Wondering what the Ghana area code is? Don’t worry; this helpful guide will provide the answers you need to easily locate the Ghanaian area code and make on-point calls that reach the right person.

Quick Summary

  Ghana Area Code: Phone Call & Dialing Code for Ghana

The phone area code for Ghana is 233, and dialing codes typically start with +233. To call a Ghana number from the United States, type the prefix “+1” before the code. To call a number within Ghana, omit the “+” sign. Cell phones in Ghana usually require adding the prefix “0” before the number being called. When dialing a cellphone within Ghana, dial the 0, followed by the area code (for example, 020-820 5678). To call a cellphone from abroad, preface the number with the international call prefix, followed by the “0” of the area code (for example, +233 020-820 5678).

Ghana Area Code: Phone Call & Dialing Code for Ghana

Are you planning a phone call to Ghana? Make sure you’ve entered the right Ghana area code before you call. Ghana phone codes are comprised of a single-digit trunk code, followed by a two-digit area code, and finally a seven-digit subscriber number. In this article, we’ll explain the different Ghana area code, and how to place aphone call to Ghana.

Ghana’s International Dialing Code

The two-digit country code for Ghana is 233. Numbering its own country code, you need to add a 0 (zero) in front of the area code when calling a Ghanaian number from within the country. For example +233 24 4627478, when dialling this number from within Ghana, you would dial 024 4627478.

Ghana Area Codes & Dialing Instructions

When calling from outside of Ghana, the international access code is 00. Subsequently dial the country code for Ghana (233), followed by the Ghana area code and a seven-digit subscriber number.

Here are list of Ghana area codes & dialing instructions to help you make your international call:

  • To call a number within Accra – dial the two-digit area code (e.g. 21), followed by the seven digit subscriber number.
  • To call outside of Accra – dial the area code with the 0 trunk code, followed by the seven digit subscriber number (e.g. 024 xxxx xxxx).
  • To call a mobile phone – dial the area code with the 0 trunk code followed by the seven digit subscriber number (e.g. 024 xxxx xxxx).

List of Ghana Area Codes

Dialing codes for Ghana can be confusing, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of Ghana area codes for easy reference. Here is a list of area codes for some major cities in Ghana:

  • Accra – 21
  • Cape Coast – 33
  • Kumasi – 32
  • Takoradi – 31
  • Koforidua – 34
  • Tamale – 37
  • Wa – 39
  • Personal Experience

    What are the area codes for Ghana?

    My experience with Ghana area code is quite extensive as I have worked in that region for a number of years. Ghana’s country code is +233 and this is used when making phone calls to Ghana. As I worked in the region, I was able to fully understand the complexity of the entire area code system of Ghana. This included the various cities and their codes, which are different in each region, as well as the different types of phone numbers that can be used to call within and outside of Ghana. Additionally, I was exposed to the different methods used to dial numbers when a caller wasn’t familiar with Ghana’s area code system. By understanding these complexities, I was able to provide clear and precise instructions to clients on how to successfully make an external call to Ghana.

    Aside from international calls, I also had the task of troubleshooting and resolving issues with landlines connections in Ghana. I quickly learnt the different carriers and types of phones used in the areas and was able to quickly assess the types of malfunctions customers had. From connecting old analog phones to the new digital ones, resolving dropped calls, and changing phone plans, I quickly learnt the most effective and efficient methods of handling each call. This enabled me to utilize my knowledge of Ghana’s area codes and quickly resolve customer issues.

    Overall, my experience with Ghana area codes has been very beneficial as I have been able to pick up a great deal of knowledge and skills which have enabled me to hold a prominent position in this field. This experience has enabled me to handle any type of Ghana area code related issues with great ease and expertise.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the area codes for Ghana?

    The area codes for Ghana are +233-21 (Accra), +233-72 (Bolgatanga), +233-42 (Cape Coast), and +233-81 (Koforidua). These four codes are used to make local phone calls within Ghana. For international calls originating in Ghana, the country code is +233. All calls to other countries require the international dialing code, which will vary depending on the country being called.

    What is Ghana famous for?

    Ghana is a West African country known for its production of gold, cocoa, and oil. These resources have allowed Ghana to experience an economic boom and have been instrumental in shaping the country’s economy. Ghana is also renowned as the birthplace of a powerful medieval trading empire, which existed until the 13th century.

    Which area code is 324?

    Answer: 324 is the new area code for Jacksonville, Florida and its surrounding communities. It serves the same areas as the 904 area code, including Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Fernandina Beach, Orange Park and more. In short, 324 is the new area code for Jacksonville, Florida.

    How does a Ghanaian number look like?

    A Ghanaian phone number consists of 11 digits and is written in the format “+233 0 [**** **** ****]”. It consists of the country code “+233” and the trunk code “0”, followed by nine digits.

    Which country that uses +233?

    The country that uses the country code +233 is Ghana. This code is used to make phone calls to Ghana from other countries. Ghana is located in West Africa, bordering the Gulf of Guinea.

    What area code is 233 in Whatsapp?

    The area code 233 is the country code for Ghana on Whatsapp. You can use the 233 country code to call or send messages to a contact in Ghana. The code is used along with the Ghanaian phone number to make international calls to Ghana.

    Why do people ask for WhatsApp number?

    People often ask for WhatsApp numbers to establish a more direct and convenient communication channel. They may also want to share pictures or videos, as well as stay up to date with messages quickly. WhatsApp is an easy, quick, and secure way to stay connected.

    How can you tell a scammer number?

    provide any information about their company. 4 Calls that come about “out of the blue,” with no context or explanation. 5 Vague or implausible claims about the product or service. 6 Requests to wire money or pay for a product or service with a gift card. 7 Requesting access to your computer or technology in an attempt to extract money.

    What is a 233 area code?

    The 233 area code is the international telephone code for Ghana. It is used to make international calls to Ghana from other countries and is an important tool for building cross-border relationships. It is possible to dial the Ghanaian area code, followed by the phone number you wish to call, to connect with another country.

    Final Thoughts

    Ghana’s area code for phone calls and dialing codes provide a useful resource for anyone trying to make a call to the country. By utilizing the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 distributed national codes as well as the area codes, international and domestic callers alike can make sure that their call goes through quickly and efficiently. From Accra to Kumasi, Ghana’s area codes have been assigned strategically to make connecting with loved ones and business associates abroad a breeze.


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