Are you frustrated with Facetime constantly hanging up? Learn why the popular video call app might be the culprit and how to fix it.

Quick Summary

If you’re having trouble with FaceTime calls hanging up, it’s likely due to an issue with your internet connection, a software glitch, or a device that’s not able to handle a FaceTime call. Fortunately, there are simple solutions you can try that may resolve the problem.

Before troubleshooting, be sure to check your network connection to make sure it’s stable and that you’re getting a good signal. If you’re on cellular data, be sure to switch over to Wi-Fi and see if that helps. You can also try a different network to rule out any connection-related issues.

You may also want to reboot your iPhone or iPad or try resetting the FaceTime app. If FaceTime is still refusing to cooperate, try signing out of FaceTime, then signing back in. You can also try resetting all network settings or restoring your iOS device to factory settings, although these are drastic measures.

Troubleshooting ‘Why Does FaceTime Keep Hanging Up’: Effective Fixes

Common Causes of FaceTime Hanging Up During Calls

FaceTime is an app built into iOS and macOS devices, allowing you to make video and audio calls to your contacts. While FaceTime works most of the time, you may experience an issue where calls keep getting disconnected or hang up. Some of the problems that can cause FaceTime hanging up during calls include:

  • Poor network connectivity
  • Incompatible hardware
  • Outdated software

Troubleshooting Tips for Fixing FaceTime Hanging Up

If you encounter the problem of FaceTime getting disconnected or hanging up, the following troubleshooting tips should help you to fix FaceTime hanging up.

  • Check your network connection speed. FaceTime requires a strong Internet connection for successful calls. Check your internet connection speed ​​through an online speed test to see if it meets the recommended minimum of 1 Mbps for both upload and download speeds.
  • Check your device’s compatibility. FaceTime may not work properly if you are trying to make a call on an older device. Make sure your device is compatible with FaceTime.
  • Update your device’s software. If you are using an older version of iOS or macOS, you should check for software updates and install the latest version available. This can often help fix any known bugs or other quirks you are experiencing.
  • Restart your device. A simple restart of your device could help reset any connection issues you have been facing and help fix the problem of FaceTime hanging up during calls.
  • Personal Experience

    Why does my FaceTime keep hanging up by itself?

    Personally, I have faced this problem with Facetime multiple times. It’s possible that this is due to a poor internet connection or the server being overwhelmed because many people are logged in simultaneously. Other reasons can be a weak Wi-Fi signal, slow speed, or outdated software.

    When I faced this issue, I decided to troubleshoot the problem by running a few tests. Firstly I checked my internet connection as you need a good network connection to make Facetime calls. The second step was to ensure I had a strong Wi-Fi signal. Lastly, I upgraded the application, which resolved the issue.

    In case the issue persists, you can try restarting the phone or turning off and on the Wi-Fi. Additionally, some users have reported that a reset of the network settings fixed their Facetime issues.

    Thus, there are several potential causes for why Facetime keeps hanging up. By following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, you can solve most of the common Facetime issues and restore the service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does my FaceTime keep hanging up by itself?

    Poor internet connection can be the main reason why your FaceTime keeps hanging up by itself. Check your internet connection and make sure it’s reliable. If not, then try moving closer to the router or try using a different connection.

    Why does it keep kicking me out of FaceTime calls?

    FaceTime calls can be kicked out due to a variety of reasons, such as having incompatible software versions, weak network connection, or using too much data. It is important to ensure that all devices have the latest version of iOS installed and have a strong network connection. If the device is using too much data, disabling cellular data for FaceTime can help resolve the issue.

    Does FaceTime automatically hang up after a certain time?

    No, FaceTime does not automatically hang up after a certain time. It will keep running until one of the users decides to hang up, the device loses power, is disconnected from the internet, or until the end of time. There is no predetermined time limit for FaceTime calls.

    How do you stop FaceTime without hanging up?

    To end a FaceTime call without hanging up, tap anywhere on the screen during the call to bring up the menu, and then tap Leave or End in the top right corner. This will instantly end the call and terminate the connection. Alternatively, you could also swipe up from the bottom of the screen or simply wait until the call times out.

    Why does my FaceTime hang up on people?

    Poor internet connection is the primary cause of dropped FaceTime calls and hang ups. Check your internet connection to ensure it is reliable and stable. If your connection is poor, you may need to consider resetting your router or switching to a different network.

    Why does FaceTime keep disconnecting on my iPad?

    FaceTime can disconnect on an iPad due to outdated software, poor internet connection, or other technical issues. To prevent this, users should ensure their iPad is running the latest version of iOS, and that their internet connection is strong and stable. Additionally, users may benefit from quitting the FaceTime app and restarting it in order to fix any minor technical glitches affecting the connection.

    How do I stop FaceTime from hanging up?

    To stop FaceTime from hanging up, turn off the device then turn it back on again. This will reset all settings and refresh any running programs. Additionally, it may be helpful to delete the FaceTime app and then reinstall it from the app store. This should stop FaceTime from hanging up.

    Does FaceTime auto hang up?

    Yes, FaceTime will automatically hang up after a certain amount of time, which can vary from around 5 minutes to over an hour. It will also disconnect if either participant’s connection fails or the phone gets too hot. FaceTime sessions can last up to several hours if both people stay connected.

    Final Thoughts

    FaceTime is an excellent way to communicate with others, but unfortunately it can sometimes cause issues such as intermittent disconnects. Fortunately, solutions to this issue are available and can help to restore your audio/video quality while using FaceTime. These solutions include restarting FaceTime, changing your Wi-Fi network, adjusting your FaceTime settings, and disabling VoLTE on your iPhone. By addressing any potential issues that could be causing FaceTime to hang up, users can ensure that their FaceTime calls are always of the best quality.


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