Here is a well-detailed article on Robinhood Affiliate Program.

Does the name above sound familiar to you?

The iconic heist movie, isn’t it?

Yeah, you guessed right.

We all watched and enjoyed the story of Robinhood

But, what if I tell you there is a company doing that same thing?

…But this time, it isn’t the illegal way

However, remember that Robinhood’ s aim was to ensure “the redistribution of wealth such that 99% of the poor are entitled to something from the wealth”– And this is exactly what this company is after.

Now, you can see the company can’t be charged to court.

With this objective, the company has launched its affiliate program giving you another opportunity to be one of the beneficiaries of its mission, if you are not interested in its services.

I see you have a lot of questions running through your mind – Yeah, its usual.

No worries, all your questions will be answered in the subsequent paragraphs.

So, without further ado, let’s get started

What is Robinhood?

Robinhood homepage

Founded by two Stanford Financial experts, Baiju and Vlad; who believed everyone has a rught to investment regardless of their status and financial buoyancy in the society.

Since most US companies charge commission on investing through them, many potential investors might find it difficult to start investing or even maximize their investment plans.

So, they introduced Robinhood to give everyone access to the financial markets free of charge.

I think that was a typical Robinhood story. Let’s move on.

Robinhood deals with any type of investment such as stocks, cryptos, gold, funds, and options. Its cash management services allow investors to earn interest on their uninvested funds on the platform.

I am not done yet;

The company also offers premium services to investors who require advanced investing tools and professional advice to help them choose the right investment plans.

Is that all? Definitely, not

Robinhood also provides its users access to request a debit card and buy shares in companies before they are launched in the financial markets.

Since it is a commission-free platform, you can begin to invest with as low as $1.

Yeah, just a disposable $1 note

Put simple, Robinhood is the modern-day unquestionable heist company on the internet.

Robinhood Affiliate Program- The Ultimate Review

Robinhood affiliate program landing page

Cost-Per-Action Affiliate programs among top-notch financial brokerage companies are not so common.

Instead, affiliate programs in the form of referral programs are more adopted methods among them.

The good news is the Robinhood offers both the C.P.A. and referral types of affiliate programs.

Which means that you can earn in two ways; similar to what is available on the Teachable affiliate program

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But Unlike Teachable, Robinhood affiliate program consists of a one-time payment.

That’s why it’s on our list of affiliate programs that pay daily

Additionally, you’d earn for both C.P.A. and referral on each lead (although your referrals must be new users to earn you a commission).

Perks of Robinhood affiliate program

There is no need for a critical brainwork to join the program. Just as easy as most of the affiliate programs we have reviewed in the past.

Robinhood affiliate program is opened for any form of content creators; be it a publisher, blogger, or a typical content writer.

So, if you belong to any of the aforementioned category, you should consider adding some extra bucks to your purse.

However, it is highly recommended that you have a large audience on your affiliate networks before applying for the affiliate program

Because Robinhood appears to be very picky.

What type of products is eligible for the Robinhood Affiliate Program?

As we have always emphasized, every affiliate marketer has to watch out for the below-listed three things before joining an affiliate program.

  • Product variety
  • Product authenticity
  • Product relevance

Fortunately, these are not relevant issues when you talk of Robinhood affiliate program.

The company is a top investment and brokerage provider in the US and significantly, the forefronter of commission-free investments in the country.

So, you can be assured that its services are wide enough to go round.

On reliability of its products, unfortunately, we noticed something jaw dropping.

According to reviews from trustpilot, a lot of individuals finds Robinhood to actually be a bad product (oops) – Over 98% of them.

Trustpilot reviews of Robinhood

Well, we can’t be so decisive from these reviews – Lately I’ve been noticing some overly amount of negative reviews on trustpilot.

That aside, The 3rd P, Relevance, is a variable factor.

The relevance of Robinhood products to your audience is based on your audience and the platform in use.

So, What’s your audience? Do you think they need or a rival of it?

Do well to answer this question.

Commission Rate of the Robinhood Affiliate Program

The commission rate of an affiliate program is another aspect you must consider before joining it.

And like I said in a previous post, if it does not worth it; we will not review it.

Robinhood affiliate program operates more on a fixed commission unlike Ulta affiliate program that deal with percentage cut.

It is not surprising, actually, since the products they offer are divergent.

The company did not specifically stated its commission rate on its affiliate partner’s page

But according to Digitalfodder, you can make up to $20 or more as commission rate on the platform.

Note that the $20 is more of an average value of the commission rate.

We will tell you why

Robinhood is reported to pay $5 for each sign up you generate on its platform and pay you an additional $20 giving that your referral deposits $100 000 on the platform.

What we cannot tell you now is the exact amount it pays for lower deposits made on Robinhood.

However, that will not be up to $20 if at all they pay.

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So, basically, you are sure to earn $5 on each sign ups and some additions when they fund their accounts.

Another side attraction is the free stock benefit that the platform gives to both you and your referrals.

You can sell off these stocks when you have accumulated enough to increase your earnings on the platform.

Considering the individual rate;  Robinhood affiliate program might pay lesser when compared with affiliate programs like that of Chewy that pays a flat $15 commission rate.

Fortunately, if you combine the total benefits on each lead you generate; you will realize how large your earning potential on the platform can be.

Cookie Duration of the Robinhood Affiliate Program

Like most traditional affiliate program as seen in that of  H&M affiliate program, Robinhood affiliate program has cookie duration of 30 days.

This means that you have additional 30 days to convince your leads to either sign up or fund their account on the platform.

I believe by now you should already understand how cookies work as an affiliate marketer.

Anyway, if you don’t; let’s quickly go over it

Cookies are simply set of sensitive data packets which are usually stored temporarily or permanently on browsers.

There are primarily used by the platforms you visit to monitor your activities on their platforms.

So, you might wonder why a “Welcome message” was shown to you the first time you visit a website and not on other occasions.

In most cases, cookies are responsible for this.

Yet, many websites request permission before storing them on your browsers

Which is why you need to inform your leads to accept the “cookies policy” on your affiliate sites especially when they are not making a purchase instantly.

It is like you putting a camera in a shop to monitor those who come to buy and reward your loyal customers at the end of the month.

In this case, your leads are monitored for 30 days and you are rewarded for their activities on the platform in the form of commission.

Can you make $1000 monthly from the Robinhood Affiliate Program?Can you make $1000 from Robinhood affiliate program?

Sincerely, considering the commission structure of Robinhood affiliate program; it is really difficult to say “Yes

However, it is feasible.

Like I said earlier, you have to have a large audience base before jumping on the program.

All you need is to get just 200 of your audience to at least sign up on the platform to earn $1000.

You even earn more when they deposit and get free stocks.

Therefore, it might be a bit hard but you can actually earn $1000 on Robinhood Affilaite Program.

How to join the Robinhood Affiliate Program

Robinhood is hosted on Impact – Same as Sephora affiliate program.

Precisely, just visit the affiliate page of Robinhood and click on the “Apply Now” button at the top of the page.

Fill the application form through Impact and wait for a response in the next few days

It is either you get approved or ask to wait for some other time (disapproved)

Once approved, grab your affiliate link and start promoting it on your platform.

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Unlike Expedia affiliate program, you are allowed to promote it across any social network which makes it more advantageous.

You can now sit back and watch your income grows.

Alternatively, if you have an Impact account already; just log in to your account and send a direct message to the affiliate team of Robinhood.

Pros and Cons of Robinhood Affiliate Program

Pros and Cons of Robinhood Affiliate Program

We have been giving you reasons to join the Robinhood affiliate program since the first paragraph of this review

Yet, let’s give you more and also expose you to reasons you might want to change your mind.

Pros of Robinhood Affiliate Program

  • Dedicated Affiliate Marketing Team: One of the interesting things about Robinhood affiliate program is that it has a dedicated team that oversees how the program goes. So, you should expect a flawless experience and a quick response when you have issues during the adventure.

This feature is not so common among other affiliate programs.

  • 2-way method of earning: If you are the type that does not enjoy the CPA affiliate programs; why don’t you try referring some of your friends to invest on the platform?

At the end, you will get a C.P.A commission and also the referral benefits that come with it.

  • No limit on referrals: this means that you can refer as much as you like and surely, earn a bonus on each of them.

It is more of a “the ball is in your court” situation.

  • Support from Robinhood: You should know that you are not alone on this journey as the platform offers exclusive insights and updates to their affiliate marketers to help them maximize their earning potentials.

You can also connect with the platform for a one-to-one session.

  • Other side attractions: You will also enjoy invitation to exclusive events, early access to the beta testing of their new features, and special offers especially if you are an investor on the platform.

Cons of Robinhood Affiliate Program

  • Picky in nature: The selective nature of the affiliate program limits the number of affiliate marketers that can apply to the program. In my opinion, I think this is just to ensure that not all cats and dogs apply to the program.

It might not really matter eventually.

But, do not get too excited, you know?

  • Low commission rate: It actually depends on how much traffic you have in your disposal.

Still, we got to call a spade; a spade.

  • Mixed customer reactions: This affects your success as an affiliate marketer in the long run since they are a lot of positive-negative comments from the existing users of the platform.

Our Verdict

Opps, looks like we should continue

But, we got to keep some words for some other review

Definitely, Robinhood Affiliate Program is a great one

But its sustainability in the coming days looks questionable

So, my advice is that you should not start in the morrow.

Start now and get the best out of the program.

However, never forget that this is a 50-50 game

You might either get approved or disapproved.

I wish you good luck on Robinhood.


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