There have been a lot of questions regarding gift cards and whether or not Onlyfans accept Visa or vanilla gift cards. But do they? Does Onlyfans Accept Visa Gift cards in 2022?

Well, it’s a complicated issue, however, we’ll deal comprehensively with this topic, in this article.

What Is Onlyfans?onlyfans homepage - does onlyfans accept visa gift cards

Onlyfan is a leading social media-like website founded in 2016. The platform was founded by Tim Stokely and has its headquarters based in London.

In Onlyfans, you can join the platform to be a creator, user, or hybrid user. Unlike other social media platforms, Onlyfans operates on a subscription-based model. Where users on the platform pay a monthly fee to access premium content from creators.

Creators on the platform can choose to set their monthly fees at a wide range of prices. Officially, this range should fall within $5- $50.

In the space of 6 years, Onlyfans has achieved quite a lot. In fact, there are approximately 170 million users followed by over 2 million creators on the platform, achieving half of the success of Snapchat within 6 years!

A big draw for the massive numbers of users on the platform within a short period could be accounted to Onlyfan’s open-content policy, which allows creators to post all sorts of content on the platform.

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What is a Gift Card?

A gift card is a debit prepaid card. Just like prepaid cards, they’re loaded with some amount of money that could be used to make payments on local and online stores.

They’re mostly gotten on stores, websites, and companies.

Even though Gift cards can be used to make payments, it’s quite unfortunate that they can be used to receive money. Hence, gift cards can’t be reloaded when exhausted, unlike prepaid cards.

Does Onlyfans Accept Visa Gift cards?

Come to think of it, does Onlyfans Accept Visa Gift cards in 2022?

Onlyfans accepts visa gift cards and vanilla gift cards, however, they can’t be used to process payments or verify a user account on the platform.

Below is a video of a user confirming whether or not Onlyfans Accept Visa Gift cards:

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As a user of Onlyfans, If you input a visa gift card on Onlyfan, it would successfully work. However, it’s more like a waste, because you can’t use it to make payments or even subscribe to a free Onlyfans account.

Hence, it’s of no use to put your visa gift cards on Onlyfans as a user.

What about Creators? Unfortunately, the same thing happens to creators. After inputting the card details, it gets successfully added but can’t serve as a payment method.

If you head to the payment method on Onlyfan and input the card details, it adds successfully, however, you’d receive a pop up from “Master Secure Code” or “Verified by Visa.” In the case where you use a Visa Gift card, the pop-up is gonna be “Verified by Visa.”

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The pop-up will require you to confirm the purchase with an OTP via SMS or any other medium. Failing to do that, your payment won’t be processed. Hence the charge would fail.

While prepaid cards are wholely accepted on Onlyfans, Visa gift cards, even though a type of prepaid card, is not fully accepted.

Well, this is primarily due to the fact that gift cards are somewhat a trade-by-barter thing. You make a purchase with it, and it’s all gone. You can’t fund it back.

Why does Onlyfan Not Accept Visa Gift Card?

Onlyfans doesn’t accept cards like visa gift cards and vanilla git cards because they don’t support 3D secure authentication, an advanced security system that passes data between the card issuer, merchant, and cardholder.

According to Onlyfans, their systems accepts all type of credit cards for payment, as long as it is been issued by OnlyFans approved payment network, which are Mastercard, Visa or Maestro.

However, overtime, we’ve seen cases where this rule doesn’t apply. An example of this is visa gift cards, alongside American Express.

Gift visa cards doesn’t work on Onlyfans undermining whether they’re are issued by Mastercard, Visa or Maestro.

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And there are possible reasons why Onlyfans does not accept visa gift cards.

A possible reason for this is that Onlyfans is after dealing with trusted business partners, for security reasons.

Most e-wallets, especially Visa gift cards don’t have a 3D secure authentication. And it’s quite unfortunate to them that Onlyfans is after working with a payment network that strongly employs this, to rule out fraud and scammers on the platform.

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Additionally, Gift cards, unlike prepaid cards, can’t be reloaded with funds. After, using them for the first time, they become useless. So, it doesn’t make sense actually to use them as a continual payment method.

Does Onlyfans Accept Vanilla Gift cards?

Unfortunately, Vanilla gift cards are the same as Visa gift cards on Onlyfans. Here’s a video testing out whether or not Vanilla gift cards work on Onlyfans.

Again, Onlyfans accepts visa gift cards and vanilla gift cards, however, they can’t be used to process payments or verify a user account on the platform.

Generally, these two cards, visa and vanilla gift cards would be added successfully to Onlyfans, if they were inputted. However, they can’t be used to make transactions on the platform.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of ways to make payments on Onlyfans, with or without using a credit card. However, visa gift cards are not just employable on Onlyfans.

Still having a hard time verifying your card on Onlyfans? Check our guide on Onlyfans card verification.


Does Onlyfans take Visa Gift cards?

Onlyfans doesn’t take Visa gift cards, due to the fact that Visa Gift cards don’t employ the 3D authentication security service on its network.

Does Onlyfans accept MasterCard gift cards?

Onlyfans doesn’t accept Visa, Vanilla as well as Master gift cards as payment methods on the platform, due to the insecurity threat on these networks.

When will Onlyfans accept gift cards?

Onlyfans might never accept gift cards until they’re able to guarantee first-class security to users on the platform.


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