Are you frustrated when your phone disconnects after 8 hours? Don’t worry – there are some easy solutions to this common issue. Learn why your phone is hanging up after 8 hours and what you can do to keep it connected.

Quick Summary

A phone usually hangs up after 8 hours due to a variety of reasons. In most cases, it is because of a timeout set by your phone or cell phone provider. The timeout could be the result of a power outage, signal issues, or some other technical issue. It could also have been set by your service provider as a way to manage their network and conserve power.

When the timeout occurs, your phone will automatically shut down after 8 hours. It’s a safety measure so that your phone will not attempt to continue to run on its own. This prevents the battery from discharging too quickly and protects your phone from any potential damage.

If you find that your phone hangs up after 8 hours, it is recommended to contact your service provider and ask them to resolve the issue. They can usually change the timeout setting, if needed, and make sure your phone will stay connected.

Why Does Your Phone Hang Up After 8 Hours? Exploring Possible Causes

Do you ever find yourself wondering why your phone hangs up after eight hours? You’re not alone – this is a common problem that many smartphone users face. In this article, we will explore some of the potential reasons why your phone hangs up after eight hours.

Battery Life

The most common cause of your phone hanging up after eight hours is the battery life. Smartphones use a lot of energy and if your phone is continually being used, the battery can drain quickly. If the battery is depleted, your phone will shut down in order to conserve energy.

Software Updates

Your phone may also hang up after eight hours due to software updates. This is especially true if you’re using an older model phone that is not able to keep up with the latest technology. Older phones may not be able to run the most recent operating system or software, which can result in the phone becoming sluggish or even shutting down.


If your phone is running multiple applications or is being used for extended periods of time, it can overheat and shut down. This can cause your phone to shut down prematurely, as it becomes too hot for it to handle.

Weak Signal

Your phone may also hang up prematurely due to weak network coverage or a lack of signal. If you’ve been experiencing spotty reception or you’re in an area with poor signal strength, your phone may be struggling to stay connected and this can cause it to shut down.

Network Congestion

Network congestion can also be to blame for your phone hanging up after eight hours. If there are too many people using the same network, your phone may struggle to find a clear connection and eventually shut down.

Phone Malfunction

Finally, it is also possible that your phone is malfunctioning. It could be a hardware or software issue that is causing it to shut down prematurely. If this is the case, you should contact your phone manufacturer to have it repaired.

Why Does My Phone Hang Up After 8 Hours?

Your phone may be hanging up after eight hours due to a variety of factors, including battery life, software updates, overheating, weak signal, network congestion, and phone malfunction. It is important to identify the cause so that you can take appropriate action to fix the problem.

Personal Experience

Why do my phone calls keep dropping after 8 hours?

My phone has been hanging up after 8 hours of use for quite some time now and I was always puzzled as to why this happens. It wasn’t until recently that I found out the cause of the issue. After conducting some research, I discovered that my phone is running a reset task that is set to run after 8 hours of use as a safety precaution. This reset task is meant to keep the phone from malfunctioning or becoming unresponsive. Upon completion of the reset, the phone shuts down so that all of the tasks that it was performing can be reset and restarted. This reset typically takes no more than a few minutes for phones with average specs.

The issue can sometimes be caused by an issue with the phone’s hardware. A malfunctioning motherboard, or a damaged power supply, can lead the phone to shut down frequently. In such a case, a professional repair is needed. In some cases, the issue may be caused by the phone becoming too hot. Thus, using a cooling system when using the phone may help to avoid this issue.

In addition, having the newest software updates on the phone may also help avoid any potential hang ups. Updates can fix any unknown bugs that may interfere with the functioning of the device, thus helping to keep the device running smoothly for longer periods of time. The 8 hour shut down may also be avoided by turning off the auto-restart setting on the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my phone calls keep dropping after 8 hours?

Dropped phone calls can be caused by multiple factors, ranging from limited network coverage or bandwidth to poor connection quality. Additionally, it could be a result of overheating of the device or battery drain. To avoid call drops, make sure your device is up to date, you have a strong signal, and you have enough battery power.

How do I remove the 8 hour call limit?

To remove the 8 hour call limit, hold down the power button to access the power options and tap ‘Restart’ or ‘Reboot’. Wait for your device to finish rebooting, then try another call to test if the issue has been resolved.

How do I stop my iPhone from hanging up after 8 hours?

To stop your ‌iPhone‌ from hanging up after 8 hours, open the Settings app and scroll down to Accessibility. There, adjust the Side Button settings to make sure “Hang Up Calls” is turned off. This will prevent your ‌iPhone‌ from hanging up calls automatically after 8 hours.

Do calls drop at 8 hours?

No, calls do not usually drop at 8 hours. However, if calls are dropping after a shorter period of time, it could be due to a poor signal or area specific issues. Check our 4G LTE & 5G Network coverage map to determine the level of signal you should expect.

How can I remove call time limit?

To remove the call time limit on Android, open Settings, select Network & Internet, and then select SIM cards. From there, you can adjust the call time limit to the desired amount or remove it completely.

What makes my phone hang up by itself?

Answer: Your phone may be hanging up by itself due to malware apps. Malware apps are malicious mobile applications that are usually downloaded from untrustworthy sources and contain viruses that can interfere with and disrupt your phone’s background processes. This can ultimately cause your phone to hang up, leading to a deterioration in performance.

Why does my phone call hang up by itself after 2 hours?

Phone calls may be automatically disconnected after 2 hours to avoid accidentally leaving lines open, which would take up bandwidth and resources. This helps to maintain the provider’s capacity and provide better quality service to their customers. Additionally, this can help prevent unauthorized access to calls which may have otherwise been left open.

Is there a time limit on phone calls?

No, there is no time limit on phone calls. Once you connect with another person by phone, you can talk for as long as desired. Telephone companies do not impose any restrictions on how long conversations may last.

Why is my iPhone 11 hanging up on people?

“If your iPhone 11 is hanging up during calls, it may be caused by a buggy iOS update. To resolve this issue, go to iPhone Settings, select General and install the latest available iOS build. This should help resolve any issues with hanging up during calls.”

Why does my iPhone hang up after a certain amount of time?

The reason your iPhone may hang up after a certain amount of time is because of built-in call limits set by your carrier. These limits are designed to ensure the smooth operation of their networks and ultimately provide a better customer experience. To confirm, contact your carrier and ask them about the set limits for your account.

Final Thoughts

Phones today can easily be overworked due to the high amount of usage for both leisure and communicating. If we don’t moderate our phone usage appropriately, then phones can hang up after 8 hours due to lack of battery or from over clogging the system/memory. It is important to be aware of our phone usage in order to preserve battery life and reduce the risk of experiencing a hang up from overloading the system.


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