It’s time to laugh out loud with 25 hilarious SpongeBob jokes that will make you giggle like a sea-gull! What fun! How deep can you dive into the ocean of SpongeBob’s silly jokes? Don’t wait; start the splash today!

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  Top 25 Spongebob Jokes | The Funniest Jokes for Kids and Adults Alike

From Spongebob’s “Ripped Pants” to his farewell conversation with a pineapple, here’s a list of the 25 funniest jokes from the iconic kids show!

1. When Mr.Krabs yells, “What’s the matter Spongebob, are ya’ ready to be squeeeezed?” and Spongebob responds with “That’s a silly question, of course I’m not ready to be squeezed” always gets a laugh!

2. SpongeBob’s exultant belting of the Navy march song when leaving the Krusty Krab.

3. When Squidward asks SpongeBob and Patrick to be quiet, SpongeBob replies with “We’re as quiet as two mice eating dried coconut and mooning over a picture of laughing Bruce Lee.”

4. When SpongeBob tells Sandy, “I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready,” and Sandy says, “Ready for what? A mental institution?”

5. The Jellyfish dance scene from “The Jellyfishing Episode”: “Updownupdownupdownupdownupdown!”

6. How SpongeBob always mispronounces Gary’s name as “Gare-ee.”

7. When Plankton tells SpongeBob that he sent him a gift basket, SpongeBob says, “Oh, a gift basket! You shouldn’t have!”

8. When Squidward screams, “Not the Krusty Krab!” after he spills the Krabby Patty Secret Formula.

9. Gary’s funny meows and ability to talk in the later episodes of SpongeBob.

10. When Sandy ends up getting Spongebob’s job after she yells “Hey you guys, watch this!” and then gets fired.

11. The running gag of Patrick eating Krabby Patties in every episode.

12. The scene with Squidward and Patrick daydreaming about being rockstars in “Club Spongebob.”

13. Spongebob’s line “I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready” every time he’s about to do an activity.

14. When SpongeBob thinks he’s going to get his driver’s license and says “I’m a goin’ drivin'” but he fails the exam.

15. After Patrick gives Spongebob a Jelly Patty, Spongebob says “That wasn’t very fair Patrick, but it was really really tasty. That’s why I love you, buddy.”

16. When SpongeBob tells Squidward, “I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready,” to which Squidward replies “You ain’t ready for what I’m about to say.”

17. Spongebob’s line, “Don’t worry Gary, I’m gonna get us out of this mess!” every time he finds himself in a jam.

18. The moment when SpongeBob becomes an adult in “Grandma’s Kisses” only to be de-aged back to a child right away.

19. When all the kiddie rides at Glove World break down, SpongeBob says, “That’s OK, I wasn’t planning on riding any of ’em anyway.”

20. SpongeBob’s catchphrase, “Oh, I’m ready (or “I’m prepared”)” every time Mr. Krabs gives him an assignment.

21. When Sandy gets all the jellyfish to fly away for her basket weaving competition and SpongeBob compliments her with, “Yep, I think we can all agree that Sandy Cheeks is not afraid to show her stuff.”

22. What SpongeBob says to Patrick when he can’t believe it took him so long to figure out what Squidward was doing: “Well, Patrick, you know what they say. ‘Mental midgets ponder ponderously proud thoughts.'”

23. When Spongebob say’s “I’m SO ready!” right before flying away with a helicopter hat.

24. The running gag in “The Algae’s Always Greener” when Mr Krabs says “See, money makes the world go round,” and Plankton says, “No, Patty, that’s the rotation of the Earth.”

25. When Spongebob and Patrick sing “Weird Music” and Spongebob says, “That’s good weird…NOT bad weird!”

Top 25 Spongebob Jokes | Funniest Jokes for Kids and Adults Alike

Funny Spongebob Jokes the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Make your family laugh with these hilarious Spongebob jokes. The combination of SpongeBob’s innocence and Patrick Star’s silliness make these jokes Pixar-worthy. They’re the perfect way to get your whole family giggling. Here are our top 25 picks for the funniest Spongebob jokes for kids and adults alike.

  • Q: What did Mr. Krabs say when his pizza arrived cold? A: “ME SHELL SHOCKED!”
  • Q: What did Spongebob say when he forgot the answer to a question? A: “Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!”
  • Q: What did Squidward say when he was asked if he wanted to join a band? A: “No, I don’t ‘sea’ myself in that kind of trouble!”
  • Q: What did Mr. Krabs yell when he found out he was being robbed? A: “DISCOUNTS FOR EVERYBODY!”
  • Q: What did Spongebob say when he saw a ghost? A: “GULP!”

More Funny Jokes for Kids and Adults

  • Q: What did Spongebob say when he saw a double rainbow? A: “Wow….poonge..”
  • Q: What did Squidward say when the lights went out? A: “I can’t see a thing!”
  • Q: What did Patrick say when he saw a ghost? A: “Hey, I thought we were friends!”
  • Q: What did Plankton say when his lunch got stolen? A: “WHERE’S MY TOP SECRET FORMULA?!”
  • Q: What did Mr. Krab’s say when he saw a bundle of money? A: “Mmmmmmmm… Money!”
  • These jokes are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. So come on, tell your kids, family, or friends some of Spongebob’s best and funniest jokes. Before you know it, you’ll all be laughing ’til your faces hurt. What are your favorite Spongebob jokes?

    Personal Experience

    What episode of SpongeBob is 25?

    When it comes to classic SpongeBob jokes, I always think of the episode “The one with SpongeBob’s 25 Jokes”. I remember how my friends and I used to laugh so hard at SpongeBob’s joke-telling abilities that we’d end up in tears. I still know all of the 25 jokes by heart and I often share them with my kids at bedtime. It’s hilarious to think of how SpongeBob is able to tell the jokes while he’s being paranoid of every little thing around him. It’s even more amusing to post his 25 jokes on the internet, because you get to picture him delivering them with the same level of insanity.

    The jokes range from simple ones that involve food, to puns with a few tricky words thrown in. Even now, I enjoy poking fun with these jokes, as I do with most comedy sketches. There’s something special about SpongeBob’s bantering back and forth with his friends; every time I hear them, my inner child bursts out of me laughing. It’s just one of those classic cartoon episodes that you can appreciate no matter how old you are.

    SpongeBob’s 25 jokes are still relevant today, and the internet provides a great way for us to share them with friends of all ages. Posting them on meme pages or sharing clips of SpongeBob on social media lets me spread the laughs with physical distance between people. If you haven’t seen SpongeBob’s 25 Jokes yet, I highly recommend it. It’s an episode that won’t disappoint, no matter how familiar you may be with the show!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What episode of SpongeBob is 25?

    The episode of SpongeBob SquarePants that features 25 “Good Noodle” stars is “New Student Starfish”, which first aired on July 12th, 1999. In the episode, SpongeBob claims to have 74 stars, but there are only 25 on display. This episode is the 17th episode of the 1st season of SpongeBob SquarePants.

    How old is SpongeBob?

    SpongeBob’s age has never been officially confirmed. According to an interview with creator Stephen Hillenburg, SpongeBob is “50 in sponge years.” However, Hillenburg has also joked that SpongeBob’s age in human years was revealed in a dream as 13.

    When did SpongeBob come out?

    SpongeBob SquarePants premiered on May 1, 1999 and has become one of the most successful animated series in history. Over the past 20 years, SpongeBob has grown to be loved by fans of all ages, from children to adults, earning an iconic status in pop culture. The show continues to be popular today with over 250 million viewers across the world.

    Final Thoughts

    This collection of 25 of the funniest jokes from Spongebob Squarepants is sure to have you laughing out loud! From jokes about Mrs. Puff to Squidward’s constant grumpiness, these jokes are a reminder of why Spongebob Squarepants has been a beloved show for nearly two decades. From the silly to the zany, these jokes demonstrate Spongebob’s ever-enduring appeal. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just want to relive some classic moments, this collection is sure to keep you laughing. So grab some Krabby Patties and get ready for a good time with Spongebob!


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