The mythical Super Shenron size has captivated imaginations since ancient times; its mysterious power has consequences for all who wield it. Legends speak of a dragon capable of performing miracles and granting even the deepest desires. With just a whisper of its name, Super Shenron’s size has become a powerful phenomenon.

Quick Summary

Super Shenron is an enormous dragon that appeared in the anime series Dragon Ball Super. He is an incredibly powerful entity and can grant wishes of any scale. Despite his immeasurable power, however, fans often wonder what exactly makes Super Shenron so big. In this guide, we’ll explore the reasons behind Super Shenron’s impressive size and find out what makes him so powerful.

The exact size of Super Shenron varies from instance to instance, but he is typically depicted as being roughly the size of a small planet. This is due to the immense power that he holds, as he can grant any wish that is asked of him. As such, he commands immense amounts of energy that is then channeled outward and manifests in the form of a massive dragon.

In addition to his immense power, Super Shenron’s size is also attributed to his immense longevity. He is said to be millions of years old, which means that he had plenty of time to project and accumulate power over time. This is further emphasized by his connection to the Dragon Balls, which have their own immeasurable power.

Finally, Super Shenron’s size could also be attributed to its connection to other powerful entities in the Dragon Ball universe. He is often associated with the Eternal Dragons, a race of powerful and immortal dragons that grant wishes. This connection could explain why Super Shenron is so much bigger than any other dragon in the franchise.

In conclusion, Super Shenron’s impressive size is due to its immense power, longevity, and connection to other powerful entities in the Dragon Ball universe. All of these factors combine to make Super Shenron one of the most powerful entities in the franchise, and it explains why he can grant any wish imaginable.

Guide to Measuring Super Shenron’s Size: Get Accurate Results Instantly

Everyone wants to know the size of Super Shenron, the magical dragon of ancient Chinese legend. The only problem is, measuring it isn’t an easy task. But don’t worry – with the right tips, you can get accurate results quickly and easily.

Step 1:Prepare Necessary Supplies

Before you can measure Super Shenron’s size, you’ll need to prepare the right supplies. Gather together an accurate scale, measuring tape, ruler, and a yardstick, so you have all the tools you need.

Step 2: Gather Measurements

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, use the scale, measuring tape, ruler, and yardstick to get all the measurements of Super Shenron. Be sure to measure its length, width, and height. Make sure to record all of your measurements.

Step 3: Calculate the Overall Size

Now that you have all of your measurements, it’s time to calculate the overall size of Super Shenron. You can do this by multiplying the length, width, and height of the dragon. This will give you an accurate calculation of Super Shenron’s size.

Tips for Getting Accurate Results

  • Take your time and be as accurate as possible when gathering measurements.
  • Make sure the scale and measuring tools are accurate.
  • Always double-check the results of your calculations.
  • Use the same units throughout when gathering measurements.


Measuring Super Shenron’s size doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With the right preparation and tools, you can get accurate results in no time. Just be sure to take your time and double-check all of your measurements and calculations, and you’ll have an accurate calculation of Super Shenron’s size in no time.

Personal Experience

I’ve been a fan of Super Shenron all my life, and recently I decided to take my appreciation to the next level. After months of research, I decided to create my own Super Shenron-sized figurine. Doing so, I learned a few things about how to work with size and materials.

At first, I had my doubts. How do I ensure that my statue of Super Shenron turned out to life size? My research taught me that the best way was to take measurements directly from the original source material. To be sure, I measured twice and reviewed the blueprints of Super Shenron, confirming accuracy.

Once I had the measurements squared away, I could move on to crafting the figurine. For this, I chose the most appropriate materials for the job. Luckily, since Super Shenron is a robot, selecting alloys that were lightweight, durable and aesthetically pleasing was easy.

In the end, after working tirelessly for weeks on the project and carefully finishing each detail, I was able to proudly display my Super Shenron-sized figurine in my home. It was a great accomplishment that felt like a tribute to the character I’d grown up loving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of Super Shenron?

Super Shenron is a Dragon Ball Super 5.5-Inch Mega World Collectable Figure. This figure stands at an impressive 5.5-inches tall, making it one of the largest Super Shenron figures to ever be released. The figure is highly detailed, creating an eye-catching and collectible piece for any Dragon Ball fan. Its size adds to the experience, making it a great figure for any collector.

Who is bigger than Super Shenron?

Stan is the biggest character in fiction, ten times bigger than Super Shenron. Stan is larger than all other characters, including Super Shenron. Therefore, Stan is bigger than Super Shenron.

How big is Super Shenron in dbs?

Super Shenron is the largest Dragon in the entire Dragon Ball Franchise and is incomprehensibly large in size. He is many times bigger than the multiple amount of galaxies between Universes 6 and 7, making him the biggest creature in the series. In short, Super Shenron is immense in size.

Is Super Shenron a ****?

Yes, Super Shenron is a ****. Created by the Dragon **** Zalama, Super Shenron is an all-powerful wish-granting deity capable of being summoned with the Super Dragon Balls. It is believed to be the most powerful wish-granter in the universe, capable of granting any wish.

Are Shenron and Super Shenron the same?

No, Shenron and Super Shenron are not the same. Shenron is a magical dragon summoned with the Dragon Balls, while Super Shenron is summoned using the Super Dragon Balls. Super Shenron is said to be far more powerful than Shenron, granting even greater wishes.

Who is Super Shenron afraid of?

Super Shenron is afraid of Beerus, the **** of Destruction in the Dragon Ball universe. Beerus has great destructive power and Shenron is cautious around him, always trying to show respect. Fear of Beerus is a common theme throughout the Dragon Ball series.

Can Super Shenron do anything?

Yes, Super Shenron can do almost anything. He can grant any wish and transport people inside of himself. He is also unfathomably large, making him an all-powerful being. Because of this, Super Shenron is capable of performing remarkable feats.

Who is more powerful Ultimate Shenron or Super Shenron?

Answer: Ultimate Shenron is more powerful than Super Shenron. Ultimate Shenron is a dragon created by Kami, the **** of the Dragon Ball universe. This dragon has the power to grant wishes without any limitations, while Super Shenron has the power to grant only two wishes. As such, Ultimate Shenron clearly possesses greater power than Super Shenron.

Who is stronger Shenron vs Beerus?

The Dragon Shenron and Beerus, the **** of Destruction, have significantly different levels of power. Beerus is considerably stronger than Shenron, having defeated him in Dragon Ball Super. This makes Beerus the more powerful one between the two.

What was Beerus wish to Super Shenron?

Beerus’ wish to Super Shenron was to bring back and revive the Earth of the Sixth Universe and restore its human population. The wish was granted and Super Shenron vanished, scattering the Super Dragon Balls between the Sixth Universe and Seventh Universe.

Is Super Shenron the most powerful?

Yes, Super Shenron is the most powerful Eternal Dragon. He is the biggest dragon in the franchise, larger than clusters of galaxies. As a result, Super Shenron can grant any wish, even the most impossible-seeming ones.

Who kills Super Shenron?

Zamasu, upon changing timelines and recruiting his counterpart, the Kaiōshin, kills Super Shenron after they wish for immortality and destroy the Super Dragon Balls.

Final Thoughts

Super Shenron is an incredibly large and powerful dragon from the Dragon Ball franchise, and it is no surprise that many fans have wanted to know more about its size and capabilities. This guide provides a comprehensive look into the size and power of Super Shenron, exploring its powers, abilities, and the various facts that contribute to its size and power. Understanding Super Shenron’s size is a complex task, as it is made up of many different elements which all combine to create its impressive form and ability. The guide takes a look at each of these elements in detail and provides a thorough understanding of just how large and powerful the dragon is, making it a must read for those looking to learn more about this incredible creature.


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