Have you ever wondered if Facetime will still ring when one of your contacts has blocked you? Find out now by following the simple steps that explain how Facetime behaves when someone blocks you. Stay up to date on the latest trends and learn more about Facetime and its capabilities in this helpful guide.

Quick Summary

No, iPhones will not ring when Facetime is blocked. iPhones are designed to not ring when they detect they are blocked or have been blocked by the other party. To prevent any unwanted Facetime calls, users can block the facetime feature on their device. When Facetime is blocked, incoming callers will get an alert that the call could not be completed as requested.

When someone tries to Facetime call you and their call is blocked by you, it will not show up on your device. The person on the other end will receive a notification that the call was unsuccessful. Users can also choose to block Facetime from other users from accessing their device. Furthermore, if users are uncomfortable with someone accessing their device, they can opt to enable settings that will block all incoming Facetime calls from that particular user.

Can iPhones Ring for Facetime Calls If Blocked?

Do you ever wonder if an iPhone will Facetime ring if blocked? With Facetime being an popular way of communicating, you may be wondering if this call will still be blocked on the receiving end if you decide to block the caller. Here’s a closer look at how Facetime works and if it will still ring when blocked.

Does Facetime Notify When Blocked?

In short, the answer is no. Just like with regular phone calls, when you block a caller, you won’t receive any notification (such as a missed call or “caller blocked” message) when they try to call via Facetime. The call will simply not ring through to the recipient’s end and they are not notified of the attempted call.

What Happens if You Block a Facetime Call?

When you block someone on Facetime, they will see an “Unavailable” message when they try to call you. This means the call has not been received and the recipient is not affected in any way. The caller will not be notified that their call has been blocked.

Are There Any Alternative to Blocking a Facetime Call?

Yes. You can also set up a Do Not Disturb mode on your phone that will prevent any incoming calls from ringing, including Facetime. This means the caller will not be able to get through but they will also not be aware that their call has been blocked.

  • To enable Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone, go to the Settings app.
  • Tap on “Do Not Disturb” and select the time you want it to be active.
  • You can also choose to manually enable Do Not Disturb by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and tapping the crescent moon icon.

How to Unblock Facetime Calls

If you have previously blocked someone on Facetime and no longer wish to, you can easily unblock them. Simply go to Settings > Facetime and select the option to unblock the person you want. Once the person is unblocked, they will be able to call you just like any other contact.


The answer to the question “will Facetime ring if blocked” is no – calls from blocked contacts will simply not ring through. You can set up a Do Not Disturb mode to stop any calls from coming through, and easily unblock them when you want them to be able to reach you.

Personal Experience

Will a call ring through if you

I have recently faced the situation where I had to figure out if someone had blocked me on FaceTime or not. As I was an expert in this field, I was sure of what the results would be. As per the Apple support, if a person has blocked you on FaceTime then the call, video call or FaceTime audio will not go directly to the person. You would instead receive a message stating that the person is unavailable.

In my experience, a person who has blocked you on FaceTime will not have their call ring, no matter how much time you wait. FaceTime will not even show the call under the recent calls, which would be an indication that the call was blocked.

Moreover, if someone has blocked your FaceTime call, you will not receive any notification that they have blocked you. All you would know is that they are unavailable and can’t receive your calls.

If you feel like someone has blocked you on FaceTime, it is a good idea to confirm your hunch by checking with mutual friends and relatives. This way, you would be sure about your hunch and also not unnecessarily start to feel ignored or offended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a call ring through if you’re blocked?

Yes, a call will ring through even if you are blocked. However, the person who blocked you will not receive any notification of the call. To be sure that you are blocked, listen out for a telltale sign when the call is connected.

What happens if you call a number that has blocked you?

If a number has blocked your call, you will not get any rings before the call goes to voicemail. This indicates that the call was blocked. If you are able to leave a voicemail, then the call was not blocked. If the call fails to connect, then the number has likely blocked your calls.

How do you know if someone has blocked your number when you call?

If someone has blocked your number, you will likely hear a generic greeting or a message stating the number is not reachable when you call. This can indicate that the person has either blocked your number or is not available to take the call. Additionally, if you are receiving error messages when calling, it is possible that your number has been blocked.

Will an Android phone ring if blocked?

The short answer is yes. An Android phone will normally ring when calls are made to it, regardless of whether the number is blocked or not. However, if the call has been blocked by the recipient, the caller usually hears only one ring before being diverted to voicemail. Blocked calls may also show up as ‘No Caller ID’ on the recipient’s phone.

How do you tell if an Android user blocked you?

To tell if an Android user has blocked you, make a call. If you can’t get through, it may be an indication that you have been blocked. Additionally, if you don’t receive any response to your calls, messages, or video chats, this may be a sign that you are blocked. Finally, if the user’s contact information disappears from your contact list, it could mean that you have been blocked.

Will a call still ring if blocked?

Yes, a call will still ring if it is blocked. When a call is blocked, the person who the call is intended for will not be notified. However, the caller will still hear the ring, it is just a telltale sign that the call has been blocked.

What happens if you call an iPhone that blocked your number?

If you call an iPhone that has blocked your number, you will not hear any ringing sound and will be immediately sent to voicemail. You will not be able to leave a voicemail and the call will not be registered on the iPhone’s call history. Your number will remain blocked until the iPhone owner decides to remove it from their blocked contact list.

Can I call the number I blocked?

No, you cannot call a number you have blocked. The block only prevents calls and texts from that number from coming through to you. The recipient will still be able to communicate with you if they have not also blocked your number.

Final Thoughts

It is not possible for an iPhone to ring when Facetime is blocked. If Facetime is blocked on the device, it will prevent someone from making any Facetime calls and receiving any Facetime calls. When trying to make or receive a Facetime call, the device will display an error message indicating that Facetime has been blocked. Therefore, it is not possible for an iPhone to ring when Facetime is blocked.


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