From trap to techno, knowing “what does FT mean in music” is key in understanding the intricate language of today’s music producers. FT stands for featured artist, often abbreviated to “ft.,” and is used to signify when one artist has collaborated on a track with another.

Quick Summary

FT in music stands for “Feat.” Typically, when used within the context of music, it means that an artist is featuring another artist on a track. This often looks like “Artist A ft. Artist B.” This notation is an easier way of expressing a collaboration between two artists in the credits of a track, without having to make a full list of all the consecutive composers and producers.

A feat. credit also offers certain legal protections as well. In some countries, it may be enough to give both artists joint copyright ownership, which protects them in the event of copyright or royalty disputes. However, it’s important to read the specific regulations in each country to make sure of the legal standing of a feat. credit.

Understand Music Abbreviation ‘FT’: What Does FT Mean?

When talking about music, you might encounter many abbreviations and acronyms. One of the most common used in the music industry is ‘FT’. But what exactly does FT mean in music? You can find out in this article.

What Does FT Mean in Music?

The abbreviation ‘FT’ stands for ‘featuring’. This clearly indicates the featuring artist in a track. It means that the producing artist had help from other artists for creating the track. This track can be released as an independent one or as part of an entire album.

For example, if an artist creates a track and his/her name is followed by FT [other artist’s name], it means that the other artist was involved in making the track.

Why is ‘FT’ Used in Music?

It is preferable to use ‘FT’ in the music industry as it clearly indicates the involvement of other artists. This helps the audience to understand and get the credits for that artist who has worked with the producer.

Moreover, it is widely used on the internet platforms for streaming music. This adds an advantage to the track and thereby provides the correct credits to the artist who has featured in the track. This is why it is preferred to use ‘FT’ while introducing a featuring artist.

Uses of FT in Other Industries

Apart from the music industry, ‘FT’ is also used in other industries as well. In the banking sector, ‘FT’ stands for Full-Time. In medical terms, ‘FT’ denotes Full-Term. Moreover, FT is used to refer to Full-Time in informal contexts in other industries.

Examples of FT in Popular Songs

Here are some popular examples of FT in songs:

  • Ed Sheeran FT Skrillex – Way to break my heart
  • Jay Z FT Justin Timberlake – Holy Grail
  • The Weeknd FT Daft Punk – Starboy
  • Calvin Harris FT Rihanna – This is What you Came For
  • Pink FT Nate Ruess – Just give me a reason

Personal Experience

What does ft mean in music?

FT is an acronym that stands for “Featuring”. In music, it refers to a collaboration between two or more artists. As a music producer, I’ve had a few experiences with collaborations and have learned the importance of effective communication and efficient workflow. More importantly, FT is an important part of the creative process, allowing artists to come together and create something truly special.

FT can take many forms, such as joint music projects involving beats, hooks, or singing. It can mean performing on a track, writing or producing a song, or remixing a track. These collaborations not only add diversity to the music but also help artists build relationships and gain exposure.

In my experience, the importance of FT cannot be overstated. It serves as a platform for discovery, inspiring fresh ideas and helping to expand music to new audiences. By working with other talented artists, I’ve been able to reach new heights and create music that is truly memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ft mean in music?

In music, ft stands for “featuring” and means that another musician or group of musicians are performing with the artist on a song. It often appears as “ft.” in track titles, for example “Song Title ft. Rick Singer & the Other Performers”. In a more general sense ft. is used to promote collaborations between artists and to draw attention to a special guest feature on a track.

What does ft slang mean?

“Ft stands for FaceTime and is used as slang to ask if someone wants to video chat. It’s often seen as “Do you want to ft?” or “Hmu to ft.” FaceTime is an app developed by Apple which allows users with Apple devices to communicate with one other over video and audio calls.”

Why is ft in every song?

Ft. is an abbreviation for “featuring,” which is often used in popular music as a way to collaborate with other artists. This can make music more interesting and varied, as it gives the listener the chance to enjoy different styles and voices. It’s also a great way for artists to gain exposure and help to expand their fan base.

What is ft before singer name?

“Ft. before a singer’s name stands for featuring. It signifies that the singer is featured in a song or video with another artist. This collaboration is credited using ‘ft.’ followed by the featured singer’s name.”

What does ft mean with someone?

Ft stands for FaceTime. It is a technology developed by Apple that allows users to make video calls over a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. It is most commonly used as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, or to collaborate on business tasks securely.

What does it mean ft in chat?

In chat forums and social media, “FR” is an abbreviation for “for real,” which expresses agreement or confirmation of what is being said. For example, if someone makes a statement or expresses an opinion, another person might respond with “FR” to show they understand and agree.

What do ft mean on Tiktok?

FT on TikTok stands for ‘Featuring’. It is a tag that is used to indicate who has collaborated in a song or video. FT is commonly used on TikTok to identify featuring artists, as well as help creators find and credit other users who have been featured in their content.

What does ft mean snap?

FT on Snapchat stands for FaceTime, Apple’s video calling app. It allows iPhone users to have video conversations with friends and family. FT is typically used to let others know that you would like to video chat or call through the FaceTime service.

How do you write featuring in music?

To write featuring in music, include the featured artist(s) at the end of the track title, after the word ‘feat.’ For releases that feature a specific artist on every track, the release title should also include ‘(feat. Artist Name)’. When listing featuring artists, the names should be separated by a comma and a space, ending with a closing parenthesis.

How do you feature someone in a song?

To feature someone in a song, start by getting their permission and writing a contract that outlines their compensation. Next, get approval from your label. Once the above is complete, create the arrangement and lyrics for the song and record in a professional studio. Finally, submit the track for review and approval with your label for release.

How do you ask someone to use their song?

The best way to ask someone to use their song is to make a polite request that clearly outlines your intended use. Begin by introducing yourself and stating the purpose of your request. Explain the details of your project, including the type of use desired, timeline for completion, and any necessary details. Finally, offer to provide any compensation for their song, if applicable. This respectful approach is more likely to result in an agreement to use the song.

Final Thoughts

The abbreviation FT stands for “featuring”. In music, FT indicates that one or more other musicians have been featured in the production or performance of the track. This could either mean that the featured musician has contributed a verse, chorus, instrument, or some other part to the track. FT is often used as an acknowledgment of the part contributed by the featured musician, and is commonly seen in the titles of songs and on album covers.


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