings, and show your adventurous side. They’re sure to add a unique touch of personality to anything you put them on.

    What are travel stickers?

    Travel stickers, also known as luggage stickers, were designed as promotional tools by hotels to show where people have traveled. They are decorated with a design that could reflect the hotel’s brand or the location. They are used to decorate suitcases, bags and other items to add a unique and stylish touch.

    What can adults do with stickers?

    Adults can use stickers to customize their belongings such as purses and wallets, storage containers, and phones. Stickers can also be used as a form of self-care, with positive affirmations and affirmations to improve confidence. They can also add personality and flair to any space, such as an office or bedroom.

    Final Thoughts

    Stickers can be used in many unique and creative ways to customize items. From laptops to water bottles, there are many great places to customize with stickers. Some of the top ten unique places to put stickers are bike helmets, skateboards, phones, tablets, furniture, luggage, painted walls, street signs, bedroom ceilings, and outside container boxes. Whether you are looking to brighten up a space or express yourself, stickers provide a great way to add a personal touch to any item or location.


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