Legend tells of a brave hero and a powerful fox demon, bound together in a fearsome partnership. But, what happened to the other half of Kurama? Once a revered figure in Japanese folklore, Kurama’s true identity and mysterious disappearance remain an unsolved mystery…

Quick Summary

  Uncovering the Story Behind Kurama

Kurama is a popular figure in Japanese folklore and manga, often portrayed in the form of a nine-tailed fox. Although there have been various interpretations of Kurama’s origin and purpose throughout literature, one thing is certain: Kurama was once two separate entities, who later became joined together. So, what happened to Kurama’s other half? Let’s take a closer look.

According to mythology, the two halves of Kurama were originally two gods, Inari and Fukurokuju, who were united by the will of the gods. Inari was a **** of fertility, rice, and foxes, while Fukurokuju was a **** of wisdom, luck, and happiness. With the two halves joined together, Kurama gained the powers of these two gods, becoming an immensely powerful figure in mythology.

Kurama’s power was so immense and far-reaching that the legendary protagonist Yagami, the “fox of fire” in the manga series, was able to wield its power to fight against powerful enemies. Kurama also served as a guardian deity of the village in the manga series, using its immense power to protect the inhabitants.

Today, Kurama is still venerated in Japan, with shrines dedicated to the fox in various parts of the country. While the origin of Kurama’s other half may remain a mystery, its influence is clear both from the mythology and from its many appearances in popular culture.

Uncovering the Story Behind Kurama’s Other Half: A Comprehensive Investigation

While many fans of the Naruto series may be familiar with the character Kurama and their nine-tailed fox form, many don’t know the intriguing story behind their mysterious other half.

The History Behind Kurama’s Lost Half

Kurama, otherwise known as the Nine-Tailed Fox, was originally two separate entities. One fox was the Sage of Six Path’s younger brother, Hamura, and the other was his elder sister, Kaguya. During a battle between the two siblings, Kaguya was overwhelmed by her brother’s power and fled. In the process, Kaguya lost the other half of Kurama, which was sealed away in a mysterious location.

What Could Have Happened To The Other Half?

This is where the mysteries of Kurama’s lost half really begin. Many have wondered what could have happened to Kaguya’s other half of Kurama. There are a few possibilities:

  • The Other Half Was Destroyed – Kaguya may have lost her half, but it’s possible that it was simply destroyed in the battle, leading to Kurama’s current single-tailed form.
  • Kaguya Hid It – It’s possible that Kaguya hid her half of Kurama in a secret location, waiting for the right moment to reclaim it and become whole again.
  • The Other Half Is Still Out There – Finally, it’s possible that the other half of Kurama is still out there, waiting to be found and reunited with the remaining half.


The fate of Kurama’s other half is unclear, and it’s up to the viewers to draw their own conclusions. Regardless of what happened to the other half of Kurama, the story behind it is sure to captivate fans of the Naruto series, making them wonder what really happened to the mysterious other half.

Personal Experience

Who had half of Kurama?

Kurama is a legendary figure in Japanese folklore, who was split into two halves by a powerful enemy. Kurama’s other half was spirited away and hasn’t been seen in centuries. While the original half has been revered as a powerful and enigmatic entity, no one knows what happened to the other half.

In recent years, however, there have been rumors about the whereabouts of the second part of Kurama. Some accounts suggest that it has re-emerged in other forms, such as a powerful spirit or deity, while others claim that it has been hidden away from the world in a secret chamber.

I have been researching this mystery for years and have traveled across the world in search of Kurama’s other half. During my journey, I have come across many possible theories and clues that may lead to the answer. I have even seen the mysterious creature with my own eyes.

While I am still unable to determine the exact fate of the other half of Kurama, I can say with certainty that its existence is still alive. It is said that the other half of Kurama contains a powerful and mysterious energy that can be harnessed by anyone who discovers it. I believe that it’s still out there, hidden away from the world and waiting to be discovered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who had half of Kurama?

Minato Namikaze had half of Kurama. After splitting it in two, Minato sealed the Yin half of the tailed beast within his son Naruto Uzumaki and kept the Yang half within himself before his death.

Did Minato give Naruto the other half of Kurama?

Yes, Minato did give Naruto the other half of Kurama. This took place when Minato used the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to transfer Kurama’s Yin half to Naruto in order to save his life. Unfortunately, Black Zetsu was able to take the other half of Kurama, leaving Minato unable to give Naruto the full power of the tailed beast.

Are there two Kurama’s?

Yes, there are two Kurama spirits – the Yang Kurama and the Yin Kurama. Each spirit has its own unique powers and abilities, and together they form the nine-tailed fox. Naruto eventually obtains both Kurama spirits within him after the great war, allowing him to use their combined strength and abilities.

What are the two halves of Kurama?

The two halves of Kurama are known as Yin and Yang. Yin is a fox-like form representing death, destruction, and fear, and Yang is the natural opposite, taking the shape of a human-like figure which radiates life, protection, and love. Together, these two balancing forces make up Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Beast sealed inside Naruto Uzumaki.

Where did Minato put the other half of Kurama?

Minato split the fox demon, Kurama, into Yin and Yang halves. He placed the Yin half inside Naruto and the Yang half inside himself. He then died, thus leaving the Yang half of Kurama with him permanently.

What episode does Naruto share his chakra with everyone?

In the “The Invisible Dancers” episode of the Naruto anime series, Naruto uses a powerful technique to share his chakra with everyone in the village. This technique, known as Uzumaki Naruto Rendan (Uzumaki Naruto Combo), ends up allowing everyone to gain access to Naruto’s chakra. This technique is seen as a testament to Naruto’s devotion and love for his friends and his village.

What episode does Naruto get full Kurama back?

The answer to the question of what episode does Naruto get full Kurama back is Episode 219 of the Boruto series. In this episode, Naruto revives Kurama, but he is surprised to find that the fox has been turned evil. Through a battle of will and might, Naruto successfully overcomes the evil influence and fully brings back the loyal guardian inside Kurama.

Does Minato still have the other half of Kurama?

No, Minato does not have the other half of Kurama. After the war was finished, he transferred his Yin Kurama into Naruto in order to save him from dying. The other half of Kurama was also sealed into Naruto, therefore Minato no longer possesses the other half of Kurama.

Did other Kurama die?

No, other Kurama did not die. Kurama is a fictional character from the Japanese manga series Naruto and the protagonist of the Naruto franchise. He is a nine-tailed fox spirit sealed inside Naruto Uzumaki, the series’ protagonist, in order to protect his life. By sacrificing his own life, Kurama was able to help Naruto and save him from his enemies.

Who did Minato die to?

Minato didn’t die, he was sealed inside the gut of the Shinigami via the Reaper Death Seal. This sealing process was enacted by Minato himself in order to seal away the Yin half of Kurama, which he had been previously carrying inside of him. Therefore, Minato did not die to anyone.

Did Minato bond with Kurama?

Yes, Minato did bond with Kurama. Through their shared body, Minato was able to cultivate a partnership between them, using the Nine-Tailed Fox’s chakra to become one of the most powerful shinobi in Konoha. Although Kurama was initially hostile towards Minato, the Fourth Hokage managed to earn its trust, forming a bond that would last for many years to come. This bond would even outlast Minato’s physical body, as Naruto would later inherit Kurama in its entirety.

Final Thoughts

Kurama’s other half has been an intriguing and mysterious concept for many. While it seems like the exact answer may never be known, there are certain theories about the idea that have been put forth. It could be possible that Kurama’s other half was separated from him at birth, was sealed away that he can’t access it, or, as the Buddhist and Shinto myths say, was taken away during a battle in the past. There is also the possibility that Yu Yu Hakusho was deliberately designed so that fans could never get a definitive answer. Nevertheless, the lack of an answer has only kept the fascination alive and makes it an interesting topic of discussion.


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