Does Onlyfans Accept American Express?

American Express, also known as Amex has been an old cargo in the business of payment services, established in the donkey years, way back in 1850. And irrespective of the name, American Express, the company has managed to cover a global reach over time.

However, it still has some issues when it comes to its compatibility with some platforms, undermining its company’s age in the business. But do you think this incompatibility affects Onlyfans, just like Apple pay?

This post covers every single details on Onlyfans American Express.

Does Onlyfans Accept American Express (Amex)?

Even though American Express supports the 3D secure protocol, Onlyfans still doesn’t accept payments made through American Express. Onlyfans made an official announcement of this incompatibily in 2020, after users made multiple reports of Onlyfans inconsistencies on Amex cards.

Onlyfans is quiet strict when it comes to the regulation on payments made on its network. The platform wants to ensure users security, as well as to protect all datas passed through them and users.

For this reason, they made a law to only allows cards that fully supports 3D Secure Authenticatication.Onlyfans tweets on payment methods - does onlyfans accept american express

In fact, any card that doesn’t support the 3D secure/ protocol would be immediately declined, leaving you with a message saying “your card security code is invalid.”

But what is this 3D security Protocol and why so important?

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3D security is a life-saving security system that helps prevent frauding of credit cards, with just a hold of it. The security protocol serves as an additional layer of authentication that would only give users access to the credit card, after the additional layer of authentication is satisfied.screenshots of payments on onlyfans - does onlyfans accept american express

This additional layer of authentication could include verifying their account through OTP via SMS, email, etc.

Hence, Onlyfans, as a platform that records multiple payment transactions, daily makes it a priority to accept users who make use of 3D security-enabled cards.

However, Onlyfans accepting 3D security-enabled cards, should not be a relief to you that all your 3D security-enabled cards would work seamlessly on Onlyfans. A common example of a card that supports a 3D card but still doesn’t work on Onlyfans is American Express.

Onlyfans initially supported American Express cards on the platform. According to users on the company’s forum, everything about American express was worked fine, initially.

However, in April 2020, Onlyfans began having reported issues from users on the platform. The card at the time would work for some time and unexpectedly stop, it could also work for some people and won’t work for some.

Soon, it was known to everyone that Amex cards don’t work after Onlyfans had made an official statement on their incompatibility with Amex cards.

How Can You Make Payments On Onlyfans Without American Express?

Though Onlyfans has a limited number of payment methods, there are still several other ways to make payments on Onlyfans without having to use American Express.

1. Through Credit Cards

This is actually the ideal way to make payments on Onlyfans seamlessly without having to think twice. And by credit card here, I mean your traditional plastic credit cards.

While you can make use of a number of other payment methods on Onlyfans, a credit card is the only payment that is officially approved by Onlyfans. However, it’s worth mentioning that Onlyfans only accepts credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro.

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So, if you’ve got a card from other payment networks like American Express, no need to bother yourself because it won’t work, obviously. A better option could be finding an alternative credit card from Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro.

2. Through Virtual Cards

Not everyone wants to find “Onlyfans” on their bank statement. Yeah, Onlyfans isn’t illegal but it’s most likely something that you’d rather prefer to be hidden than to be shown. Well, making use of credit cards on Onlyfans can be a loophole to that.

Moreover, since you aren’t so sure of how authentic the platform is, inputting the details of your personal credit cards shouldn’t be what you should be aiming at. Anyways, Virtual cards are the primary solution to both privacy issues on plastic credit cards and problems on American Express.

Virtual cards are similar to your traditional cards: they’ve got the same look, features, etc. However, virtual cards are not physical, as the name implies.

In general, they’re a good way to make payments on Onlyfans without American Express. To sum it off, you’re required to only use virtual cards from Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro.

In previous article, we did talk about some virtual cards that work on Onlyfans – do well to check it out.

3. Through Prepaid Cards

Everyone wants to stick to their budget, right? And we all know a good way to keep that is to get prepaid cards anywhere we go.

Thank goodness, Onlyfans supports prepaid cards, but only a small fraction of them.

Prepaid cards are more like mini banks. They’re standalone and not affiliated to any bank accounts, making them a sort of anonymous.

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It’s worth mentioning that not all prepaid cards work for Onlyfans. For instance, prepaid cards that are non-reloadable (e.g gift cards) are not accepted. On the other hand, Onlyfans only accept visa prepaid cards.

Are there losses to Onlyfans for not accepting American Express?

The primary reason why American Express no longer works for Onlyfans is still yet to be known. Whether it’s Onlyfans that decided not to work with American Express or the other way round, it’s evident that both parties suffer from this immensely.

American Express already has what it takes, tech-wise, to be added as a payment method. Other than the idea that American Express must have declined to serve as a payment network for a platform where sexual content is promoted.

To the nitty-gritty…

The lack of American Express as a payment method would reduce the number of users on the platform. In fact, there were a number of reports from Onlyfans creators complaining of how they’ve been losing subscribers, a few days after American Express was officially removed as a -payment method.

Final Thoughts

While Onlyfans doesn’t accept cards issued by American Express (Amex), there are still so many alternatives to check out.

For more information, do well to check our article on that.


Does only fans take amex?

Currently, Only fans doesn’t take Amex cards due to issues kept private. Formerly, American Express used to be compatible with Onlyfans, but technical issues has cut both ends. However, there are a lot of other alternatives payment method in the platform.

Does onlyfans accept amex?

OnlyFans doesn’t accept amex cards. OnlyFans made this known, publicly, in 2020, after multiple users made complaints about the incompatibility issue between the two platforms.


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