Here’s a comprehensive review on the Udacity Affiliate Program.

Due to the technological advancement in this age, things have been made extremely easy to attain right from wherever we are.

Some areas like making money, getting information and even the acquisition of knowledge is not left out from this.

The internet has made things very easy for most of us including taking courses, earning certificates, making money and in addition, getting first hand information about almost anything.

There are many classes available for different courses and subjects that are in demand.

Some of these learning platforms makes available offline materials and videos that you can access to enable you facilitate your learning process more smoothly.

Courses can cost as little as $10 or more or cost even nothing at all depending on the e-learning platform.

Udacity mission is to help it’s students acquire the necessary skills that are in demand and will make the students a hot cake in many of these leading tech companies.

What Is Udacity?Udacity homepage

Udacity is one of the leading online learning platforms that is fast growing.

Founded back in 2011, Udacity is an American based educational organisations.

Similar to Udemy, the platform operates on MOOC (massive open online courses). However, it appears to work differently.

Udacity distinguishes itself by offering degree, known as Nano degrees. Actually, Udacity is very relatable to Coursera.Udacity homepage

The company has a sole mission to train it’s students in leading skills in future careers that will be beneficial to the tech company in future.

Some of the top courses in their catalogue include cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data science etc.

To ensure the best for their students, Udacity partners with other leading companies to understand how much technology is changing the world and then impact this knowledge to their students.

Udacity Affiliate Program – The Ultimate Review

First things first, Does Udacity has an affiliate program?

Unknown to many, Udacity has a well established affiliate program that has been launched for sometime now.

As the norms of affiliate programs, where you earn while promoting a company’s products.

Here in Udacity, you get paid, a commission for inviting students to Udacity Nano-degrees programs.

You will be provided with a list of programs that you can promote – exciting offers and other promotional offers as well.

One downside of the program is that in the likes of H&M affiliates, Udacity affiliate program has no Landing page to provide basic information about it.

However, the program is hosted on Impact. Howbeit, you can probably find it in a list of other affiliate networks.

But it’s worth noting that there might be variability in various affiliate networks.

So it’s advisable you stick with Impact.

Unlike Wayfair affiliate program, The affiliate program is actually easy to join.

Luckily, if you’re already a member of Impact, then you can head over to their affiliate program catalog and then search for it.

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But if you’re not, then you’ll need to go through the process of signing up.

Either way, you’ll still need to pass through the verification process involved in joining the program.

Generally, It is always advisable that you amass atleast a small number of following, before venturing into affiliate marketing.

Udacity provides it’s affiliate marketers some promotional assets and banners to aid them in their marketing journey.

What Type of Products Can you Promote in The Udacity Affiliate Program?

Take note of the “3 P’s search” of affiliate marketing before selecting an affiliate program, as I usually advise and as I did in a post titled “Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?”

The “3 P’s Search,” yes, I said it.

The “3 P’s search” is a term coined by Emmanuel Sunday (Founder of

And it simply means, you, watching out for a company’s products variety, authenticity and relevance before engaging in them.

So, let’s go over them, in relation to Udacity Affiliate Program.

Product Variety –

As a giant in the e-learning industry, Udacity, in terms of product (course) variety, has an upper hand – but recall, it’s still all about preference.

There are over hundreds and hundreds of course available at Udacity. Allegedly, there are over 300 courses.

Might not sound high, when compared to top e-learning platform like Coursera or Udemy.

But, basically this is because Udacity is not really a market place. Where teachers sell courses or do stuffs like that.Udacity machine learning course

The main aim of Udacity is to bring quality to the front board. Hence, provide equipped vetted professionals to the jobs of making courses.

Product Authenticity

As said earlier, the sole aim of Udacity is to bring quality to the front board of students.

So, I’m pretty sure they are authentic, to some extent.

However, if we head over to Trustpilot’s reviews on Udacity, you’d still notice some correlation.

About 87% of a total of 2000 people, refer Udacity to be an excellent product.

Where as, there are only merely 4% dissatisfied customers.

Product Relevance –

As I’d always say, product Relevance is dependent on you and your audience.

Basically, what’s your audience? Do you think they need Udacity or a rival of it?

What is the Commission Rate of Udacity Affiliate Program?

The main aim of venturing into a business is to make profits and affiliate marketing is no different.

Udacity offers a commission of a $100 for any referrals you bring for their very first enrollment.

While, on the other hand, they pay a base commission of $25 with the potential to earn more based on your performance.

However, it’s worth noting that there are some cons here.

Udacity will cut your commission if you refer a customer twice within a month.

In other words, the program works in a way, relatable to “1 Action/Per customer”.

So for instance, if you refer someone to buy a course and they do that.

Within that same month, if you also refer them to buy another course, you won’t earn any money undermining the fact that they purchased the course.

Cookie Duration of the Udacity Affiliate Program

Just like Ulta’s affiliate program, Udacity affiliate program’s cookie duration last a period of 30 days.

Some people can be very unpredictable most especially when it comes down to them purchasing something with their money.

Even after trying your possible best to convince them, it takes time and patience before their minds will most likely be made up to purchase that particular course.

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So it is kind of a good thing that Udacity understand this phenomenon and set their cookie duration to a period of one month.

As this is a whole lot of time to be able to convince your clients to see how profitable to them it will be if they just purchase the course.

Can you Make $1000 monthly from the Udacity affiliate program?

Yeah, possibly.

Udacity affiliate program is from a notable company, as you should know, by now.

So, by that, the possibilities of making that amount now lies in your hands.

And basically, it lies in your traffic potentials.

Presumably, let’s go through a pratical analysis of making $1000.

Lets say we promote a course of about $300 (that’s a usual price range there). As you should know, you’ll be making $25, at this.

To get to the $1000 mark, you’ll need to make about 40 sales.

So how do you get the sales?

That’s where traffic comes in…

Mathematically, using a conversion rate of 5%, you’ll need to drive in 800 unique page views.

However, it’s worth noting that this only applies to bloggers.

How to Make Money With Udacity Affiliate Program

As said earlier, you can actually make some money from Udacity affiliate program.

But wait, how possible is this?

Well, Firstly, you’ll have to select your promotion platform.

By promotion platform, I mean the platform you’d use to promote your products.

Preferably, you can go after a blog or a review site.

That aside…

So, how can you actually make this money from Udacity’s affiliate program?

1. Harness Long tail Keywords

If SEO is the deal and you’re looking for success in a short timeframe, then, you should go after Long tail Keywords.

So, for instance, instead of writing a post/review on a topic like “Top digital marketing course” you can go for a keyword more like “Top digital marketing courses in 2022”  or even “Top free digital marketing course in 2022”.

2. Find every possible loopholes to add Udacity’s affiliate link to your content

The more your links are on your contents, the more inevitable they become to readers.

But this doesn’t mean that you should spam your contents with bunch of irrelevant affiliate links.

To simply put, find every possible means of adding your affiliate links, in a way that it correlates with your content.

For instance, lets say you’re writing a guide on “how to write professional articles”.

You can go over to refer your readers on a course on Udacity that’ll definitely help them.

Still, on that same page, you can still go ahead to state the importance a good website UI.

By that, you can even go ahead to refer them to one of the UI design courses available at Udacity.

As, you can notice, this article above, initially, didn’t call for all this, but you’ve deviced a means to add them.

3. Harness Reviews

One of the most popular ways most affiliate marketers use to make sales is by reviews.

Yeah, I said so. But why? 

The audience here, searching for these reviews, in most cases, already has some basic knowledge of it.

So, there are likely to buy it, if they get a positive review of it.

However, it’s advisable you stay unbiased while making product reviews. So you don’t loose their trust.

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Alternatives of The Udacity Affiliate Program

Some alternatives of the Udacity Affiliate Program include:

1. Udemy

Udemy is the largest online Learning Management System (LMS) and Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider in the world. Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktaj Caglar, three co-founders, founded the company in 2010.

The organization is geared toward students and adult education. It presently employs roughly 1000 people and has a global user base of 46 million people.

Coming to their affiliate program, Udemy has commission of about 15% combined with a 7 day cookie duration.

When you match up Udacity with Udemy, you’ll notice they both have their ups and downs.

For instance…

In terms of popularity, Udemy is apparently the winner, as it ranks among the top 7 best online learning platform.

Meanwhile, in terms of a quality of experience for learners, Udacity, probably, has that.

Also, moving over to the products (Course) Variety, Udemy is still the winner.

Meanwhile, considering Udacity’s cookie duration of 30 days, it has a upper hand over the Udemy affiliate program.

2. Techable

Teachable is an online Learning Management System (LMS) or, to put it another way, an e-learning platform founded by Ankur Nagpal in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2015.

The company enables content creators, entrepreneurs, instructors, and even businesses to earn more money from their great creations and services from all over the world.

It bridges the distance between tutors and students while reducing the burden that content creators face due to tax payments, VAT, royalties (writers), and content sales.

In this course of the alternatives, the best of all appears to be Teachable affiliate program.

The program has a 30% commission rate. And a recurring one for that one.

Whereas, you can’t even get up to 20% from Udacity, talk more of adding a recurring Commission.

On that, Udacity would cut your earnings if you to refer someone twice, within a month.

Here’s a quick review on the Teachable affiliate program

3. Fiverr

I’m pretty sure you didn’t expect to see this here.

But yeah, Fiverr affiliate is a viable alternative of the Udacity affiliate program.

Actually, the Fiverr we’re talking about here’s not the usual Fiverr online marketplace you know.

Well, our article on Fiverr affiliate program can guide you on that. 

Pros and Cons of Udacity Affiliate ProgramPros and cons of Udacity Affiliate Program

Some Pros of Joining the Udacity Affiliate Program include:

  • Access to product feeds like promotional assets, high quality banners, tracking your earnings by having access to a reporting dashboard.
  • Dedicated team on standby to answer all your questions and provide you with whatever support you may need.
  • Be the first to know about Udacity products and special promotions
  • Opportunities for increased pay outs based specifically on your performance
  • Competitive commission rates.

Some of the Cons of joining the Udacity Affiliate Program include:

  • The commission payout threshold is low
  • It has a low program acceptance rate. The chances for you to get accepted as an affiliate into the Udacity Affiliate Program is very slim.
  • Their commission is lagging
  • The earnings have a monthly limit
  • Their courses are expensive, they offer only Nanodegrees and programs not one off courses, this leads in having low conversion rates

Final Thoughts

With Udacity Affiliate Program, if you are diligent enough you may actually make yourself some nice funds from the program.


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