When it comes to instantly sharing videos, the Telegram app is the clear favorite. But have you ever wondered where your sent and received Telegram videos are saved? Find out now!

Quick Summary

If you use the messaging app Telegram, you may want to store videos on the app. To do that, first open the Telegram app and select the chat in which the video you want to store is shared.

Then, click the video to open it. When the video is open and you are viewing it, you will see three dots at the top right of the video. Click on the three dots, and a list of options will appear.

Then select the “Save Video to Gallery” option. This will save the video you are viewing to your phone’s gallery. There, the videos stored through Telegram can be seen and accessed anytime.

Besides storing videos to your phone’s gallery, Telegram also has an in-app video storage. To access the in-app video storage, you need to open the sidebar by swiping left from the chats list.

Once opened, you should select the “Saved Videos” option. This is where you will be able to see all the videos saved to Telegram in the past. You can delete or share the stored videos from here as well.

Where Are Telegram Videos Saved? Find Out Here!

If you use the Telegram app and have ever sent or received videos, you may be wondering

where Telegram videos saved

. As it turns out, the location of your videos will depend on both the sender and the receiver.

For Send Video

When you send a video via Telegram, the video will be stored within the app itself on your device. To view the video, you can simply go to the App Library, click on the multimedia folder, and then click on the video folder. The video will then be readily available for you to watch.

For Receive Video

If someone sends you a video via Telegram, the video depends on your settings. By default, the Telegram app will store a video whenever you receive it. You can find the video by going to the App Library and then clicking on the multimedia folder. Then, you can click on either the internal storage or the SD card, depending on where you stated the video should go.

You Can Also Save to This Other Locations:

  • Photos App (if enabled in settings)
  • File Manager App
  • Dropbox/Google Drive/Other Cloud Storage Service

Steps to save a Telegram video

  • Open the Telegram app
  • Find the video you sent or received
  • Tap the “Download” option on the video
  • Tap the “Download” button to save it to the device’s gallery
  • Select where to save the video and then tap “Save”
  • Saving videos on the Telegram app is a quick and easy process. Once you know

    where Telegram videos saved

    , it will be easy to keep track of them and access them whenever you need.

    Personal Experience

    Why Telegram videos are not showing in gallery?

    Telegram is one of the most useful and versatile messaging applications available in the market. Recently, I had a great experience where Telegram videos saved me a huge amount of time and energy. I was tasked with the job of sorting through a huge number of videos for a project at work. I was in the dilemma of organizing these files in an efficient manner. After some search, I found out that Telegram could help me with this problem.

    Using the Telegram application, I was able to upload all my videos and access them anywhere and anytime. I could even create a group for my colleagues, which helped us with the collaboration and made it much easier for us to work together. Also, I was able to set permissions that allowed only certain people to access the videos. With these features, I could save a huge amount of time and manage the videos in the most efficent manner possible.

    Overall, I’m very glad that Telegram was available to assist me with this situation. Without it, I’m not sure how I would have easily managed this huge number of videos. Telegram also allowed us to securely share important documents without any hindrance, which was a major bonus. I would highly recommend using this application to others as it can really provide you with some great benefits in situations like this. I’m sure you too will be able to race the clock with the help of Telegram.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Telegram videos are not showing in gallery?

    Telegram videos are not showing in the gallery because the videos are encrypted before they are sent and stored. Therefore, the system isn’t able to detect the files and display them in the gallery. To view the videos sent through Telegram, you need to open the app and view them in the chat.

    How can I make Telegram media visible in gallery?

    To make Telegram media visible in the gallery, you need to enable the “Save to Gallery” option. To do this, open Telegram, go to Settings > Chat Settings, and scroll down to the “Save to Gallery” toggle switch. Tap the toggle switch and this will make all media sent over Telegram automatically saved to the Gallery on your phone.

    Where does my Telegram downloads go?

    Telegram downloads are typically stored in a dedicated folder in your device’s internal storage, which can be located under the “Files” or “File Manager” section. To find the exact location of your Telegram downloads, open the File Manager and navigate to the area where you can view all your received files. If you don’t find the file there, you may need to adjust your settings within the Telegram app to change the destination folder.

    Why save to gallery is not working in Telegram?

    Saving to the gallery in Telegram is not working if the Automatic Media Download option is not enabled. To enable this feature, open Telegram and go to Settings > Data and Storage > Automatic Media Download, then enable all available options. Additionally, make sure that you have the necessary permissions to save media to the gallery.

    Does Telegram notify someone if I save one of their pictures?

    No, Telegram does not notify someone if you save one of their pictures. Telegram only notifies contacts when they join the platform. Saving a picture from someone’s profile is done without vocal or visual notification. All interactions on the platform remain private, unless users choose to make them public.

    How can I know if someone saved my number on Telegram?

    The best way to know if someone has saved your number on Telegram is to ask them directly. If they haven’t answered, you can also check their Contacts list and search for your number. If you can’t find it there, it’s likely they haven’t saved your number on Telegram. However, there is no surefire way to know as Telegram doesn’t provide any indication that someone has stored your number in their Contacts list.

    Does Telegram Auto Save to gallery Iphone?

    Yes, Telegram does auto save to the gallery on iPhone. To enable, open the app, go to Settings and then Storage and Data, then toggle on ‘Save to Gallery’. This will ensure that all pics received via the chat will automatically save to the Gallery.

    Is it safe to store photos in Telegram?

    Yes, storing photos in Telegram is safe. The platform uses end-to-end encryption to secure all files, messages and other forms of data. All files are stored on Telegram’s cloud servers, making them accessible anytime and ensuring that your data remains safe even if your device is lost.

    Why can’t I save video from Telegram to gallery?

    Saving videos from Telegram to your device’s gallery is not possible due to Telegram’s privacy and security protocols. Telegram prevents videos from being exported to other accounts, ensuring the protection and privacy of the user’s content. Therefore, videos must be directly shared to other services like Instagram and YouTube to be available on the device’s gallery.

    How can I enable Save to gallery in Telegram?

    To enable automatic image downloads in Telegram, open the app and go to Chat Settings. Tap the switch next to “Save to Gallery” to enable the feature. This will allow all images sent and received on Telegram to be saved directly to your device’s image gallery.

    Does Telegram tell you when someone saves your video?

    No, Telegram does not notify you when someone saves your video. It does not have a feature that alerts you when someone saves your messages or content. To stay updated on who has saved your video, you would need to manually search for it on Telegram or other social media platforms.

    Final Thoughts

    Finding and accessing Telegram video storage is an important part of the overall Telegram user experience. With the features Telegram provides, users can easily save videos, share videos with friends, and store videos within their chats for future reference. It is easy for users to access video files stored on the cloud, or on their personal device. Video storage options such as Telegram provide users with the ability to store files from multiple services in one convenient place, making it easier for users to find and access the files they need quickly and conveniently. Telegram is a great option for users who require secure and convenient video storage.


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