Want to find someone on Onlyfans by Phone number?

Onlyfans, is still one of these social medias that can be really strict with users.

From having to verify your identity or bypass to sticking to a particular type of credit card, you just have to do some annoying things to stay on the platform.

However, we all know why people still stick to them.

Unlike many other social media, Onlyfans has failed to have a competent search engine. In fact, if you should put up the username of an Onlyfans account, you would be shocked to find only a  few names on the list of results.

…though we all know the reason for this is to keep the platform as private as possible.

But what if you want to confirm whether or not someone is on Onlyfan, with just a phone number? Sounds impossible, but they’re actually ways to do that.

In this article, we’d talk exclusively about how to find someone on Onlyfans by phone number.

Can you Find someone on Onlyfans by phone number?

Onlyfans has no official search feature to find people through a phone number. However, using a reverse phone lookup, you can generate the name on the phone number which could then be used to find the Onlyfans account.

Onlyfans supports privacy to the core. It’s up to the extent that making a search of Onlyfans creators becomes a big deal. Originally, you would have to know the complete username (or a good range of it) of a creator, before you can find them.

But when you’ve just got the phone number of the user? It becomes freaking difficult.

However, look at it this way…

When people purchase and register their mobile sim card, they’re been asked a lot of questions, including their actual name, email address, and date of birth, among a whole lot of other questions and Identity verification.

The data this mobile operators collect from you are actually stored in their database that could be accessed from their end or your end, using the mobile operator’s official app.

In other words, if you can get access to the person’s phone number database, containing the user’s full name, you can find the user on Onlyfans by just a phone number.

Now, let’s go over this process.

How To Find Someone On Onlyfans by Phone Number

To find someone on Onlyfans by a phone number, copy the person’s phone number and place it on a reverse phone lookup website or just on any database directory that contains the phone numbers’ operator list of numbers. Copy the information you see on the database, most importantly the full name, and place it on Onlyfans search bar or Onlyfans finder.

As we said the database of the phone number is actually the key to finding Onlyfans accounts by phone number. Now, there are two ways to get access to this database. We’d talk about that in subsequent paragraphs.

In detail, here’s how to find someone on Onlyfans by a phone number:

  1. Get the full name of the person using a Reverse Phone lookup website
  2. Paste the Full Name on Onlyfinder
  3. Search through the profiles you for the actual you need

1. Get the Full Name Of The Person Using a Reverse Phone Lookup Website

Now that you’ve gotten the actual phone number of the person, the issue of finding Onlyfans by a phone number now boils down to how to get access to the phone number database, right? Well, there are 3 ways to do that:

Note: If the first two ways are way too difficult to do, the third option works perfectly, especially using truecaller.

1. Use the Phone Number Mobile Operator’s App

Almost every mobile operator of this 21st century all have mobile apps. And by using their mobile apps you can get access to a number of features like recharging, calling, buying data, borrowing, etc, for your sim card.

Most importantly, you would be able to view the registration data of the sim card (phone number database).

Well, you can this inversely to find the phone number ID of someone when you have access to their phone.

The deal here’s to login into the mobile app of the respective mobile operator, and head over to the account information on the platform, where you’d get access to the person’s full name.

It’s worth mentioning that you’d most likely need to pass through a 2FA to get access to the app.

2. Use USSD codes

Though not all mobile operators support this feature, a few of them do. Nonetheless, the process of generating a phone number database via this method is quite similar to the mobile app process.

You just have to get the unique USSD code that when dialed generates the phone number’s ID and messages it to you. This USSD code varies, however. So you’d need to make a quick google search to find the code.

However, since not every mobile operator supports this feature, you might find this method difficult to do. If this doesn’t work for you, do well to check the reverse phone lookup.

3. Leverage a Reverse Phone Lookup Website or App

The reverse phone lookup is the easiest of the above mentioned methods, since you don’t need get your hands on the persons phone.

Well, there are actually websites which have directories built purposely to generate a caller’s id, with a mere input of a phone number.

These sites use a lot of algorithms (including a percentage of what many people save a user’s name as) to predict the name of a person using his/her phone number and usually have a database of millions of phone numbers with some datas to show for it, in some particular region.

A website like the popular Truecaller ID is perfect for the job.

how to find someone on Onlyfans by phone number - truecaller

Truecaller, unlike most reverse phone lookup  website, works perfectly for most regions.

All you have to do is to add the persons phone number on the search tab, select the accurate country code, and hit on the magnifying glass. If you’re new to Truecaller, you’d be asked to sign up either through a google or microsoft account – do just that.

Afterwards, you’d get a result showing the person’s name, just like the one below:

truecaller results - how to find someone onlyfans by phone number

It’s worth mentioning the fact that Truecaller results are not always correct, since they’re usually names extracted from the contacts of people under its service.

If you’re in search of something more accurate, then Whitepages might just be the one.

reverse phone lookup - how to find someone on onlyfans by phone number

All you have to do here is to paste the phone number on the search bar and click on the “search button.” By doing this, you’d get the needed information from the number, and most importantly the full name of the user.

It’s worth mentioning that Whitepages databases is limited to only the US, some european countries, and possibly asia. In other words, Whitepages reverse phone lookup service doesn’t work for countries aside europe.

2. Paste the Full Name on Onlyfinder

While Onlyfans-housed search bar is a good place to find creators by their name, it doesn’t give complete results. For instance, say we make a search like “Sam Slayres” we’d likely not get many good results.

And that’s where the need for a third party tool comes in.

Onlyfinder is a search engine dedicated to Onlyfans with more than 4 million creators on it’s database.

onlyfinder - how to find someone on onlyfans by phone number

Search through the profile you see and confirm

By making a simple search with the previously generated name, you can get a list of profiles on Onlyfans. You can scroll through them and check on their profile (if you know their facial look) to better find the user you’re looking for.

Final Thoughts

Yikes…that’s how to find someone on Onlyfans by phone number. Obviously, this onlyfans search method is a little bit difficult,  compared to other approach such as through email, phone and location.

Plus, it’s worth mentioning that using phone numbers to check whether or not someone has an Onlyfans account, is not a really accurate method, since most people always stay anonymous.


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