Onlyfans says we should use our traditional credit cards to make payments on the platform. However, for multiple reasons, not everyone finds it easy-going to use credit cards on transactions, so they opt for virtual credit cards.

Talking about virtual cards, it’s important you know the virtual cards that work on Onlyfans, since not all work.

This post covers the ultimate list of virtual credit card for Onlyfans.

Do virtual cards work on OnlyFans?

Many virtual cards don’t work on Onlyfans, due to Onlyfans’ strict rule on the process of payment made through payment networks on their platform. However, there are a few virtual cards that work on Onlyfans.

Onlyfans has a strong policy guiding payments on their platform to get rid of scammers.

Over the years, a lot of payment networks have been removed from the system and some added, all to make Onlyfans safe for healthy transactions.

Take, For instance, cards like American Express, which have been removed over time. Yet, we’ve also seen the indulgence of prepaid cards as means of transactions on the platform.

However, there are some reasons for this, which is primarily based on security, obviously, of which credit cards seem to qualify. For this reason, Credit Cards are majorly endorsed by Onlyfans.

But have you ever thought of what makes a virtual credit card eligible for Onlyfans?

What Makes a Virtual Credit Card eligible for Onlyfans?

Any virtual card would work on Onlyfans if it works like the traditional credit card, we use every day. First, it must be secured featuring the 3D security, and be issued by an approved payment network.

1. 3D Security

In late 2021, Onlyfans introduced a new feature to its payment system, that placed a need for every working card used on the platform, to be 3D-secured approved.

Unfortunately, not many credit cards were able to fix this. And this led to a lot of cards like Apple Pay, and gift cards, being ineligible to make payments on the platform.

So you know, the 3D security is an additional authentication feature that helps to decline payments in the case of a stolen card or unauthorised usage.

The 3D secure kinda adds another layer of security that requires an OTP to be sent to a mobile sim, before payments are processed.

For any card to work on Onlyfans, it must have the 3D secure feature, incorporated.

2. An approved payment Network

A virtual credit card can be 3D secured and still fail to work on Onlyfans. This is actually because Onlyfans doesn’t accept transactional services from all payment networks.

There are only three payment networks that work on Onlyfans.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro

Any virtual card that is not issued by one of these payment networks won’t be accepted.

It’s worth mentioning that payment networks are different credit card providers.

While you can get a virtual card from several card providers, there are only a few a payment networks, of which many card providers (including yours, probably) use for their card creation.

3. Support payments processing on websites with s*x*al contents

Not every company is okay with what and how Onlyfans work.

Most are not a fan of it, especially with respect to the fact that Onlyfans promotes s*xu*l contents.

An example of this is Stripe. Even though Stripe supports 3Ds and operates with the approved payment networks (Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro), it still doesn’t work on Onlyfans.

This is due to the fact that Stripe doesn’t support payment processing on websites with s*x*al contents.

3 Best Virtual Credit Card for Onlyfans

These are the 3 virtual credit card for Onlyfans (that works seamlessly):

  • Privacy Virtual Card 
  • Getsby Virtual Card
  • Eversend Virtual Card

1. Virtual Card virtual card - virtual credit card for onyfans

After Getsby, Privacy is the most popularly used virtual card on Onlyfans.

We’ve, however, placed it on the top of our list for the fact that it offers free virtual cards, unlike others. is a credit card service provider that is dedicated to providing virtual-only services. This includes banking services and credit cards.

As a dedicated services provider that is really niched (to virtual-only service), we can be sure that their services would be a bit of standard, in trying to meet up with competitors.

One thing that makes Privacy virtual cards stand out is the fact that you can get a virtual card from them for FREE. In fact, you can get up to 12 virtual cards from Privacy on a free plan.

Plus, there’s basically no limitations on your credit card, while on the Free plan.


2. Getsby Virtual Card

Just like, Getsby is also a dedicated online credit card service provider. The platform has been around for quite some time, making it an authourity.

The interesting about Getsby is that, Onlyfans users are one of the company’s market targets.

getsby virtual cards - virtual credit card for onlyfans

In fact, they currently have a dedicated page, where they talk about how their services works seamlessly with Onlyfans. Unlike other credit card provider, this would make their system to always adjust to new payment changes on Onlyfans, faster.

However, Getsby virtual card costs some money to get.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the virtual cards offered by Getsby are for one-time use, just like in the case of Gift cards. After using them, they no longer work and can’t be reloaded.

Actually, this doesn’t make sense to me, since after using them, they don’t work again, even after knowing fully well that you spent your money in getting them.


3. Eversend Virtual Cardeversend virtual card -virtual credit card for onlyfan

Eversend is a growing payment service platform that was launched in 2017.

The platform is dedicated to offering payment services across the globe, irrespective of region, race, and country. Additionally, they trade currencies at affordable rates.

So, Eversend issue virtual mastercard (that works for onlyfans) to users who need them. And its quite easy to get yourself one, however cost $1.

There’s also an app that helps you manage all money on your credit card – withdraw, deposit and set limit.

The best part of Eversend is that it follows Onlyfans payment settings, as it supports the popular security feature, the 3Ds.


Final Thoughts

Virtual cards are one of the safest ways to make payments on sites you don’t trust.  If for any reason, you don’t find yourself using your credit cards, then look forward to Virtual cards.

In the case, there are currently 3 discovered virtual cards that work at the moment. However, if you don’t find any one of these cards usable, try reading our guide on how to pay on Onlyfans without credit card.

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